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Marketing agency owner, proud Father and loving husband. Section IX Champion Basketball Coach.

Updated: 2018-03-05T23:43:39.770-05:00


Charlottesville, Skinheads, White Supremacists, Trump and Idiocy


I'm having a lot of emotions about what took place in Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend. None of them are good or positive for the direction of the United States. The GOP rode a media whore, a second rate TV "star", and lifelong con artist to the White House to help advance their agenda -- of which they have no idea how to implement. The biggest problem is, Trump is a well documented

Too Soon? Facebook Already Changing GraphSearch Bar


Recently Facebook took the search world by storm launched GraphSearch, their supposed answer to Google's search dominance. You know, your friends know better than a collection of experts on a topic, right?  Facebook's GraphSearch has been, in a word, abysmal. The results are irrelevant or non-existent and, even worse, they can't find basic Facebook-specific content which forces you to Google it

Everything That's Wrong With Social Media in One GIF


I submit to the jury:

Companies Should Avoid "Socialteering"


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I've seen brands doing Like or retweeting promotions whereby they'll donate money to the Red Cross et al for each action followers and fans take. Don't. Please, don't. I'm calling this distasteful phenomenon "socialteering". Damaging your brand by trying to capitalize on a tragedy is tasteless. Just donate the damn money and tell your fans that you did. You'll

Fake Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers -- And the Implications for Brands


This post originally appeared on the Large Media blog. There's been a lot of talk about Twitter followers lately, including both presidential candidates, celebrities, musicians and the like utilizing services to game their numbers. Specifically, a lot of the "Top 10" have been found to have a substantial amount of fake followers, in some case to the point where 70% of their following is either

Understanding Ethical Blogger Relations


I can't believe I'm writing this post in 2012 but as recent events have come to light apparently some advice about ethical blogger relations needed to be published as a reminder of what it means work with bloggers the right way. And by "right way", I'm not even going to touch myriad of "Don't call me a Mommy" or ignoring Dads or other issues that come from not knowing the people or space you're

As Predicted, iOS Brings Twitter to the Masses


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo recently revealed some startling numbers about the microblogging service at Web 2.0 in San Francisco that will blow your mind. 250 million tweets are being generated each day, new user signups increased at a 3x rate thanks to integration with Apple's iOS, and 50% of their user base is publishing daily. That's sort of growth is incredible, and it was all made possible

Seven Mandatory Things To Do At SXSWi


I recently saw an infographic about 10 "awesome" things you should do at SXSWi and felt it was lacking several key ingredients of not only the conference but the Austin experience (side note: celebrity stalking is done much easier in LA and NYC with actual celebrities). With that, I present to you the 7 mandatory things you must do at SXSWi. And yes, all of them are legitimately worth doing. 1.

5 Tips for Running A Successful Agency


I was asked a great question by Lauren Wire on Twitter last night. She asked What type of agency did you like working in most? You like running your one now? And normally I would respond quickly but in this case it's a terrific opportunity to put more text than what fits into 140 characters to answer. Plus, I'm hoping others can relate or at least gain some knowledge from my experience.

So Close, Yet So Far Away: Foursquare's Super Swarm Sunday Promotion


This week Foursquare announced their new Super Swarm Sunday Superbowl promotion (Well, unofficial as the naming rights cost money) whereby checking in on Superbowl Sunday will get you $5 off at Pizza Hut. A few people on Twitter and Facebook were saying it was a great promotion, but after a few second analysis this falls under the category of "So Close (Yet So Far Away)". Here's why: After

Checking Out of Foursquare


I've been using Foursquare for several years now. For those unaware, it's a location based "game" whereby you use your phone's GPS to "check in" at locations; some are real, like a restaurant, and some are virtual, such as "Snowpocalypse". At first, it was exciting to see all of the early adopters you know from the Twitter- and Blogosphere checking in. A lot of people asked "What's the point?"

