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San Diegos Live Police Scanner!
Listen to police radio communications live

British Columbias Online Radio Scanning Community
BC scanning guide include police scanning frequencies in Canada.

Ontario Police LIVE Streaming Audio
Live streaming audio of Ontario Police Department. Super clean receive and high quality audio supporting up to 300 listeners.

Sydney, Police Scanner Frequencies
Sydney, Australia Area Police Scanner Frequencies

US Radio Reference DB
The Radio Reference Database for United States

European monitor post
This blog is about utility and military monitoring in the HF/VHF/UHF range.

Scan Radio NSW
Radio scanner frequencies for nsw

Sydney Scanner Frequencies
One of the best compilations of frequencies in Sydney particularly SW. Include Police, other emergency people, Marine, the entire aircraft list for Sydney, RAAF squadron frequencies, UHF CB frequencies as well as a heap of miscellaneous frequencies like security, shoppin malls etc.

Military Air Scanners
Military Air scanning and receivers. Choosing the best one

Dutch Frequency Database
More then 9000 frequency's about NATO , Police Firebrigades Ambulances Goverment Miletary Navy and Aircrafts.