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$30,000 could be spent on a lot of things and could go a long way to doing things needed in your home. You could get a new kitchen, add value with a number of upgrades such as a loft extension or you could spend it all on a partial recreation of some of the internal areas of the Starship Enterprise!
That last option is exactly what social worker Line Rainville did to her basement recreation room! The room is in the basement of her Notre-Dame-des-Prairies home. As a bit of trivia the Qubec town is just an hour North of Montreal, the birthplace of none other than Captain Kirk’s alter ego William Shatner!
So what do you get for $30k?
In 60s era Star Trek style she has created a partial Enterprise bridge, some of the transporter room, a themed recreation room, an observation deck, and fairly good version of Spock’s quarters! It looks like a fun place for any trekkie to hang out and I am sure she’ll be receiving a lot of emails for visit requests!
Now I guess you want to see the place, right?
Well CNet has pics and more details here -
So, would you ever spend this kind of money on anything like this? Have you ever wanted to recreate the Lost bunker in your basement, Yogi bear’s cave or anything else crazy?
Originally published on my site: The Random Forest.

2012 June product recalls


June 2012 has been as busy as any month when it comes to product recalls. A multitude of food items, baby products, vehicles and other things have been recalled due to various contamination, mislabelling, unexpected breakages and general quality issues.

So, what was recalled in June 2012 and how does it affect you?

It may well be you have missed any calls for food recalls at your local supermarket or that your dealer hasn't contacted you about your vehicle yet, the toyshop you purchased that item from doesn't have your contacts or the weird way a certain clip on an item works you are blaming on your use!

Often people don't find out about these recalls until months after so keeping a rough eye on them and if you need to worry about getting anything returned is simple and worthwhile.

For June 2012 you can find info and news from the CPSC and also this MSN Slideshow offers a glimpse at the recalls in the following areas:

Get more details in this post from The Random Forest: 2012 June Product Recalls.

  • June 2012 food recalls
  • June 2012 children’s gear recalls
  • June 2012 children’s clothing and toy recalls
  • June 2012 pharmaceutical recalls
  • June 2012 meat recalls
  • June 2012 electrical recalls
  • June 2012 vehicle recalls
  • June 2012 consumer product recalls
Let us know if any of the recalls affected you?


Canadians have new patriotic swagger


Canadians have new patriotic swagger - Canadians have long been known to be coy about bragging about how great their country is and displaying nationalistic symbols but a recent survey says that is changing.Canadians have new patriotic swagger Canadians have new patriotic swaggerThe survey was conducted by Ipsos-Reid online. It polled 1,100 people between 20-22 June and was produced for the Historica-Dominion Institute. Results suggest that Canadians are getting brash and proud about their country and in-your-face patriotism is becoming far more normal.Of course much of this centers around the use of the famous flag symbol, the Maple Leaf. Apparently One in five said they would consider getting a tattoo of it somewhere on their body. This was heightened in the under 55's and strongest in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.From my years in Canada I recognise the red leaf as a distinct Canadian symbol. Like Canadas image it appears non-offensive, does not symbolise war or oppression and looks far cooler than most flags. It's a lucky piece of branding for a country to have!The years of people saying things good about Canada and celebrating the leaf must be rubbing off if the results of this survey are to be believed.As a non-Canadian I like the symbol too and like that Canadians don't feel bad displaying it and are ever more interested in going beyond using it just as a flag. Of course if you are not careful nationalism can go too far the wrong way but I think as a whole that is a long way off.Interestingly the maple tree where the symbol comes from only grows in Eastern Canada but the West seem to love it just as much!More details of other findings from the survey, including where Canadians rate Poutine as a national food and what they think of Beavers, can be read  in this article over at MSN.Are you Canadian, how do you relate to your national symbols and patriotism? Do you see a problem with it and would you prefer the old more humble Canadian style to be on the rise instead?Republished from The Random Forest.[...]

World's fastest skateboarder reaches 80mph


World's fastest skateboarder reaches 80mph - Mischo Erban broke the current land speed record on a skateboard by quite an astounding amount recently in Quebec, Canada and says he didn't even feel challenged.