A Look At Facebook's Ponzi Scheme


I posted something yesterday on Twitter and on Facebook was favorited and Liked by senior executive at one of the world's largest retailers, an executive at a massive, global CPG and senior executives at agencies, respectively, so I'm going to repost it here to share it with you. A little background, first: A lot of folks in the industry had been creating fan hubs long before Facebook went from

Facebook's Changes Means Digital Agencies Should Thrive


Thursday the bomb was dropped at f8 that Facebook is going to be ditching the Like in favor of user actions and passive updates, meaning that when you engage with apps and have the "Add to Timeline" feature enabled it will automatically update your Timeline with what you're doing (for an example of this, check out the Washington Post Social app). It's mildly reminiscent of the auto-checkin app

Get Me To The Schmoo


Unfortunately this happens all too often at companies: We need to prove that social media delivers a return before we can invest budget in these sort of programs. Pretty chicken and egg, right? The fortunate part is that it's easily correctible; if you set up your social media programs and measurement properly you can determine the ROI.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Since it's Friday and everyone's talking about Hurrican Irene, I figured it'd be a good time to slip in some shameless self promotion for a few upcoming speaking gigs in New York City. You know, provided it's not flooded:September 16, 2011PRSA's T3PR: Theory, Tactics and Technology for High Tech Public RelationsNew York, NYTechnology Crisis. Digital Age.October 26, 2011ACI's Focus on Social Media

Facebook Use May Lead to Psychological Disorders in Teens


This Mashable article reminds me of the Gen Y "Make me famous" syndrome, where Jason Alexander once said:I once went to speak at a school, and there was a 16-year-old girl. And the girl says to me, "You know what? I don't care what I do, I just want to be famous."And I thought, you know, I should really just shoot her in the head because it would serve two things: It would make her famous as the

Great CEOs Are Born, Not Made


My capstone course in college was all about Leadership. Specifically, we spent the semester dissecting, discussing and debating what leadership is, what makes a great leader and finally submitting a thesis on whether or not people are born with leadership qualities or they can be learned. Much like when I started learning, thinking and applying word of mouth marketing techniques to my clients in

Classic: How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?


The same saying applies to web design too:via Damian Rintelmann

How Google+ Can Beat Facebook


So Google's putting out  new social network, or

Can Social Media ROI Be Determined? Yes. Just Don't Ask Fast Company.


I have to take major exception with this article, as those willing to  invest in measurement can put a return on their investment. I've preached this for a while now, but if a company like Audi wants to make a difference they need to create, support and empower their dealerships to pick up where the national halo campaigns leave off. That is, if they're actually willing to change what in the auto

Foursquare Announces 10 Million Users -- And Could Use a Lesson in Transparency


Today Foursquare announced that they've hit the 10 million user mark (insert Dr. Evil pinkie-to-mouth gesture here). They've even included a nifty, interactive "infographic" displaying all of the activity over the past few years. While it's a no doubt a milestone to celebrate, it's also a major head scratcher for those asking for a little openness about their metrics.The gist behind declaring a

5 Signs You're Dealing With A Social Media PromoSexual


“You talking loud, but you ain’t saying nuthin…” – The FugeesA single, former co-worker, Dad friend of mine posted a link on Facebook the other day that caught my attention and at first I thought it was about Social Media Celebrities. The blog post was really about the single urban professionals who on the surface are into being in a relationship but realistically they really aren't interested in

Someone Asked Me to Comment on Empire Avenue


It's the stock market of do-nothings. Next.

Why I'm Attending WOMMA's School of WOM


Five Essential Attributes of CEOs


As a leader I am a firm believer in continuous improvement, or the notion that today you will work to do something better than you did yesterday; never miss an opportunity to learn, consider everything a learning experience and never stop learning. The NYTimes has a great article that is an excerpt from the book "The Corner Office: Indispensable and Unexpected Lessons From CEOs on How to Lead and