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Published: 2013-05-14T12:50:47-05:00


creators of flash announce "explory"


in the "where are they now..." category, the creators of flash & co (Jonathan Gay, Peter Goldie, Gary Grossman, Peter Santangeli, and Robert Tatsumi) just announced their next project, "explory": a multimedia sharing app for mobile.

know rails? join us.


if you've got serious rails skills, have built web apps at scale, and are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a funded startup, megaphone wants to hire you. megaphone is making realtime interactive tv a reality. we have 7-figure revenue and we are about to go big. you'll get architectural freedom, amazingly challenging work, top dollar, and be in early at a startup that is popping. if you have what...

Software Wood Bridges


At MegaPhone and USER1, as at any startup, we build a lot of prototypes. In fact, arguably everything we build is a prototype. In our early days, we churned through a lot of prototype terminology--everything from "one-off" and "test" to "demo," "study," "duct tape," "simplest thing that works," "minimum viable product," "proof of concept," "hack," "quick fix," and "mock-up". But those terms never gave us the cohesive mental framework we...

Removing spaces between images in HTML


The following code shows how to use HTML to align a grid of images in rows and columns without tables, with no spaces or gaps between the images. Image Grid Example
(image) (image) (image)

Union now supports WebSocket


Starting with Union 1.1.0, OrbiterMicro (Union's JavaScript framework) includes native support for WebSocket. Using WebSocket, JavaScript applications can conduct network communications at speeds that rival ActionScript's XMLSocket and Socket (though no browser currently supports native binary data transfer). Compared to AJAX long-polling techniques (aka Comet), a basic ping (message roundtrip) over WebSocket is about twice as fast as traditional HTTP (see the live test at the link below). WebSocket also...

Multiuser Drawing Pad Built with Pure JavaScript/HTML5/Canvas


i just posted a new example showing how to create a simple multiuser drawing pad (aka shared whiteboard, multiuser sketchpad, or collaborative painting tool) using pure JavaScript and HTML5's tag. to manage communication between users, the javascript code uses OrbiterMicro, which connects to Union Server. >> View UnionDraw...

Union 1.0 Now Shipping!


Union 1.0 is now shipping and ready for production use in real-world deployments. Union is a development platform for creating multiuser applications. Build chat, whiteboards, real-time multiplayer games, meeting applications, collaborative editing tools, and shared interfaces that run in desktop and mobile web browsers (JavaScript), Adobe Flash, Java, C#, or dozens of other languages. To get started building your own multiuser Union applications, follow the Union Quick Start guide. There's...

replacing line breaks in actionscript


here's a quick code snippet to replace windows-style line breaks (CRLF, or carriage return, line feed) with a standard actionscript new line character. var newText:String = oldText.replace(/\r\n/g, "\n"); and here's a snippet to replace all multiple line breaks with a single new line character: var newText:String = oldText.replace(/[\r\n]+/g, "\n"); for example, the preceding code would change the following string: ab to this: ab...

How a Flash bug breaks the professional software-release process


This article 1) describes how a Flash bug breaks the professional software-release process, and 2) entreats Adobe to fix said bug. THE BUG: When a linked class or the document class resides in a .swc file, the Flash authoring tool can't find it, and generates an error. At MegaPhone Labs, we separate our applications into two parts: the engine .swf (core logic) and the skin .swf (display). We create the...

Remove Padding from Flex 3 Datagrid Rows


To fit lots of rows on screen in a Flex 3 data grid, you have to change the font size and the row height of the grid. For example, But the preceding code causes the text in the grid to be cut off because the grid still has row padding that pushes the text down. To remove that padding, set the paddingTop and paddingBottom styles. For example,...

600-Player Pong at FITC San Francisco


on tuesday august 17 at fitc san francisco, i'll be unveiling MegaPong, a realtime, massively multiplayer version of the classic video-game, Pong. the expected audience of 600 will be split into two 300-person teams. players will use their cell phones as game controllers to collectively control their team's Pong paddle. this will be the first time in history an audience of this size will play Pong collaboratively using cell phones,...

Union Free 1000-User Licence Announced


we recently announced a free 1000-user licence for Union. also, this week, we posted an online multiplayer pong game tutorial and a multiuser fridge magnets tutorial. happy (multiuser) coding!...

Flash Builder 4 Now Shipping


Earlier this week, Adobe released Flash Builder 4, the successor to Flex Builder 3. The new version includes a ground-up overhaul of the Flex SDK component set and significant enhancements to both the ActionScript development environment and the MXML design environment. Anyone using Flex Builder 3 today should definitely upgrade. The improvements in Flash Builder 4 are extensive and wide-ranging, and well worth the investment. In particular, the rewritten component...

ActionScript 3.0 Bootcamp: Hands-on OOP workshop May 7/8, 2010


On May 7/8 I'm doing a hands-on workshop on the fundamentals of object-oriented programming ("OOP") in ActionScript 3.0. The course covers all OOP basics, including: Classes, objects, and packages Methods and variables Inheritance Encapsulation Datatypes and error handling Garbage collection and memory management Application structure and design principles And also the following core areas of Flash coding: Graphics loading and display Interactivity Model/View/Controller architecture State management Event dispatch and event...