World's fastest skateboarder reaches 80mph

According to the story from Digital Spy 28-year old Mischo Erban reached 130kph which broke the current record by a massive 16kph.
The record success took place in Quebec on a road they call locally "the landslide".
He seemed relaxed and of the event said "I came to the hill thinking I would be scared but at the end it was just a game. I didn't really even feel challenged.", he also joked that he will double his speed if someone builds the right road.
Check out the crazy video of the record breaker below:
Wow, just wow!
Story details sourced from Digital Spy.

Story republished from:

Scissors, Paper, Stone: unbeatable robot wins every hand


Scissors, Paper, Stone: unbeatable robot wins every hand - Stone, Paper, Scissors is a classic that some people have an inherent, almost telepathic way of winning! Of course it probably comes down to reaction time and also character judging so how can it be possible that the very human game has been infiltrated by an unbeatable robot?

Scissors, Paper, Stone: unbeatable robot wins every hand

The Japanese robot is a cheat! It simply recognises the hand gesture and responds according. It only takes one milisecond too recognise so the reaction is pretty much impossible to spot. Of course the current application of the robot is a little fun but it's implications could be far reaching. Check it out in the video below.
Amazing, eh?
Now the uses of such a gesture recognition system could be anywhere from medical to transportation to home help. Just think a gesture based walking robot could give new leg life to amputees again. It could be used as a braking system in cars or even for automated driving improvements.
What applications can you think up?

Story republished from:

WTA to install Grunt-O-Meter


WTA to install Grunt-O-Meter - Grunting of mostly female tennis players has been annoying spectators so much that apparently the WTA is considering a 3-step plan to bring the noise levels down.WTA to install Grunt-O-Meter WTA to install Grunt-O-MeterWatch any Tennis match and the players will make a noise when the hit the ball. Women are often pointed out for their loud and shrill grunts on contact, particularily the likes of Maria Sharapova amongst many. Many Male players also have loud grunts.Apparently spectators have been complaining and the World Tennis Association has a plan.According to an article from USA Today the 3-part plan includes:• The development of a handheld device — a kind of Hawk-Eye for noise — for umpires to objectively measure on-court grunting levels.• A new rule setting acceptable and non-acceptable noise levels based on acoustical data gathering and analysis.• Education at large tennis academies, national development programs and at all levels of junior and lower-tier professional events.WTA chief executive and chairman Stacey Allaster stopped short of calling it a Grunt-o-Meter but we all know that it is!Now, what do I think?I don't know if you want to hear my opinion but I honestly don't see an issue with grunting. It's a physical game and physical exertion is often helped by exerting noise. I am sure many would not hit quite the same if they had to curb it.Sportspersons should be pretty much allowed to exhibit whatever quirks make them work hardest and curbing the grunt is a bad idea. Plus it's a character thing too!What do you think about the ideas proposed by the WTA?Story republished from:[...]

James Hackett assault and battery


James Hackett assault and battery - A man is being charged over allegedly throwing a carton of McDonalds fries at his 11-year old step daughter in a moment of anger.

James Hackett assault and battery

At first a charge seems a little over the top. The story goes that the family, James, his wife and step-daughter visited McDs and on the way home in the car the couple started arguing over money.
The 11-year old interjected and out of anger James threw the fries into the backseat where they hit the girl in the face.
Thinking about the incident a little more I see the charge a little more clearly if it happened that way. The fries have been described as hot and oily with potential to burn and the act itself was violent and maybe aimed at the child.

Lowell Sun: Man plans not-guilty in French fry assault

The Lowell Sun reported that James Hackett pleaded not guilty in district court. He is on bail on condition he goes no where near the girl.
More details can be found on The Smoking Gun.
What do you think? Is a charge harsh or should he be seriously reprimanded if it is decided events did happen like this?

Story republished from:

Anthony Davis trademark


Anthony Davis trademark - You gotta give it to Anthony Davis. His amazing basketball skills shown playing for the University of Kentucky were often equalled by remarks of his looks. His unibrow stole the show but despite advice he refused to get rid of it.

Anthony Davis trademark

Now Anthony is heading for the big time and gearing up for his first NBA draft. It's his chance to shine and show that all the brow mocking and pro-brow talk was worth it. He has trademarked his unibrow and is sure to cash in on the unique feature.
So, expect to see trademarked "Fear the Brow" merchandise popping up and see Anthony cashing in.
Good luck to him and his drafting.

