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Summer Is Officially Over!

Wed, 04 Sep 2013 23:09:00 +0000

I thought summer would never end, but here it is at long last: September! As I've mentioned whined in prior postings, I fall out of love with Maui in the summertime. 

Why? It's too hot. There are too many gloomy, overcast days as well with high humidity. Everyone on Maui is traveling on a glorious vacation to Tuscany or someplace else equally wonderful.

Thus, in order to keep my sanity, I keep busy writing, photographing, creating art, researching, exercising and in general keeping myself busy with creative projects.

Did I mention I joined Instagram and Pinterest? If not, click on those two prior links, and you'll see my photos on Instagram and my subjects of interest on Pinterest.

The research subject which has most engaged my attention has been the study of DNA--a vast and complicated subject which has stretched my brain more than studying Advanced Calculus in college. I find it helpful to write about a subject as I research because through writing I am able to sort out the complexities and nail down the questions I have: and this is how I came to start yet another new book. 

Here's something to consider that I discovered today about newborns and ethics:

What happens when you screen baby's genes?

Rather than jinx my progress with this manuscript, let me just say I am passionate/fascinated/intrigued about this subject. Because I feel this way, I don't pay as much attention to the heat of the Maui summer from my cool air conditioned writing cave. It's only when I'm required to pull myself away from my researching and writing that I remember I am living on an island where most people would give their eye-teeth to visit.

When I view the refugee camps in Lebanon with all the Syrian refugees, my heart breaks. Millions of Syrians have been displaced, and although many have been adopted into homes in other countries, these hundreds of thousands who live in the dry dirt of a refugee camp are the poorest of the poor who have no where else to go. They have given up their homes to find a place to survive. My wish is that something shifts soon for these survivors so that they once again have beauty, security and water around them. 

I've noticed on Instagram that sunsets and sunrises are THE most popular images, and so I leave you with yet another amazing sunset photo from our beautiful island, Maui. One can never have enough of these, can we? These holy moments of sunrise and sunset give us hope in this perilous time of change. 

My prayers go out to all of those in need of hope!


Tue, 11 Jun 2013 00:44:00 +0000

I've been packing for months now.

There will soon be a move off Maui after nearly 22 years, and this move is bittersweet.

Yes, M.U. (Maui University) has been a tough school, a gorgeous school, and the lessons I've learned here have been huge blessings....many of them still currently in disguise. Hah!

Even though I've not been posting much on this blog which primarily pertains to my Maui life, I still have an online presence, so if you wish to follow me on the next stage of my journey after I've won my very, very hard-won Ph.D degree from Maui, here are some of the many places I keep up to date:

My spiritual Tumblr is Circuitry

This blog is full of beautiful images, messages and high frequencies to uplift and inspire. 

My funny Tumblr is Booyah.

This blog is so much fun for me as I post humorous images, amazing art, and oftentimes sometimes somewhat racy, political stuff....and of course, Cat Stuff. Check it out...this is one of my fan favorites, and it will give you a glimpse into what amuses, excites & delights me.

And if you've been following me for some time, you must know I have an Instagram (current photos) and a Pinterest 

Please be my guest & stalk & follow me & leave a comment. 

Then there are my old standby's: Facebook & Twitter.

These links aren't the ONLY places you'll find me on the Internetz because I have my  alter egos

These alter egos are necessary to keep me amused because after awhile one has to be playful & creative & expand into new places.

And I suppose this creative urge is the main reason to depart Paradise Maui. Expansion. New Lessons. New Challenges. New Creativity.

Aloha!! You are loved!



