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The best place to be for subsistence....

Sat, 2 Apr 2011 05:00:03 GMT

"robably the best place to be in this situation [economic collapse precipitated by peak oil and a changing climate] would be on a subsistence farm in a village in ub-aharan frica or someplace that's not much effected by what happens in the rest of the world. think most people don't realize how vulnerable we are. or example, the food supply in the average city in the nited tates, if it's not daily renewed, would run out in about 3 days. here's not much of a buffer there. he system can come apart pretty fast."

-ester rown, "he lanet's carcest esource is ime," arch 22, 2011.

Flute solo, Ocean, performed by Jonathan McCuen

Fri, 11 Mar 2011 06:23:37 GMT


his is a ative merican flute solo did in uly 2009 for onathan cuen.
don't believe it was ever released. o let's call it a collectors item. :)

title="ouube video player" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

Vacation/Retreat Summer Special Ojai, CA

Thu, 25 Jun 2009 13:13:10 GMT

ello friends,

hat an incredible summer it has been thus far at alliote anyon. ll of our
guests have been awed by the beauty here and several are already booking their

e are offering a special summer rate, though most of uly is already booked.
heck this out:
nd of ummer pecial
10% off 2-3 nights
$990 night (reg. $1100) 2-12 people/ 13+ $108 pp/pn
15% off 4+ nights
$935 night (reg. $1100) 2-12 people/ 13+ $102 pp/pn
plus 8% tax
$150 cleaning fee
children under 7 years stay free
$300-600 refundable damage deposit

end me an email at: info@calliotecanyon if you have any questions or want to
inquire about specific dates

n eace,

Nature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'

Fri, 10 Oct 2008 10:21:33 GMT

(image) ature loss 'dwarfs bank crisis'
y ichard lack
nvironment correspondent, ews website, arcelona

he global economy is losing more money from the disappearance of forests than through the current banking crisis, according to an -commissioned study.

t puts the annual cost of forest loss at between $2 trillion and $5 trillion.

he figure comes from adding the value of the various services that forests perform, such as providing clean water and absorbing carbon dioxide.

he study, headed by a eutsche ank economist, parallels the tern eview into the economics of climate change.

t has been discussed during many sessions here at the orld onservation ongress.

ome conservationists see it as a new way of persuading policymakers to fund nature protection rather than allowing the decline in ecosystems and species, highlighted in the release on onday of the ed ist of hreatened pecies, to continue. more >

Steve Reich Program in Ojai, CA June 5-8

Sat, 7 Jun 2008 11:48:12 GMT

(image) irst want to thank yler, founder of, for posting the opportunity and ina utierrez, the arketing irector of the jai usic estival, for allowing me to attend last nights concert at ibbey owl.

or me, particularly, it was a peak moment to listen to the music and meet the composer, teve eich, (eich bio: who has been an enduring force in my life for thirty years. t was his brilliance, his approach to rhythm and harmony that inspired and influenced me to go to conservatory and get degrees in voice and composition.

ast night teve eich returned to jai with his signature minimalist works of past and present; is new aniel ariations, a tribute to the late merican reporter aniel earl, was paired with his earlier known pieces ight ines, agoya arimbas and his unconventional our rgans.

e were treated to the remarkable talent of the ignal ontemporary nsemble conducted by rad ubman. (uite fun that ibbey owl borders ignal treet) ubman founded ignal along with cellist and co-artistic director auren adnofsky. hese young musicians, mostly between the ages of 27-33, brought to life eichs music and infused it with their own vigor and enthusiasm. hey are a force to be reckoned with. highly recommend you get yourself to ibbey owl sometime this weekend and immerse yourself in this transcendent program of magnificent music and musicianship.

hen say eich's music transcends something for me, 'm implying that his design and structure of sound affects our brain chemistry and can take us into non-ordinary states of consciousness. experience deep meditative states listening to the repetitive, percolating rhythms as they shift and change. his has always been the case for me with eich's music. more >

His, Her, Our Love Story

Wed, 28 Nov 2007 08:21:15 GMT

his is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, imple rilliance.

rom a dialogue on relationships

ow do you explain the unexplainable, the mysteries of the heart taking us by surprise?

have a very scientific mind and sometimes all can do is throw my hands up in the air and acquiesce that most of my existence is a great mystery. trust in ife, in the niverse and am very clear that we co-create, sometimes procreate with it.

here is always an opportunity for us to awaken, to heal. n essence know you know we are all ne; that separation is an illusion; that human-kind is a singular organism similar to a beehive and individuation psychologically is necessary to function in physical reality. hen it comes to neness, we have simply forgotten. et, here in physical reality, if we choose to ignore the nature of the multi-verse, our his/herstories get pushed to the forefront as our personalities try to stay in control in an uncontrollable reality. e are a reflection of chaos self-organizing itself. y fears, your fears (based on our stories, our past experience, and the conclusions we have drawn and worldviews we have adopted from our fear based lives) are what keep us from knowing ove. hat are we afraid of? eing alone, vanishing in the immensity that ove is, losing our sense of self, taking responsibility for the truth that we can never possess or control another, the realization that when we try we to control others we also wound ourselves as well. or many people, once this is realized there is no turning back, from ruth that is, from the knowing that freedom is found when we understand, accept and embrace our fears. e were born as ecstatic, joyful entities. oy has never left us. e have simply distracted ourselves by believing in our story and believing we are powerless to change it.
more >