Story republished from:

Romney billed 10000


Romney billed 10000 - A visit to Newport Beach, California isn't cheap it seems as Mitt Romney is facing a $10k bill after his recent campaign visit. Of course it is a drop in the ocean for the money he has raised so far.

Romney billed 10000

So why would a town bill someone bringing a big campaigning event to town? Well big events cost money and Mitt Romney was billed because of police officer overtime.
If you think this is a dig at the Republican's candidate then think again. When President Obama rolled into town it was reported "Newport Beach charges president 35000".
It seems Romney is edging ahead of Obama, at least in the fund raising stakes as it was said that he raised $76 million in May. I find that kind of sad in a world where that money could be going to some real use! In comparison Ron Paul only raised 1.78 million.
Romney billed 10000
Do you think the town should just be happy to have them in town?

Story republished from:

TSA grandfather ashes


TSA grandfather ashes - TSA workers are back in the news again after an alleged and very sad sounding disprespectful incident regarding a man carrying his grandfather's ashes.TSA spills grandpa ashes laugh TSA grandfather ashesJohn Gross says he was travelling on 19th June on a Express connecting flight to Newark and then onwards to his home Indianapolis when his bag was called for a bag check after going through an x-ray.He alleges that a TSA officer opened a small jar containing his grandfathers ashes and spilled around a quarter of them onto the floor. As he was frantically trying to mop them up he says the lady was laughing, not chuckling, laughing!Man wants TSA to apologize over ashes incidentThe TSA doesn't need anymore bad publicity so if this turns out to be true (although that could be hard to be 100% sure on) the employee should be seriously reprimanded. John Gross says he wants a formal apology from the TSA which I am sure we can all fully respect.The jar was marked Human Remains and should have been checked via an x-ray.In an article from Seattle Times John said:"I didn't want to cause a scene because I didn't want them to throw me off my flight or put me on the no-fly list," said Gross, 30, a restaurant manager. "It didn't really hit me until I got on the plane."And on talking to a lady on the number sympathetic TSA officials gave him:"She basically hung up on me because there was nothing she could do," Gross said. "I don't want anything. All I want is an apology. And I want to understand where they get off treating people like this."And on his grandpa:"My grandpa I'm sure is up there in heaven laughing about this. I'm wondering who stepped in his ashes and where they are now. Maybe a little bit made it to Cubs' stadium," Gross said. "You've got to laugh about it but when you get down to it, it's not a laughing matter."Story republished from:[...]

Stephanie Rice bikini


Stephanie Rice bikini controversy - Like much controversy these days it all started with a Tweet....
On 23rd June from her @ItsStephRice Twitter handle she tweeted:
"Thankyou to the Gorgeous @elliegonsalves for my birthday @veveswimwear bikini"
And this the image via Instagram.
Stephanie Rice bikini via Twitter / Instagram
The thing is I don't understand anything negative going around. It's her right to do this if she wants although some concerns were spreading over sponsorship issues but she isn't sponsored by Speedo anymore.
She is used to being in public with revealing clothing si I guess this doesn't bother her and that is absolutely fine and her choice.
What do you think?

Story republished from:



Rainbow Oreos - It seems the battle for Gay Rights has taken a step forward with a major product endorsing the cause and although causing controversy showing that being Gay is now becoming ever more ok in the mainstream.Rainbow OreosOreo is an all-American cookie, something that symbolises the America of the last 60 years and something that everyone has fond memories of growing up. The NaBisCo favorite has to be careful because it is a cookie, not a political statement however it seems that being gay is now ok enough for the corporation to support the Pride movement. I think this is awesome!So what happened?Kraft has produced an image on their Facebook page showing a rainbow colored layered Oreo in support of Gay Price. The image can be seen below. Rainbow OreosKraft have also said this is just the beginning of a line of support images from their brands coming this month.Of course the anti-gay lot are calling for an Oreo boycott now but many people are hailing Kraft for the move including me.Many are calling for the cookie to be made, sadly the image above is just photoshoped so they don't even have a prototype yet!You can go and like the image here.More details can be found in the story from Time.Story republished from:[...]