Goodbye 2011

Tue, 27 Dec 2011 20:28:00 +0000

2011 was a momentous year for me in many ways, and as this year comes to end in four more days, I'm reflecting upon the wins and losses & joys and sorrows as I usually do at this time of year.First--the losses: Four golden-oldie friends crossed over the rainbow this year: Rick, Richard, Brian, and Joyce. Since I have a strong spirit connection with all four, I feel them visit me from time to time. Yet they are missed! Every now and then I still get a jolt when I remember they are no longer here in this 3-D reality!Probably the most challenging decision for me was closing down my cetacean research & education nonprofit organization which I had founded in 1993. This organization had been a huge part of my life, and many of my ideals and dreams were embedded in it.However, it was time for me to move on, and although there was no great need to close it down, it simply felt like it was time. This 'knowing' helped assuage my grief and assisted in closure.Second--the wins: At the tail end of last year, my longtime partner sold his business and retired. His retirement opened the door for much more travel than we had previously been able to do because of his work. And thus 2011 has been a whirlwind of travel, both in the States and abroad.We have visited every one of his relatives & friends spread out all over the globe, and I managed to squeeze in a few of mine too.We also visited places on my Bucket List which have been awaiting me for many a year! Assisi Italy had been on this list, and Assisi was as delightful, peaceful and inspiring as I had always imagined it to be. Ever since I saw the film, "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" a long, long time ago, I had wished to spend time in and around Assisi. Many of my Assisi photos I've placed on my Flickr site. This photo is a view from our hotel balcony in Assisi.Since my Bucket List is a long one (as is my partner's), we have lots of travel plans scheduled for 2012. First we're heading off to Cambodia and Vietnam for 27 days. After recuperating at home here in the Islands, we then plan to travel to Panama.One of the important phases of travel for me is the time to recuperate and process, especially when I've been to very foreign, exotic places. And there's no better place for me to r & r than our beautiful home--specifically my hammock. When the stressors of travel begin to get to me on long journeys, I daydream of my hammock and visualize myself gently rocking in it and listening to the sound of the chimes on the deck and the palm tree fronds gently clacking in the breeze. Ahhhhhhh! Truly, there is nothing quite as wondrous & healing as being home in the Islands! The Hawaiian Islands are more heavenly than any others I've ever visited, and I've been to quite a few.However, I have high hopes for Moorea, Bora Bora and Tahiti---these islands are on my Bucket List too! :-) Maybe one of these days, I'll make it there too.Everyone has their favorite Hawaiian Island, and each island has a different energy and response to an individual. For me, it's Mama Maui--she is warm, nurturing, and from the get-go, she wrapped her big old arms around me and gave me a home. I'm so full of gratitude for all the blessings she has brought into my life. Even with the slumping economy, highest gas in the nation and closure of so many wonderful ma & pa stores, Maui is No Ka Oi (Maui Is The Best)!Since we'll be traveling off & on in 2012, be sure to follow me on Twitter as I'll be posting photos and updates there.Mele Kalikimaka and Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!May 2012 bless you with great health, wisdom, joy, peace, prosperity & courage![...]

So Very Grateful This Thanksgiving

Thu, 24 Nov 2011 02:51:00 +0000

As I write this post on Thanksgiving Eve, I'm feeling over-the-top with joy & gratitude for all the multiple blessings bestowed upon my family and me this past year.We're still living the beach-y life on Maui after my partner's business sale & his retirement. We're having much more time to relax, play, create, and enjoy the NOW!We're beach-walking, swimming, jacuzzi-ing, meditating, sailing, hanging out with old friends and new, relaxing, attending films & events, traveling, exploring, trying new things, and in general: praising and blessing all we meet.Here are some photos from a beach walk in South Maui the other day which I finally got around to uploading today.The first photo was taken from our table at the Five Palms Restaurant looking out to sea. It was early--breakfast--and this is why you don't see the beach chairs full of people. Quite often at this time of year you'll view Humpback Whale activity off shore as you dine here. The Humpbacks arrive sometimes as early as late October, and they get really active in the winter months. This restaurant and beach are often a great viewing place for these whales.This photo below depicts a yearly ritual of pulling down the coconuts from our coconut trees. I've blogged about this before in previous years. We've had the same people climb, chop and haul away the coconuts from our six tall coconut trees for many years. These guys are fast--in several hours, they're done, and we're relieved our coconut trees have been pruned.This photo shows the carvings of a famous Maui artist as he works on his latest sculpture of Father Damien. He carved both of these--one is still in progress.This last photo may gross out some people. It's a fish which caused controversy and remarks from those gathered around this recently speared fish. One lady said that this beautiful fish is protected, and she was quite displeased to see it lying there. Another lady weighed in with her comment that it wasn't even edible, and yet another said that it was quite tasty. It is/was a parrotfish or in the Hawaiian language, an uhu.Since I've never eaten such a fish, I don't know. All I know was that I felt stunned and saddened to see it lying there. It is such an amazing, beautiful fish to view underwater in it's natural habitat. Now here it was on the cement.And so the beach-y life goes--the ups and downs. One never knows who you'll meet, what you'll see, and how you'll feel when your Maui day begins and ends. Will you be amazed, elated, relieved, or saddened?To all my loyal readers who've been waiting for a new post from me, I thank you from my heart!You're da best!Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours![...]

