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Preview: Simply Resources

Simply Resources

The Simply Youth Ministry team talks about upcoming resources and asks for your feedback on what's next. Join in!

Updated: 2018-03-06T01:36:22.209-08:00


our resources blog is now at a new address! please visit us at

mission trips from start to finish is complete!


just gave sign off to the Mission Trips from Start to Finish resource! this resource is packed with great material, and loaded with more forms and graphics than you can possibly imagine.

the download should be up on SYM within the next couple of days, and the you should see the physical on the site within the next couple of weeks.

coming soon to SYM



Simply All Access


checkout the newest addition to the SYM site!


Power Play Vol. 4


after a long wait, Power Play Vol. 4 is finally here! we just released the downloadable version of the resource today, with the physical coming in just about a week or two. click the image below to check it out!(image)

Jr High Incredible!


we just released a brand new jr high super-series called Incredible! it's a 3-week series that takes a look at some Jesus' amazing miracles. click here to find out more information about this new series.

products coming soon


lots of action happening here at the SYM offices lately as far as product is concerned. here's what you can see in the coming weeks...

Jr High Tuff Stuff Video Small Group Curriculum
Jr High Bible Stuff Video Small Group Curriculum
Guy Talk Girl Talk Small Group Curriculum
Power Play Vol. 4
Relationships by Design College Super-Series
Song of Songs College Super-Series
Homosexuality College Super-Series

check out for these new releases!

new products coming


with the Christmas season right around the corner, we're keeping busy here at SYM. here's a quick look at some of the resources we're shooting to put out by the end of the year.

Guy Talk Girl Talk
Power Play Vol. 4
Crossroads Super-Series
Jr High Incredible Super-Series
Jr High Tuff Stuff Video Curriculum
Jr High Bible Stuff Video Curriculum
Relationships by Design College Series
Song of Songs College Series
Homosexuality College Series
Small Group Bible Studies

do you have any resources suggestions? we're all ears!

new resources on


we've been pushing hard the past several weeks to get some new, Simply Youth Ministry published product out the door. in the meantime, we've picked up some great new products from some of our ministry friends. if you haven't checked out the items, take a few minutes and take a look!

Igniter Bumpers Vol. 2
Igniter Bumpers Vol. 3

SD Stills Vol. 4

(image) MediaShout Express

just a little robot love for your day


(object) (embed)

keeping busy


thanks to school starting up, things have been pretty busy around here. here's a shot that andy took of our outbound shipping palet.

(image) it is now officially taller than our beloved shipper, pepe.

SYM meets the Simpsons


can you match the SYM employee with Simpson character below? a little hint, you can choose from Andy, Chris, Nadim, and Natalie.(image) (image) (image) (image)
want to see what you look like as a Simpson's character? check out

fun little project


just thought we'd show you a few pics from the video shoots of the newest video Small Group curriculum from Simply Junior High. look for the curriculum to hit our site in mid to late october!



photo caption contest


a couple of weeks ago, the SYM team took a half day off of work to indulge in some of the goodness that the Orange County Fair brings our way each july. between andy's turkey leg, pregnant pigs, and deb's cinnamon roll, it was good times.

but here's the deal, we'd love for you to share in the fun that we had at the fair. below are 3 of the best pics we took throughout our little adventure. we'd love for you to provide captions to the pics by leaving us a comment.

winner of each caption will win $250 in downloadable resources from SYM. bring your funny!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3
Click here to check out the rest of the photos at SYM's Day at the Fair!

sneak peek at our catalog


our catalog is finished and going to press right now! this is the best catalog we've put out, and we're excited for people to interact with it. for a sneak peek, click the here...

new snapshot to be released soon!


our first major overhaul of SnapShot will be released in just a few days... here are a couple of screenshots of what you can expect...

(image) (image) if you're already a SnapShot user, you should see the changes when you log into your account some time next week. here are some of the changes you'll see...

  • 22 templates total, with the ability to still create your own templates.
  • flash-like elements on every template [every template has some sort of moving element]
  • the ability to have background music on every template
  • new tutorial videos to walk you through the SnapShot building process
  • easier to use media gallery
look for all of these changes to SnapShot within the next week. as always, we're looking for ways to make SnapShot the best website building tool available. if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear them!

video curriculum


we're kicking around the idea of a video small group curriculum. our initial thoughts are to have a 10-minute intro video that gives the lesson or background to what the students will study that evening, then a time for discussion, etc.

any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

new articles


several new articles are now posted live on the site! the newest article comes from jim burns and deals with balancing your duties at the church with your family. definitely worth the read!

also check out the 3 new articles posted in the from the field section. good, practical advice from in the trenches youth workers.

finally, check out the newest article from Chuck Bomar titled Graduating from Church. Great advice from a veteran youth worker on helping graduating high school seniors make a successful transition in their faith.

LHGH update


lots of fun stuff happening with Life Hurts God Heals right now. the new testimony DVD is close to being wrapped up as well as the new files themselves. we should be releasing these to the printer in just a couple of short weeks!

CD on Demand


CD on Demand is here! we've added a new service for our downloadable orders here at SYM. from now on, when you order any downloadable item from SYM, you will have the option to order a backup CD along with it. the backup CD will have all of the same files as the download.

if you don't want to make your own backup, this service costs $9.95 per order (not per item). price includes shipping as well.

just add a downloadable item to your shopping cart and you'll see the CD on Demand option appear... check it out!

would love to hear any feedback you might have!

LHGH additional elements


so we're getting pretty close on finalizing the new and improved Life Hurts God Heals. here's what's included in the kit...

  • 16 practical resources on starting a Life Hurts, God Heals ministry, recognizing danger signs in teens, and reaching them with Christ’s love
  • DVD with student testimonies about the Life Hurts, God Heals program
  • Eight 30-minute sermons by Doug Fields in MP3 format
  • Teaching transcripts of each sermon
  • Leader Guides in PDF and Word formats
  • Student Workbooks (13 lessons) in PDF and Word formats
we're adding a few more testimonies to the DVD as well as giving the curriculum an all new look and feel.

is there anything else that would be helpful with this curriculum? we'd love your feedback.

Power Play vol. 4 is coming soon!


it's been a long time coming, but Power Play Vol. 4 is finally coming together. we're currently going through a final round of content edits and will begin laying the content onto the artwork shortly. we're shooting for an October 1st releast. here's a look at a couple of the games that will be included in vol. 4.

(image) (image)
(image) (image)

once we complete vol. 4, we'll begin work on vol. 5. any ideas for games?

possible new cover for Life Hurts God Heals


would love your feedback on this potential new cover for LHGH...