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Preview: Eisley's Tales from Trolleywood

Eisley's Tales from Trolleywood

This is Boyd's Xaaaaaang-uhhhh!


Short Mid-Summer, Midwest Tour

Tue, 03 Apr 2012 06:34:09 GMT

You all remember the Mild-Mild Midwest Tour. This opportunity came about in much the same way as our lil' 2010 run. We had a few Festivals offers we couldn't refuse... so we built an easy-to-tour-in-a-van route around them.

I'm sure those living in other markets will be disappointed. We did say there would be no more touring until 2013. Opportunity knocks. Just so you know, we are starting work on our own studio so that when Sherri and Stacy return in May, we can begin working on LP4. This 2 week adventure will help us pay for it.

We'll be announcing the 12 dates around 1pm today (Tuesday). I'll post them here, on and toss a new banner up and EVR will send out a press release.

Dates on EVR press release/blog:

Just wanted to thank you guys for making the Deep Space tour so wonderful. The band came back encouraged (tired, beat up from the van) and ready to tackle the world (New York and Texas were over the top). Many shows were in B markets; we didn't expect big turn outs (East Hampton, MA?).

Dallas, TX - The Granada, April 1, 2012

But numbers were up and we're so excited to be in a better place 2 years after the dangerous lapse, the awkward pause, the glorious transition from WB to EVR. The ripples from constant touring and record making are finally causing the waters to sparkle... and churn... creating waves. Thank you all for being there and caring about Eisley's on-going pursuit to be a band who makes music over a life-time.

Thanks. More tomorrow (later today).



Sun, 19 Feb 2012 03:51:54 GMT

CLICK to dl the Poster.

Hello. In case you haven't heard, I am returning to my post*.

Run You Through. Or something like that. A run through with you. We've decided to try to pull one of those pre-tour kck-off shows off in our home town venue - BREWTONES just 2 days before leaving for the Deep Space Tour. You can think of it as a rehearsal if you want (dry run, secret show, fake premier, band practice, go-through-set-list gig ). We won't be promoting this in a big way; unless you consider putting up posters at Starbucks and tweeting to 460 followers a big deal.

Details Doors at 7:00, show about 8:00pm. Eisley typically ends up playing their typically longish set around 9:30 or 10pm. But get there early and hang out. Talk to me. I don't actually have tons of responsibility (image) . And just in case some of you don't know, this is the small, shallow stage where Eisley ("Towheads") played their first show in Spring 1998. Because it's not a high rise, you may all prefer to sit down; they're fine with that. What else... hmmm... think that's it.

FYI - we weren't going to do this show but since it's a short tour, we decided to do it in a van instead of a big BandWagon this time around. The van needed work... (same one they toured in last w/ Rooney during SnowZilla), thus, we are spending reserves on mechanical work. Safe, not sorry! So - if you prefer, you can think of this show as a fundraiser instead of a run-through.

It's also likely the only show where you might be able to meet, hang out for a bit w/ the band. I'm not trying to sell... just trying to give you good, honest information.

I hear rumor that she and Collin will be touring w/ full band (compliments of previously known as Marksmen)... but Nico and I are working on their new (band) site. They're launching their new EP soon... before the tour.

Josh Trammel is a local guy with a band. All I know is that Collin and Christie liked what they heard at his show a week ago. He's pretty new. Just showing a little local love. If I get a link to something good, I'll return and post it.

Eisley We're working on some things (Eisley) that might be cool. Not a big deal. Will let you guys know soon. Mostly, the band is writing songs, collaborating, etc. Everyone is excited about recording a new record.

That's all for now I guess. Hope you're coming to a show on this tour. I realize it's short with few markets. Oh well... we pretty much covered the US on The Valley.

Thanks and I'll try to make my next post less boring! If anyone has comments/questions, I'll be happy to try to answer. Thanks.


*previous post/comments.

Random Rambling (Returns?)

Sat, 11 Feb 2012 19:38:08 GMT


You might have noticed I posted anything about the band's upcoming tour or the EP here in Trolleywood. I considered it about a month ago but... just didn't see the point. I'd like to put a microscope on that notion and talk about communication if that's ok.

I recently received an email from a dedicated fan/forum member who has followed the band for 6 years. He expressed in very sincere words how frustrated he felt about current communications from team Eisley. In short, he wasn't into newer social media like Twitter or facebook so he felt disconnected and uninformed.

We had several emails back and forth. I wanted to understand in depth. At first, I didn't understand. Eisley - disconnected? Seriously? There are more communications coming from this band in 1 week these days than in all the journal posts combined.