Coming Up For Air

Thu, 03 Nov 2011 00:33:00 +0000

It's been about 2 years since I've posted on this blog, and I've truly enjoyed the time off.When I first began blogging and told others I blogged, they'd ask me: "what is a blog?"That's how new blogging was seven years ago!Now it seems everyone and their dog (and or cat) has a blog!I juggled many blogs for too many years, and I was burnt out when I slowed down from posting.However, I have a natural inclination to share news, so I haven't been totally absent from the internet. I still maintain my Stumbleupon blog even though big changes happened to Stumbleupon this October when this blogging platform decided not to be a blogging platform anymore and just a link & review platform. Many outraged Stumblers moved to Tumblr, but I stayed, even though my beautiful violet background is now gone as this is the new format. If you'd like to see some of what interest me, this is the place to go.And I maintain my daily Tumblr. My Twitter account (kuanyin) is still being updated as is my Facebook.Maui has changed a LOT in the seven years since I began posting on this blog. In some ways, not at all. Rampant greed, old methods of cane burn, outsized egos, economic decline, vog, foreclosures, drug problems--they're here. We have it all.And OH DO WE HAVE BEAUTY! We have starry nights, warm ocean full of dolphins and whales in season, gorgeous beaches, beautiful people of all ages, and ALOHA, lots of aloha!A number of years ago Lahaina town no longer was allowed to celebrate the yearly Halloween festivities because of a new law. I had been attending this Front Street parade for many years when it closed, and like many others, I was bummed for this was a fun event and one I looked forward to every year with a different creative costume each year.The Good News is that the party came back this year, 2011. It was called "Back On Front".And I attended with a friend just like the good ol days!It was heartwarming to see the Maui community in costume and revelry once again. Despite the economic downturn, the spirit of the community was alive 'n well on Front!Mahalo to Mayor Mayor Alan Arakawa for bringing back this festive tradition. As always I took way too many photos, and most of them will probably eventually land on my Flickr page, but until then, here's some of the best of the night:[...]

Alive and Well and Living On Maui

Thu, 30 Jul 2009 21:59:00 +0000

(image) I'd like to thank all of you who've written me & wondered why I've not been posting. Your concern and lovely words about my blogs and well-being is so kind. I've been derelict in placing a notice here and on my other blogs that I'm ALIVE and WELL, and I apologize for taking so long to notify many who have taken the time to write and inquire.

I've merely been taking a hiatus from blogging.

It's uncertain when I'll resume consistent blogging as many other passions are keeping me busy.

If you want to keep updated about my life, you can read my tweets on my Twitter account by clicking here or my Plurk account by clicking here. I usually find time for these two no matter how busy I am because they're quick and easy.

This past April and May I journeyed with others to China, Tibet, and Nepal. There were many events which transpired on this pilgrimage which prompted me to readjust my priorities upon my return. The above snapshot was taken of me and a fellow pilgrim in a Beijing peony garden.

If you'd like to see more photos from my recent journey, click on my Flickr account here.

From time to time I'll post as Spirit moves me, so please subscribe and this way you'll be notified when I've updated.

In Great Gratitude,


Spring Cleaning Feels So Right

Tue, 24 Mar 2009 00:55:00 +0000

Whenever the Spring season arrives, I feel the urge to clean and weed everything in sight. And this Spring is no different!

However, this year I've not only been cleaning out old 'stuff' from our home, I've been deleting old computer files, links, emails, and blogs as well. Thus far, two blogs have been laid to rest forever unless the Way Back Machine ever revives them. These two blogs were begun in 2006 with the onset of my blogging passion, and I rarely posted on them in recent years.

I haven't been posting on most of my blogs anyway as other activities have kept me busy.

Releasing old email correspondence and carefully-filed, saved links on the sidebars of our computers has felt so liberating! Truly this is the renewal I've been sensing and awaiting when I posted on Feb. 3, 2009.

Cleaning out clutter and organizing for others could be a career option for me as it brings me such satisfaction--a natural high!

Next month I'll begin a three month retreat, and when I leave, I'm gonna feel so much lighter!

The most challenging to part with are my beloved books--doing so requires sifting through them since these books have been such a big part of my life. Some of these books have been written by cherished friends and inscribed with lovely words, and thus, they hold wonderful memories. Some books I've held onto since my early twenties, and one still has the chewed edge from my former cockapoo pooch. This chewed edge means a lot to me because whenever I see it, I remember this darling dog.

And back to spring cleaning I go--there's still so much to do!

Letters To Editors

Fri, 13 Mar 2009 20:50:00 +0000

I'm a big fan of Letters To Editors and of those who speak their mind in public ways. Before blogging came along, 'letters to editors' were my favorite newspaper reading because of much of the truth contained therein. These letters are more passionate and unfiltered than regular news. I honor those who fire off a letter.

My partner loves the Sports section of the newspaper, and my daughter has a fascination with Classified Ads. But I'm a "l-to-e" gal all the way. I just finished reading my daily Maui News letters online which is where I read the letters now.

