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mything the truth.

Last Build Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 16:27:30 GMT

Copyright: Copyright 2002 garret p vreeland

get well soon, dave.

it's friday. friday! the day of freedom. well, brief freedom. two-day liberty. 48 hour reprieve from phones, faxes and obfuscation.

and now dangerousmeta! is back up again.

dangerousmeta! is down again, blast it.

well, this'll scare the bejesus out of people who used to look in here. not done yet. not by a longshot.


just screwing around again.

font sizes, again.

the blogroll list will take the longest, of course. formatting needs to be tweaked, too.

renovating, in the face of blogrolling, rss auto-link, and all this other shtuff ...

changing fonts.

having issues again.