I tried to explain how I felt. I've said this many times – my ramblings were never intended to dominate the conversation. That's why I consciously pulled out of the forum. I thought Trolleywood might provide a way to segregate my ideas from the larger conversation. But in spite of all my efforts to keep up, my Trolleywood posts lost readership. Comments decreased. Tilt. And I was fine with that.

As social sites motivated everyone to talk more, conversations and information exchange became more viral, fluid, important outside the construct of our little forum. I felt I had to go where people were.

But apparently in the shift, he (age 27) and others who were less likely to adapt to emerging social platforms began feeling they were missing out... not only on straight-up content (tours, record releases, newsworthy stuff) but somewhat on the heart & soul of the band.

He described all the Instagrams and Tweets like an old radio where you get "noise" between the channels. You can hear people talking but it all blends together. The signal should be clear. Perhaps we're not dialed in. "Less noise, more signal".

I agree with him entirely and want to solve this. I am open to suggestions. Please (image) .

One important resolve on our to-do list is a complete redesign/rebuild of the Eisley website. We will drastically improve. Nicholas and I have been scheming, designing, having good conversation about it. I'm doing way more web work these days in my design biz' and he works for Universal Music (Canada) as a web developer. The old site is lame, outdated, web 1.0 looking, content is scattered/disorganized, etc.

True, I have tour dates and lots of tour branding, images, on our current site but... yeah, the problems are serious. I think we can clear up the signal a bit by creating a more interactive site that serves as a hub for information.

As for heart and soul... I'm at a loss. I've been very disconnected from you guys. That does make me sad... I miss everyone. Honest. Yes, I am busier than ever but I'm as involved in the band as ever. I'm not touring anymore so there won't be pics from shows, videoblogs, etc... the truth is, I'll likely never see many of you again. I'm just at a loss as what to do here. I'm not opposed to an attempt at jumpstarting a central, informative, well-focused dialog again but I fear that if I were to spew my thoughts and feelings like in the vast past, I'd probably end up driving all 6 of you crazy. haha.. ok, maybe 3.

It's not that we have less people peering in... they're just not peering here anymore.

If anyone finds this entry and has an opinion or thought or answer, please weigh in with a juicy comment. How do we increase the signal within all the noise? Or is it even important? Here to serve.

Much love,


EP Update

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 21:20:56 GMT

We have made a decision to release the new EP at the 1st of the year. I posted a bit of info-wordage on the forum in case you want to know why. Thanks.

The Recentries of Eisley

Sun, 28 Aug 2011 07:45:42 GMT


Thanks. Cya,


New Headlining Tour Announcement

Thu, 10 Mar 2011 19:39:08 GMT

Turning The Tide - I'm sitting here hunched over my Wacom 21UX monitor drinking a freshly brewed urn of delicious Komodo Dragon coffee pondering which keys to finger-punch. A writer would know what to say. I'll just start punching. First order: key in a new tag in my Trolleywood journal entry (admin): TheValley. Would you believe me if I told you I thought this day would never come? Good. Don't. It was a long wait and I for 6 am thankful. The Valley - Let's hype a bit.We're not on the super highway here in the T-wood. Billboard: #8 Top Internet Albums, #12 Indie Album, #23 Alt Albums, #75 Top 200. Also: iTunes spotlight for week 2! For those who care about sales (not many do anymore), I'll just say - the numbers were the same # as first week sales on "Combinations". You have to put it into context... that was 4 years ago before the industry tanked (most estimate it's down by 1/2 since then). Also, that was before we went invisible for 2+ years... (ahh!) and that was on a major. This is on a small indie. So... yep. Really thankful. EVR says it's the equivalent of selling twice the # as we did on Combinations. It's not really about numbers for us but - just thought some of you would be curious. Small victories. Tiger blood. Tour Name - We submitted for creative help (as has oft' been the trend of late. 680 great ideas came in. Thank you!), I picked something, created a poster and sent it to the band. My random choice was "Starlight and Fireflies"... seemed cool enough, partial excerpt from Mr Moon... I wasn't really solid - but Eisley saw it and said, "ahh, we LOVE the poster!!! but...meh, the name might be too girlie. How 'bout _______" (insert name) instead. Yup. Sherri re-named the tour after seeing the design with Mr Moon and the water. [manager/designer note:] I could have said, "hey, we need a name for this tour " first and there would have been shrieking and gnashing of teeth. haha. 13 years of working with them in this capacity provides a map for work-flow and process. Get a graphic and everyone see's the vision. The name has obvious ties w/ the record, where the band is... it's an emergent theme, blah, blah... Fair enough? DATES - Another tour. Can you believe it? I can't. I can (sips more coffee). I know some of you will be disappointed. NO! Stop it. I'm sorry. This body can only cry for so long... and if you want to blame me, then go on I'm smiling now 'cause there'll be another tour that covers the voids we leave on this tour... I'm dumber than you think [you found out...]. Bamboozle!! yeah. A real festival. We'll use this one as a hook to get back into festival grace. Those suckers are difficult without 'a story' and industry hype. Being invisible sucked but the tides are turning. Who's freaking out about Bledfest? haha. NOOooo! Don't. Well, here's what the head guy said: You're looking at it and saying "Holy sh_t, that's a lot of metal, hardcore, and pop-punk bands. And man, that's a really stupid name but it's actually short for "Big Love's Educational Festival", which started 7 years ago as a house show. The name's just kind of stuck. It's traditionally been a festival aimed at the Warped Tour demographic, but we've slowly been pulling it back a bit and having more diverse bands play. This year, we've dedicated a new sixth stage (in about a 800 seat auditorium) to indie, post-rock, folk, and acoustic acts. It's been a tough sell for me to get anyone national, but we've got a lot of great regional and local acts. I'm looking for someone to headline that stage." I loved that so I quoted him. Hey, it's a show and bands play shows. I don't care if you're hardcore or goon-core or pop-core... so-core, more-core > a special kind of music is for you. youcore. The Narrative - They're indie-pop kids from New York. Kind of reminds me of post-Copeland: "States" which is now female fronted... only these guys trade off - guy/girl. They have a full[...]