I recognize many of the names writing these letters as well as many of the names making the news. This is what happens when you've lived a long time in one place.

Thus far, I've yet to write an impassioned letter to an editor. In fact, I've only written one letter of complaint in my life, and this was to Delta Airlines for which I received an apology form letter. Needless to say, we rarely fly Delta anymore. Not that we're holding a grudge against Delta because this situation was just one instance of crappy service, but we generally prefer the services of other airlines, and we've developed our favorite airlines through the years. I sure wish Virgin Airlines would fly to Hawaii.

Check out all the sweet offerings Virgin America offers to their customers here.

It's my belief that in future times, customer service will absolutely be paramount. Public opinion will count. Consumers will direct the markets.

In the meantime, I respect all of you who make your voices heard.


Tue, 03 Mar 2009 20:55:00 +0000

Recently our cable has been non-functioning, and since we have both our home phone and internet connected by Oceanic Cable, we've been unable to receive phone calls or get on on the Internet.

Since I'm more than a little *addicted* to my correspondence with others, I'm using my notebook at another location to get online.

Today is FINALLY the day the repairman from the cable company is due to arrive, even though we had been told by Oceanic representatives that it would be yesterday!

So I was awoken this morning by my family with their excitement over the morning miracle. My partner, B., had a doctor's appointment--a very, important appointment which he had re-arranged his day for.

Whilst I was still sleeping, they both heard our home phone ring! Even though the message machine didn't come on because the phone isn't working, we were able to see who called and trace the call. He called the number and discovered his appointment had been changed to another day because of an emergency from the doctor. Knowing this, B. could then change his plans and not waste a drive to the doctor's office!

This is just another example of what we call our "angels" working on our behalf in mysterious and unknown ways. These angels perform miracles!

Maui At The Crossroads

Tue, 24 Feb 2009 03:12:00 +0000

(image) Photo: Kuanyin

Even though there has been a downturn in Maui's economy, we don't sit around and talk about this recession most of the time. What good would it do? It is what it is.

Of course, every now and then we question when the next shoe will drop or business to fold.

But for the most part, we marvel at how lucky we are to live on Maui! For richer or poorer, this is home! New technologies and new methods of earning monies will be born from the changes. People will become resourceful in creating jobs for themselves. Maui is STILL one stop short of Heaven on Earth.

Not everyone is hurting here.

Some business's and people are flourishing.

For example, a friend told me today about her friend's bamboo business in Kipahulu which is doing well, the Whispering Winds Bamboo company. The first crop of bamboo is ready for harvest, and they will be featured on the Discovery Network's Planet Green. You can read more about them here.

IMHO, it would be much better if the ban on vacation rentals in private homes would be lifted. It would be much better for marriage celebrants to NOT pay a fee for beach weddings. It would be a great idea for commercial landlords to lower their leases. Professionals should be able to work out of their homes. Perhaps these changes will come about if the times become hard enough, and those in charge begin to feel the pain. Long range planning should begin now, or else Maui may become a ghost town like Las Vegas.

For tourists there's not been a better time (in my lifetime) to get great hotel rates and fares. So c'mon over! The whales are abundant. Prices are lower. The ocean is inviting, and everyone will be happy to see you!

More of our friends arrive next week-- every year like the Humpback Whales they return. They rent the same condo year after year, and judging from their emails, they can't wait to get back here. Returning to Maui is like winning a fabulous prize or passing Go!

We hear the harsh stories of life on the Mainland from others, and we give thanks every day we live here!

Staying Calm In A Speeded-Up World

Tue, 17 Feb 2009 20:45:00 +0000

Each of us has a gadzillion things to do these days. Most likely nobody in history has ever been busier or more overwhelmed than we are. Not only do we have information overload, we are are required to work harder than ever before to maintain our lifestyles.

Do you remember the days when the pace wasn't so hectic? That time seems so very long ago. When I visited a girlfriend this year who was totally tech-phobic, she said she wished we could all go back to the '40's and '50's before technology invaded our lives. Probably a lot of people feel like that. But I'm not one of them.

I love I can take a photo with my phone and have it posted on a blog right away!

I love I can communicate with people around the world so easily and quickly.

I love I can DVR television shows, watch them later, and then miss the tiring commercials! The other night as we watched television the 'regular' way, my partner counted ten commercials between each segment of the show we were watching. We both grumbled because we're spoiled by technology.

As you may have surmised, I'm kept very busy by family, creativity, friends, commitments of all kinds and more. You're probably in the same boat. I'm amazed anyone has any time at all to read blogs, and I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see a comment on one of my blogs.