Impaled at WTC


Impaled at WTC - following 4 World Trade Center's celebration of it's final steel beam on Monday there has been a sad accident where a worker has dropped approximately 5 feet and impaled himself on a bit of metal.
Luckily for the worker he is expected to survive although he is in critical condition.
More details can be found in the Huffington Post.
Below you can see a rendering of what 4 World Trade Center is going to look like on completion, it's pretty impressive.
Image source from Wikipedia:

What makes a product cool?


What makes a product cool? - Some things just have it and some don't. We can all take a glance at a product and almost like an instinct decide if it is cool or not. Much of what makes cool is an illusion, a contextual decision we make based on what we feel is currently cool and what kind of cool we personally identify with.What makes a product cool?Corporations invest a huge amount of time and money studying trends and working out what is going to be perceived as cool. If 5" thick solid metal blocks were thought to be something people would think of as cool then the iPads of today may well have looked like that. You just need to peak back to the crazy 1980s to know that cool changes dramatically although saying that a large proportion of hip youngsters have now brought elements of the 80s back and decided they are now cool again. It's a hard thing to nail down.Form and functionThe two overriding factors are generally how the thing looks, which is ever changing things and how it functions which could be seen as a constant. It's a constant in the fact that a cool product will usually be one that fills a need or does something that nothing else can do. An iPad is cool because you can do all the basic things of a previously much larger device. You need no additional equipment such as  a mouse and it's read to use i seconds. The form works because it is streamlined and fits in any bag. Apple have rewritten the book on cool in many ways in recent years and other companies base much of what they release on how Apple's current line of products look.The function does not always have to be a need though. That can be attested to with items that litter shops like Urban Outfitters. They sell many retro-replica's and the function in that aspect is that these things can do something that old things used to do. An example being the low-grade copies of Russian communist cameras. These film cameras have red hues on the images and burned edges plus barely focus. In aspects of quality they are horrible but they are cool because they replicate something interesting of the past. Of course things like Instagram manage to use modern devices to produce the same thing, now that is a hybrid of cool!Demand is also another aspect of cool. If someone you think is cool has something then their cool passes onto that thing. They could like drinking a cheap supermarket wine because it's cheap and it doesn't make them sick. All their friends who look up at them may well start doing the same thing thinking it is a cool idea. That product gets caught in a wave and could become cool. This has already happened with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, a cheap beer that is drinkable and is now a hipster favorite.I can't nail what is cool but I like to think it's more function heavy for me. Of course like anyone I like a bit of Retro and reminding of things I loved as a kid. If I saw a Goonies T-shirt I would think that was cool, a homage is always cool!What do you think makes things and products cool?[...]

Lap Band Treatment In Houston


Looking for lap band houston?

If you are looking for lap band treatment and you live in the Woodlands, Conroe, Houston, Kingwood, and Spring, Texas areas then why not contact Dr. Richard Collier. Dr. Richard Collier is a specialist in Lap Band surgery and his surgery provides a premier procedures including comprehensive Lap-Band® a surgical weight loss program as an alternative to other more invasive treatments.

Dr. Richard Collier has 31 years of surgical experience. His procedures are acclaimed and he has a very well respected aftercare system.

My favorite seafood recipe


Choosing my favorite seafood recipe is hard work but I guess aside from simple baked fish I am going to go with shrimp rice salad.

The recipe is so simple and totally delicious.

It goes something like this.....

Get some nice quality fresh shrimps, a couple of hand fulls. Shell and fry them in a pan with some garlic and a little salt, the leave aside to cool completely.

Boil a pot of rice and rinse with cold water when cooked.

Chops some red and green peppers into small pieces and some green onions.

Mix the shrimp, rice, peppers and onions then add a handful of thawed garden peas.

Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.

Yum yum.

What do you think of this meal? How would you make it better? Do you think it would be a good contendor for the Great American Cook off?

I think it is very simple yet vert effective and pretty healthy.

What is your favorite domestic seafood recipe? I would love to know and may try it.


Where is your dream honeymoon?


I have no idea where I would go for the honeymoon of my dream!

There are so many amazing places I would love to go in this world. India, Africa, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand.... the list is endless.

But obviously the comfort and pure bliss of the Bahamas or Jamaica would be great.

I would enjoy sitting around eating and drinking exactly what I wanted when i wanted.... it does however have limited appeal and would be best for no more than two weeks.

Where would you go? What would you do?

Cheapest quality glasses I have seen...


