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E-Learning Queen

E-Learning Queen focuses on distance training and education, from instructional design to e-learning and mobile solutions, and pays attention to psychological, social, and cultural factors. The edublog emphasizes real-world e-learning issues and appropria

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Aerial Robotics Beyond Drones: Interview with Bob Dahlstrom, Innovators Series


We tend to think of drones as the only kinds of aerial robots, but Apellix has developed an aerial robot that can be used to deliver products instead of simply sensing or collecting images. Welcome to an interview with Bob Dahlstrom, CEO and founder of Apellix, a dynamic, new aerial robotics company. 1.  What is your name and your relation to innovation and robotics?  Bob Dahlstrom – Growing up

Rochelle Owens: Fragmentations and Unifications of Vision


Rochelle Owens has made a name for herself for her avant-garde plays and her poetry which take the reader into uncomfortable territory of taboo, flesh, violation, body fluids, and life.  The graphic nature of her imagery has been the “shiny object” that generally captures the critic’s attention, and unfortunately the sometimes shocking nature sometimes blinds them to the work’s philosophical

Interview with Raylene Whitford, Canative Energy. Innovators and Visionaries Series


Improving the lives of indigenous peoples, establishing economic development programs, linking native peoples across country boundaries, and launching environmental restoration efforts are just a few of the projects launched by Canative Energy's Proyecto Fenix in Ecuador. Welcome to an interview with Raylene Whitford, head of Canative Energy in Ecuador. 1.  What is your name and your background?

Interview with David Scherrer, Arcademics Multi-player Edu-Gaming. Innovators in E-Learning Series


Game-based e-learning continues to boom as students respond with true engagement and high scores. Welcome to an interview with David Scherrer, founder of Arcademics, a leader in multiplayer edu-gaming. 1.  What is your name and your relation to e-learning? I’m David Scherrer, owner of – the leader in multiplayer edu-gaming. I’m passionate about using e-learning games as a

The Victorians’ Opioid Epidemic


The Victorians had an opioid epidemic at home. They caused an opium epidemic in China. And, they spawned destructive mono-economies in India and Afghanistan, corruption in the ports, and vast networks of shipping, financing, and service companies all founded on the medicinal properties, but above all, the miraculously addictive properties of opium. Victorians of the British Empire had their own

Strategies for Repurposing Content to Build High-Value Online Educational Offerings


"Fernando has something he wants you to take a look at," said my dad. He gestured toward the third drawer in the dresser drawer where he kept maps, pencils, geological reports, notepads, envelopes and stamps. He and Fernando shared a fascination with treasure hunting. So, I had a feeling it might have something to do with buried treasure, but I was not

New Certification and Micro-Credentialing


In 2016 and continuing through the summer of 2017, a number of universities offering either a traditional face-to-face 2-year MBA, or an executive MBA, began confirming what many observed: enrollments started to drop, and students and employers commented that the cost had risen too high. Students and employers could not justify the cost due to a lack of return on investment. People are turning

The Russian Horror Film, "The Bride" (2017) Does Not Disappoint


I recently saw the Russian horror film, The Bride (Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy, 2017).  The film is often listed as HEBECTA (pronounced Nevestia – which means “The Bride” or “The Fiancee”). Any good horror film worth its salt is subversive. This film reminded me of that. Okay, to start, let me make a confession. I’m not a fan of horror films. In fact, I would say that I avoid them whenever I

Free Canvas Tutorials for Instructors and Designers


Canvas is a virtual learning environment and also a learning management system that makes it easy to collaborate through its incorporation of Google Apps. Free Canvas Tutorials Playlist It is also ideal for individuals who would like to offer their own course, since individual accounts are free. The flexibility of Canvas has made it the LMS of choice for MOOCs, and many universities are

Drones and UAV Software


Software for drones and UAVs cover a wide spectrum of possibilities. They range from very basic cloud-based applications that you download onto your smartphone or tablet, to extremely sophisticated programs that will allow you to work with all kinds of data from many sources, including photogrammetry, thermal, hyperspectral, multispectral, laser, and more. Some programs and packages have a steep

Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Thou Art the Man: Sensation, Epilepsy, Genetic Determinism, and Feminine Spunk


For the podcast, click here: Mary Elizabeth Braddon (1837-1915) is known for her sensation novels – novels written for all levels of Victorian readers, randing from those grabbing a cheap book bound in yellow covers and sold in railway stations to those who read work serialized in popular magazines (one of which she founded and ran).  Her novels explored