So what keeps me carrying-on without losing it? How do I remain *mostly* stress-free with so much going on?

Here are some of my methods:

I take time-out between tasks to meditate...I lie down and use my chi machine which pleasantly rocks oxygen into my system and relaxes me...I find time to jacuzzi...I prioritize...I delegate whenever I possibly can...I exercise even it's for only fifteen minutes. Sometimes I take a cat-nap if I can fit it in. I'm a big believer in cat naps. I've learned to say no.

What are your methods for staying sane and calm?

Waiting For Renewal

Tue, 03 Feb 2009 23:36:00 +0000

It's a blustery, stormy day on Maui. I sit here in front of my computer and read the news of what is happening elsewhere and feel very grateful.

I'm sure those in Europe, the Midwest, and the Northeast are pretty much fed-up with winter already. The ice storms have caused so much misery, and the thought of being stuck without power in freezing weather as are so many is a horrifying one to me.

The economic fallout continues as the greedy ones want more, more, more, and the rest of us simply try to hold onto our jobs, our homes, our pensions, and abilities to care for our loved ones.

On Maui the economic situation is very bad since we depend upon tourism, and without tourists, everyone on Maui suffers. Many business's have closed, and others are hanging on week to week.

I still hold the dream and promise of peace, even as I observe the banksters and others still spending millions of dollars on luxuries, government currencies becoming worthless, the Gaza atrocities continuing, the poor and hungry getting poorer and hungrier, and the bailout going to those who have hoarded it. Sometimes it's hard to see the justice.

Like everyone else, I ask: where has ALL the money gone? Did it end up in a vault somewhere? Is there a way to fast forward through all the hijinks and craziness so that everyone has enough?

I'm dreaming of a time when Spring has returned and everything is blooming and stirring again for everyone and when the world awakens from the nightmare.

My photo above speaks to this dream: these tiny pink roses bloomed for a long time, and then one by one, the roses fell. I moved the plant outdoors to be nourished by the sun and rain six months ago.

And this week I was overjoyed to see the roses blooming again.

May everything come up roses for everyone! May all be delivered from the old paradigm and remember what it's like to live without fear, worry, grief, and sadness!

I'm so ready. And you?

Testing Myself

Fri, 30 Jan 2009 03:46:00 +0000

Through my blogging/online/cyber explorations, I've tried many an application and new *whatever* that's happening online. Curiosity and being an early adopter keeps me young I tell myself.

And this "tech-me" is always challenged and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d!

Nothing ever comes easy--does it?

Take today, for example:

I signed up for the beta Skitch *amongst other new online 'toys' I've experimented with today*.

And I tested to see if it would work for me...but NO! Back to the drawing board....or is it that Windows hasn't approved it yet? The mysteries of cyberspace are daunting. No wonder so many people are Luddites. I actually KNOW people would who prefer to go back to the '50's!

And on some days, I can't blame them.

The people who don't mess around with computers and the latest trendy thing seem perfectly content.

But our paths have separated. It's not that I'm discontent. It's more like I want to explore and see what's new.

P.S. The illustration above is my Manga which I created last year, and which I guarantee you 99.99 percent of my friends are clueless.


Wassup on Maui

Wed, 28 Jan 2009 00:48:00 +0000

(image) *Photo taken by me of the Chinese New Year celebration at the Maui Mall*

Recently I posted on one of my microblogs that I hadn't been blogging lately. And someone wrote back to me, "Blogging is for the zealous."

This comment caught my imagination and attention, and I considered the implications. Had I become a blogging zealot--a "fanatically committed person" in regard to my blogs?

Perhaps it was time to take a longer blog vacation?! After all, I've been blogging for FIVE YEARS, way before most people even knew the word 'blogging'!

And so if you've wondered why I haven't posted here for awhile, this is why: I've been enjoying my blog vacation! I've been able to catch-up on much needed business, creative projects, and exercise. I still make daily posts on Wailea Daily Photo, Twitter, and Plurk. Please feel free to follow me on my Twitter.

Many inquire of me what's happening here on Maui, so I'll fill you in:

1. The Maui economy is hurting, and thus, there are many great deals on room rates at hotels and resorts if you're considering a vacation now.
2. Despite the down-turn in the Islands, there STILL seems to be many vacationing here and swarming the restaurants. Some of our old favorite restaurants have closed such as Manana Garage, and we're hoping some of our other favorite Maui eateries will survive.
3. We've had our fair share of rain this year, and according to my partner who has lived here twenty five years, he has never seen Maui this green.
4. Modified Prius electric cars are now being driven on Maui--three of them!
5. Rentals are in abundance, and prices are lower as is real estate. Jobs are scarcer. Some employees at a major resort are working every OTHER day.