How the Food Industry is Deceiving You

Wed, 12 Sep 2007 23:01:46 GMT

his terrific online five-part video series by eter ennings explores how the food industry spends billions of dollars to sabotage your health.

ennings also takes a critical look at our government's agricultural subsidy programs, and their unintended consequences on your nutritional choices and health. or example, sugar and fat receive 20 times more government farming subsidies than fruits and vegetables. oes this oversupply of fats and sugars, compared to fruits and vegetables, affect your food choices?

ome statistics, implicating both the food industry and the government as co-creating factors in the obesity epidemic, include:

* n 2002, consumers spent $174 billion on processed foods.
* 90 percent of foods marketed each year are processed foods.
* ast year, 2,800 new candies, desserts, ice-cream, and snacks were introduced to the marketplace, compared to 230 new fruits or vegetable products.
* he food industry spends $34 billion per year marketing their products.
* $12 billion is spent marketing to children.

he food industry is quick to point out that the choice is always yours -- they're not making you buy something you don't want. hey also want to blame the obesity problem on people's unwillingness to exercise.

BUilding Straw Houses from flax to hemp

Sat, 18 Aug 2007 02:17:58 GMT

uilding straw houses; rom flax to hemp, researchers tout merits of bio-construction

y ennifer ritchett
he hig-tandard - ingston, , anada
ugust 17, 2007

ocal ews - uelled by a growing demand for environmentally friendly buildings, hemp, wheat, flax and other grains are now being touted as emerging raw materials in the construction industry.

he merits of these so-called "biofibres" and their applications in anada, the nited ingdom and other parts of the world was the basis of an international symposium that wrapped up in ingston yesterday.

helagh conald, executive director of the astern ake ntario egional nnovation etwork, which organized the event, said the symposium brought together the researchers and industry leaders who are using biofibres to foster new developments.

" know there are going to be some collaborations that will spark as a result of bringing people together," she told the hig-tandard.

he astern ake ntario nnovation etwork, partially funded by the province, promotes the bioproduct, biomedical and bioenergy industries.

he symposium attracted about 100 participants from anada, the nited tates, frica and the nited ingdom.

articipants in the symposium toured a hemp experimental farm near elleville on ednesday.

ver the two-day conference, a handful of guest speakers tackled topics such as using biofibres in the construction industry and combusting the material to turn it into green energy.

more >

Ultimate green machine: a car made of hemp

Sun, 15 Jul 2007 19:07:57 GMT

rom he unday ondon imes

uly 15, 2007

ltimate green machine: a car made of hemp

onathan eake nvironment ditor

buyers who suspect they have parted with money for old rope may soon be right. inisters are to spend more than 500,000 in an attempt to develop the worlds first recyclable vehicle made from hemp.

deal between efra, the environment department, ord, the car manufacturer, and emcore, which grows plants closely related to the ones that produce cannabis, could see hemp being used as the basis for a wide range of components.

he fibrous qualities of their stalks means they can be used to make clothes, paper and ropes.

efras funding is being used to create new materials based on fibres from hemp and other plants such as flax and willow, to replace metals and oil-based plastics. he fibres are blended with polypropylene and the resulting mixture can then be moulded into whatever shape is required.

he hope is to make car manufacture more sustainable. uch materials would be easy to recycle for use in successive generations of vehicles.

e hope this could become a sustainable way of replacing metals, glass fibre and plastic in making new cars, said obert est of inetiq, the technology development firm that is overseeing the project.

he most likely first use for hemp-based components is as a replacement for internal components such as mouldings and plastics. ests team has already designed a pedal assembly that could replace the traditional metal accelerator, brake and clutch pedals. s the technology advances it could also be used to replace body panels and larger components.

atural fibres offer many technical and environmental attractions, said a efra spokesman. hey have high strength and stiffness, low raw material and energy costs and the potential for very low environmental impact.

rowing hemp is strictly controlled because of the association with drug use. owever, emcore now has licences for 3,000 hectares of industrial hemp, a plant with minimal drug content, from which the fibres will be extracted. t processes the plants at its factory in ssex.

arly estimates suggest that hemp-based materials could replace up to 100kg of other plastics, metals and resins within the average car. ince hemp produces about two tonnes of fibre per hectare, each hectare could grow enough for 20 cars.

more >

South Dakota Farmer Struggles To Grow Hemp

Mon, 2 Jul 2007 23:45:00 GMT

(image) .. armer truggles o row emp
y het rokaw, ssociated ress riter
ress & akotan - ankton,

uly 2, 2007

-- lex hite lume hoped his extended family could make a good living growing hemp when he first planted seeds on the ine idge ndian eservation in southwest outh akota, but years of fighting with federal drug officials have left him in financial trouble.

he hite lume family planted hemp for three years from 2000 through 2002, but they never harvested a crop. ederal agents conducted raids and cut down the plants each year because .. law considers hemp, a cousin of marijuana, to be a drug even though it contains only a trace of the drug in marijuana.

"e had all these plans of grandeur and independence, to lead the way with industrial hemp," hite lume said. "one of it worked out."

hite lume plans to sell much of his ranching operation this fall. e said he probably can keep his house and at least some of his buffalo that graze among the pine-dotted ridges that give the reservation its name. is horses, a truck with license plates reading "," and other equipment likely will be sold to pay off some of his debts.

he lex hite lume story & pictorial

and click here to finish this article more >