This is a fantastic deal!! is offering great fantastic high quality glasses direct to the customer from an amazing $8

(image) is an online manufacturer and retailer of prescription glasses at absolutely awesome prices. On their website you will find a very large selection of stylish frames. They can come with single vision lens, sunsensor (potochromic)lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

The reason they can offer such cheap prices is because they offer their products direct to the you the customer. So go check them out now....

Do you wanna be Frugal?


I am making a conscious effort to be much more frugal in my life and it's a great thing once you get used to it.

Saving money can be very important especially with the scare of a very rough economical future coming up for many people.

So visit my site about living a frugal life and let me know what you think.



Fix Auto Body Shop


Fix Auto say that it is their job to remove the trouble and hassle that you have when you are involved in an accident.

They have an innovative simplified claims process with your insurance company, and say that their quality commitment coupled with the Fix Auto guarantee ensures your total peace of mind.

Anywhere you see their logo you know you will see quality.

So if you are looking for auto body irvine after an accident definitely check them out.You will not be unhappy with the results as everything is guaranteed.


My brand new animal blog


Hey everyone... probably been wondering where I have been (yeah right!).

The last few days have been a little busy with my new project.

I have been trying to find inspiration for a new niche blog for a long while now but have been having trouble. Then on Sunday morning I was looking over my stats. I realized that some of my most popular posts with my readers and the search engines were animal related.

So after searching for various names and racking my brains I came up with the most brilliant, clever, amazing name you could ever think for a blog related to animals.......

I present......


This blog is very new so I would appreciate some feedback on the design and the layout as well as any ideas for posts or what ever else you would like to see.

If this interests you then please take a trip over and subscribe.

PS: I want to start a 'Bloggers Pets' series so if you want to showcase your pet on my new blog then please let me know.

DVD rent online, an easy guide


There are many companies now offering online DVD rentall and they all pretty much have the same service. To rent a DVD online you really do not need to do much.

It works like this.

  1. You choose a plan which entitles you to either 1, 2 or 3 DVDs at a time

  2. You make a list of DVDs that you want to see

  3. You get sent either 1,2 or 3 DVDs from your list depending on your plan

  4. When you finish watching one, you pop it back in the free post envelope and send it back

  5. When they receive it back, they send you another DVD from your list

And so on...

It really is simple and totally brilliant.

So if you are looking for a company to rent your DVDs from then why not try GreenCine. They have all the hollywood greats, newest releases and a ton of great indie films. Use the link below for a free 10 day trial:

Free Shipping On DVD Rentals By Mail - 10 Day Trial at


Stock up on cards


One thing bad about me is that I alway forget birthdays. On the occasions when I do remember them I have often been plagued with being in a place where I cannot get to a place to purchase the birthday cards.

I have promised myself that I will be better this year and will be emailing my mum for a birthday list. My Mum is much better than me. She has cards on standby and in some cases buys personalized cards for certain individuals.

Mums just like mine could benefit from stocking up on line using a site like

It would be perfect to stock up on cards and have the ability to personalize the message and images so that people actually feel like you are getting cards from yourself personally. This sure would help me in many cases. You can use the cards for much more too, for family stationary with personal photos and whatever else you can think of. It can also work out much cheaper with prices working out at under $2.00 each, even with personalization.

I'm not a mum but I may benefit from stocking up on some too.

Looking through the great selection of images offered by Cards Direct I really liked the one below:

(image) I thought this image gave off a cool, high class feeling and would be perfect to suit my personality! I have no idea what message I would put inside.

What would you put inside? What kind of image would you pick?


Snowing again


Today is supposed to be a snow storm all fay. I still have not dared to look out into the world but there is supposed to be 20cm today.

I think that will take Montreal into record snow this year. I believe 197 is currently the wrost on history but I think it was much worse on a storm angle. This year has been pretty mild for storms, just lots of snow.

Being from England it still amazes me and sometimes I just have to stand and stare at it coming down.

Squidoo and Micro Niche Finder


I have just created my first lense on Squidoo.

I used a great new keyword search and comparison program called Micro Niche Finder.

Micro Niche Finder helped me indentify a niche keyword and write a short article about the ipod nano.

All I have to do now and see if it attracts any traffic and I will let you know if it works in a couple of weeks.