Gung Hay Fat Choy!

My Wordle Of The Day

Tue, 20 Jan 2009 22:01:00 +0000


Click on the above Wordle to see it in larger size. And if you'd like to see the Obama Speech Wordle, click on the link.

I'm still so overcome with emotion about the Inauguration. Our family all cried as we watched the Inaugural events on tv.

Oh Happy Day!

Inaugural Fever Is In The Air

Tue, 20 Jan 2009 03:51:00 +0000

(image) Photo: Charles Pfeil

Can you feel the Inaugural Fever?

I sure can! The excitement about tomorrow's Presidential Inauguration is building and's everywhere--in people's hearts, in conversation, on the net, on tv and radio. This fever is floating through the ethers, and one can't help but catch it.

Never in my lifetime have I felt such a fever or observed others with such fever.

Like millions of people around the world, I'll be joyfully imbibing this historic Washington D.C. event.

From afar...

And yet connected to all by heart strings of hope, faith, and love.

An Evening With Dzongkar Choede Lamas

Wed, 14 Jan 2009 18:39:00 +0000

Last evening we attended a get-together with the five Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Dzongkar Choede Monastery of Mysore, India who are creating a sand mandala at the Queen Ka'ahumanu Center from Jan 13-18th.

This 7-foot-by-7-foot medicine Buddha sand mandala is laid out in ancient Buddhist texts, and you can watch the creation of it online here. If you miss it, you can also watch the archives of the creation by the monks here.

And if you've never heard of sand mandalas and their purpose before, you can read about them here. Here's a snippet from this site: "Mandala, a Sanskrit word for "circle,” is a sacred diagram for the passing on of ancient knowledge in Buddhist text. The creation of sand mandala symbolizes the transience of life and the ideal of non-attachment to the material world. The meditative processes of sand mandala share the symbolisms of ancient teachings and allow participators to allude new meanings. All in all, this collaborative art embraces the unity of creations shared by those whom participate."

Sponsored by Lama Dhondup Gyaltsen of the Tashi Pendey Foundation, the Tibetan Cultural Fair is a yearly event.

The Buddha shown in the photo above (taken by me at last evening's gathering) is over 700 years old, and everyone present last evening had the honor of being blessed by this Buddha when the Buddha was placed briefly on our heads. We were also blessed by ancient relics, some as old as 1300 years old. The lama holding the Buddha is Lama Jampa Sopa, a sand mandala Master.

Dzongkar Choede is a monastic community of 280 monks located near Mysore India.

Once the sand mandala is finished, it will be destroyed, and the millions of grains of dyed sand will be released into the ocean. It's believed that all who see the mandala are blessed. **Since I posted this information this morning, I have since learned that no longer are the grains dispersed into the ocean upon completion of the mandala. Instead, the grains are handed out to the public to be taken home for blessings.***

As well as watching the monks create the sand mandala, the public can view Tibetan arts, crafts, carpets and thangkas from Tibet. The funds raised from this event will help support Tibetans living in exile.

If you'd like to view more photos, click here for more at my Flickr website.

Belated Happy New Year!