Sat, 26 Feb 2011 06:25:29 GMT

Hi guys. Hope this post finds everyone well. The band is finishing up their last few dates w/ Rooney. Well, actually by now, there's only one show left: Salt Lake.

It's been a great few months leading up to the record release. Seems like they're enjoying plenty of unexpected love from beyond the base. Most of it is on-line... blogs & music zines... some print. Each entity reach their market. Unless you're Googling Eisley every day, you're don't see it.

I don't like to post all that stuff on the band's fb/twitter. tmi, overkill. So our publicist suggested I make a Trolleywood post so at least insiders could read if they wanted to. There are reviews like Alternative Press but I think they're on the shelf in print. Maybe we shouldn't post those.

Here's what I have so far:

Songwriters on Process: Sherri DuPree-Bemis & Stacy DuPree-King, Eisley
The Big Takeover: Eisley - "The Valley" album review -
Lincoln Hall/ Chicago, IL Review by Andy Argyrakis - Eisley "The Valley" album review -
Washington Times: Concert review: Eisley -
BlogCritics: Interview: Stacy DuPree-King of Eisley -
IndieVisionMusic: Eisley interview -
MusicOhio: Interview: Chauntelle DuPree of Eisley -
The Kansan: Q&A: Sherri DuPree Bemis of Eisley -
Amplified: Asheville -
"Eisley are a bunch of damn hypocrites". (image)

Again, there are more but I'm watching a movie. Not a great one really but I want to quit typing and thinking and watching tv at the same time. I will come back as interviews come in and post more.



Thu, 27 Jan 2011 08:48:34 GMT


Pre-order is now on-line for "The Valley"! (cd, vinyl, litho, t-shirt
packages): We're SO excited to finally have
a new record coming out; hope you know how much we appreciate
you guys hanging in there. We're about to embark on our tour w/
Rooney (Feb. 2), the album releases March 1st, then SXSW - then
another tour!

p.s. i reserve the right to come back here tomorrow, freak out over
what i wrote, edit, add, subtract, etc. Did you get the e-blast? ok.

Merry Christmas EP

Sat, 25 Dec 2010 03:19:02 GMT


Hi guys. Hope you and yours are having a wonderful Holiday. I realize it's bit late to post something on topic but we've super busy.

We put together a little compilation of garage band Christmas songs - some new, some old - for you guys including one Chauntelle recorded late last night. There's a player at the bottom of the page if you don't want to dl the entire thing.

Hope you enjoy! Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holiday! Here's the link:

P.s. We're all at Chauntelle's house watching "It's a Wonderful Life" after our blotius finger food, gut fest. I am on my new iPad or I'd toss the pic of the player page on here (home now so i did).

New Album Release Date

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 18:08:09 GMT


It's been a long time in coming, right? Hope you're as excited as we are. Pushing lots of buttons at the same time. I'll come back and ad more to this post. Like maybe a bigger version of the cover. I just wanted to get it out the same time we blast everything else! Ahhh!!!! Thanks.



more soon