Wed, 07 Jan 2009 02:52:00 +0000

What did I accomplish this past 2008 I asked myself today.Suddenly it dawned on me that a New Year had finally/absolutely/completely arrived!After introspection, here's my analysis of accomplishments, failures, and thoughts/feelings about beloved Maui:1. I came to terms with my *geeky* self in 2008. The geeky self had always been there, but out of deference to my *vain* self who was very aware of image and beauty, she'd stepped back to allow the *vain* me to shine. No more. She's proud to be a geek and maybe even a nerd. She doesn't fear wearing her geek badge anymore, and ya know what...I really like her! She's very smart and shining.My geekiness overflows in multiple, yet organized online folders, emails, blogs, file cabinets, and bookmarks.2. The books I've been writing for many years no longer resonate with me! I've outgrown them. Mind you, I'm not deleting the computer files because that part of myself might cycle around again. One never knows. Now these manuscripts feel far too frivolous. Every now and then, I re-read them, and say, "Hey, this is a great story!" And then I happily put them away. and ponder, "Who were you when you wrote these books?" Hah!3. Over the past year I've dived with passion into social networking and writing with only 140 characters...or is it 160 characters per message? These short twitters, purks, ideas, feelings, links, photos, and thoughts have become my norm--text messaging with many folks from around the world--colorful, funny, creative people.From Plurk to Twitter to to Facebook to Tumblr to Populus and many others, online people reaching out for connection have touched my heart and taught me so much! Even the ones hustling to make a living and marketing to me touch my heart--maybe them even more so because I feel such compassion for their diligence and industry to survive in these challenging economic times.I foresee a big future for social networking--a trend which will go more mainstream.People you'd most likely never meet in real life follow you, and you read each other's words or view their photos.Who knows how many id's are faked, air-brushed, tweaked or are from someone's younger years. But truth is truth, and their nature is revealed. For example, a cab driver from London followed me on Twitter, and as I read his brief tweets, I touched into a world far from one I've ever experienced. As I read them, I could imagine what it's like to a be a London taxi driver. His words felt authentic and raw and foreign and oh, so touching. I could visualize him waiting for his fares as he twittered away on his 'smart' phone. He didn't post a photo of himself, but I didn't need one to 'get' him.4. I made some headway with my Flickr account, much of which had to be scanned into my computer from old photographs, a laborious process, and one which I have yet to complete. We've done so much traveling before the digital times, and these stories and photos are fabulous and deserve to be shared.5. My daughter became a geek like her Mother, and like the cliched duck to water, she's enjoying it almost as much as her mom. Even though I rarely post on my MySpace blog, G. pimped it for me so I'm not totally ashamed. I'm still too embarrassed to link to it. When last I looked, I had twelve friends including my daughter and a sprinkling of famous folks who friend everyone. I convinced G. to join Facebook, and she's done so... and is discovering a different group of friends online. And so it goes. Mother and daughter growing our geekiness together...6. Maui's leadership continued to disappoint me: first, the stipulation against vacation[...]

The Christmas Blur

Wed, 31 Dec 2008 01:23:00 +0000

(image) The Good News is that we survived another Holiday Season. The Bad News is that the holidays are nearly over...with the countdown to the New Year of 2009 beginning tomorrow.

As is usual for me, the Season is One Big Blur with too much going on and too much disorganization running rampant in our home. Where did I put my receipts? Where did my 'To Do' list go? What was it that I walked into another room for and completely forgot as soon as I got there? Blogs--'oh, I'll get to those later', I b.s. myself.

There are highlights of ever season, and low lights too. Whenever a Christmas card we mailed out is returned to us, we wonder what happened. Did someone move and forget to tell us? Or perhaps pass-on? We then attempt to discover who is still with us in the world of the 'living'. Lots of major changes happened to those we know this past year we have now learned.

Even though we live in tropical South Maui, I've been wishing for a small outdoor fire pit--it's turned chilly here in the evenings! I imagine it would be nice to sit by the fire as I stargaze. That is, when it's not raining which it's been doing a lot of lately.

As I write this post today, the skies are still overcast, and it's been raining off and on for days. I love this time of year--when the rains come--for the pastures and open areas are resplendent with emerald greenery.

I'm hoping the skies clear for the Wailea fireworks on New Year's Eve though. I'd love to see 2009 come-in with lots of razzle and dazzle!

In case I don't return to this blog again and the Blur continues, let me take this opportunity to say: Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!!!

Mele Kalikimaka

Wed, 24 Dec 2008 01:26:00 +0000

Many people tell me they like to read my posts, but they don't desire to email, comment on my posts, IM, chat or text--they're just not *up* for the wired world. Merely reading online is all they care to do. These are people who send snail mail cards and letters, and we receive their yearly updates during the holiday season.

What sagas, adventures, stories, and milestones we read about in their letters! Some of them merely sign their name, and this is all we did this year--sign our name with maybe a short note. I usually write a long, long letter which I insert into our Christmas cards, but I didn't feel like writing one this year.

Not that anything didn't go on for us-- a whole helluva lot did!

But this year I didn't choose to share the stories online or in a Christmas letter. Some of my Christmas letters in the past have had a *backfire* effect--not everyone is happy for our achievements we've learned from experience.

Fact #1: I only share a smidgen of my life online, and the current transparency trend isn't for me--it may work for some bloggers, but it's not for me. Every time my partner tells me I should post this or that, I tell him, "No Way Jose!" I'm like an iceberg with only a little of me showing above water, and I plan to keep it that way and remain a mystery. It's very different with trusted friends--I'm an open book and a blunt, tell-it-as-I-see-it kind of gal.

Fact #2: I have zero desire to meet online acquaintances in person. On one occasion I did so, but this is rare for me. I prefer to keep my online world separate from my personal world. This may change someday, but right now, this feels comfortable.

Fact #3: Our cat, Anela, has sniffed out the Santa Claus photographed above and deemed him acceptable to live in HER space, and that's saying a lot.

Just in case I'm not back online to wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays, I'll do so now with the beautiful Hawaiian words: Mele Kalikimaka!!!

And for J. Suldog, here's a photo of Kiki, our long-lasting poinsetta plant, which is once again in bloom--she/we send the warmest aloha to your family and fellow, old-timer poinsettia plant. She's still kickin' it as are we!


Catching Up From The Christmas Blur

Sat, 20 Dec 2008 19:17:00 +0000

Every year I tell myself I will be MORE organized the following Christmas, and every year, the same thing happens: the "To-Do" list keeps me extremely busy!

BUT not to busy to stargaze at night--a delight at this time of year because the nights are cool-ish! At this time I slow down and open myself to 'Presence' and know Peace.

In my last post I wrote about sharing links to blogs and sites I love--even if I don't get around to reading them as often as I'd like.

If you get a chance and are hungry for photos of Maui, bounce on over to my photo blog Wailea Daily Photo where I rarely miss a day posting a Maui photo. Plus I'm usually putting up fun photos on my Flickr page.

Here are some great blogs I relish:

Photography: Barcelona Photoblog

Norweigan Culture, Traditions, and Habits: Terella

Funny Storytelling: Suldog

Travel: Lifecruiser

Cat Stories: My Cats and Funny Stories

Politics, Cats, and other stuff: Maui Girls Meanderings

Happy Holy Days!

A Maui Christmas

Sat, 13 Dec 2008 21:03:00 +0000

This is one of my favorite times of the year, even though the Christmas Season always keeps me MORE than busy.

Since I've not been blogging as much due to my heavy schedule, I've decided to give you *blog post links* gifts which are well written, entertaining, and informative.

When I'm weary, I'd rather read than write, and thus, I've been doing much more reading lately.

And so it is that I share these links:

The writer, Richard Skaare, of the blog Pocket Change makes some very good points. Click here for the link.

And since there's NOT that many outrageous outdoor Christmas tree lights on Maui as in other places of the world, I share this link with you from Life In The Fast Lane blog.

Just Wanna Hang-out

Tue, 02 Dec 2008 01:35:00 +0000


Since I had a deep revelation/insight this past week I've been living very much in the present. Thus, I haven't been blogging much, and if I do post on any of my many blogs, my posts are brief---almost texting!

When I was at the beach the other day, I observed children as they played. They were so in-the-moment--the same nowment where I currently reside.

So what have I been up to:

I've been enjoying the cooler temperature of Maui, the beach, and the warm, inviting ocean.

I've been awestruck by the beauty of the Venus, Jupiter, Crescent Moon triangulation in the evening sky.

I've been swooning over the smell of our night blooming jasmine which are blooming.

I've been reading, viewing films, laughing, cooking, eating, emailing, meditating, working-out, shopping, swimming, jacuzzing, dining-out, loving, laughing, sleeping well, taking lots and lots of photos, hanging out with friends and family, and in general, enjoying every moment of my blessed life.

That's it.

That's all, and that's enough.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thu, 27 Nov 2008 19:22:00 +0000

Today our family exchanged cards and gathered to express our gratitude for all the wondrous blessings we've received and enjoy on a daily basis. The day began with my 'podner' B creating a beautiful breakfast of cold, ripe, strawberry papaya topped with fresh squeezed lime juice, bananas, and a fruit that tasted like dates.

When I bought these fruits at a farmer's market yesterday, I thought I was purchasing kiwi fruit. However, when B. opened it, the fruit turned out to be a kiwi imposter! We marveled at this fruit and wondered what it is. So if anyone who reads this blog knows what looks like a kiwi fruit but tastes like a date, please offer us some edification via comment.

Here are some photos I took on our cutting board.
(image) Before our BIG Thanksgiving feast tonight with friends, we're exercising to loose a couple of pounds which we're quite sure we'll put on! So I'm going to make this post a short one. :Smile:

And if any of you have the opportunity to catch a film today, I highly recommend "Australia". We saw it yesterday at the Maui Mall Theater Complex--it is a film which will touch your heart!
And for you: I wish you a bountiful Thanksgiving with countless blessings to share.

Vog casts a haze over Maui

Fri, 21 Nov 2008 23:02:00 +0000

We call it Vog in Hawaii--volcanic smog! And it's been bad this year, very bad.

This Vog is drifting or blowing over from our neighbor island, the Big Island, and it is full of toxic gas, sulfur dioxide, which makes our eyes burn...our noses run...and our throats sore.

Today is the worst day I've seen in a long, long time--check out the photos I shot at the beach. This is what Hawaii looks like some (not all!) of the time. And the vog is increasing--truly, it feels as if we're living in The Twilight Zone.