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Preview: Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Updated: 2014-10-02T22:19:11.886-07:00


Top Ten Social Bookmarking Sites


Top Ten Social Bookmarking Sites
When it comes to finding great and notsogreat content on the Internet social bookmarking sites are the primary way to do it
By (S. Thompson) for Most Recent All Categories - Associated Content

How To Make Your Web Site Work For You


How To Make Your Web Site Work For You
You have a web site.Perhaps it was developed internally by you or by one of your own people.
About the Author
Dave Abernethy for Info-Articles Recent Marketing Articles

Why Do People Need Web Sites?


Why Do People Need Web Sites?
Web sites are not only for the big businesses. Everybody, who has some ideas and wants to share them with others, in order to approve himself or something like that, can get a place on a free server.

About The Author

Anna Ryaskova is a copywriter of - Web Design Directory and - Cheap Web Hosting Directory.

Search Engine Optimization Tips are Quite Helpful for Everyone


Search Engine Optimization Tips are Quite Helpful for Everyone
Search engine optimization is an important source of knowledge for those who are beginners in the field of search engine optimization
About the Author
Steve Waganer is an SEO specialist who works for Comet Search Engine Marketing. Steve knows what needs to be done to take your site to the top. provides Search Engine Marketing, pay per click, affiliate marketing to help online business earn profit.

Build Traffic Using Search Engines


Build Traffic Using Search Engines
A search engine can be a Web site’s best friend. A listing near the top of Yahoo or Google could bring more eyeballs to your site than e-mail, banner ads, print media, and even television ads. And the best part is, search engines don’t cost you a dime.

Social Bookmarking-Alternative Ways to Get More Traffic For A Site


Social bookmarking is the alternate ways to get more traffic for a site. It is a powerful tool because it will help get more traffic , back links fora site and be familiar to the social bookmarking groups.It is the popular way to store and to share links through the Internet.Many social bookmarking services allow users to subscribe to web feeds based on tags, or collections of tag terms. This allows subscriber to become aware of new resources for a given topic .It is the tools to use along with search engine optimization to make their website visible. The more a web page is submitted and tagged, the more chances it has of being found.

Here's the list of social bookmarking sites that will surely help with your site.

Digg. - This is the best social bookmarking site .This is the technology website that combines social bookmarking, blogging and RSS. With digg users submit stories for review and the editor
to decide which stories go on the homepage. It keep links to your favorite articles, blogs, music and more on and access them
from any computer on the web, share favorite with friends.

Listible. This is the technology website that can add links of your products and services and share links with friends.

Technorati. This is the authority on what's is going on the world of web blogs. This is the site that combines social bookmarking, tagging, and blogging.

There is a lot of social bookmarking sites or web page bookmarks specialized to specific subject or format . It has more recently inspired the successful news or articles of the specific topic or category.

Guinanie Almonte is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO)for more Details of my work please visit us,

Why You Need to Learn About Search Engine Optimization


Why You Need to Learn About Search Engine Optimization
Tips in learning about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) is fast becoming a must-have body of knowledge for business owners.
About the Author
Anita Campbell is a writer, speaker and radio talk show host who closely follows trends in the small business market at her site, Small Business Trends.

Link Building For Effective Search Engine Optimization


Link Building For Effective Search Engine Optimization
A quality backlink pointing to your site should be in the same category and relevant in content to your website.
About the Author:

James Day

Web Site Design and Choosing the Right Web Design Company


Web Site Design and Choosing the Right Web Design Company
This article tells on how do you choose a quality web design company that will understand your companies’ objective for designing or redesigning this web site.
About the Author
Shawn Hickman is the Internet Marketing Manager for Web Solutions of America a web design company based out of Orlando, Florida. Visit our site at

Essential Tips On How To Become An SEO Expert


Essential Tips On How To Become An SEO Expert
You don't need to hire sometime to do any search engine optimization (SEO) work for you. This article outlines the essential tips that you can use so that you can become an SEO expert and quickly increase your website ranking on search engines.
About the Author:
John Hopkins, SEO Expert

10 Copywriting Tips for SEO and PPC


10 Copywriting Tips for SEO and PPC
This article provides helpful information for any copywriter trying to adjust to working with an SEO/SEM agency.
About the Author:
Cooper Murphy Webb are a copywriting company that provide seo copywriting services and website copywriting services.

Press Release as a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool


Press release is a news statement created for a company, person, event or product. It seeks to show to a particular editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a subject. Some press releases are created by a PR firm for other company while most of them are made by a company itself who wants to promote something. Press release has been used as a marketing tool for a long time. We frequently read various reports about a company that offers new services or products or an actress promoting her new line of beauty products. These are all press releases. Press release had been a great help to businesses today.

One benefit of creating a top-notch press release is credibility. An article initiated by publicity efforts is viewed as the product of the reporter who wrote it - an objective, third-party observer whose positive comments about your business will carry great weight. Press release is not annoying to read, unlike traditional advertising that most people are very sick of. The major advantage of a press release over the traditional advertising is the cost. Advertising space costs money, but the press release is almost free. The best way of learning to write a top-notch press release is simply to read top-notch press release. In this way, you can gather the essential points in making a good one.

About the Author

Glenn Evan Comanda, SEO Specialist

Key Points to Consider in Choosing Web Design and Development Company


You had been brainstorming about your plan to build a web site. An e-commerce site, you have completed your feasibility study about the business and fully convinced to sell basic commodities as your products for your local market. At first, you had thought of building it by yourself because it seems to be a minor work to do. Made your feasibility study by yourself, you are confident that you can do this one, to design and develop your web site. But as days passed by, you have come to realized that it is not that easy at all. In those moment of realization, you suddenly felt a little bit pressured because you had scheduled to have done the site for at least a month. But unfortunately for you, a couple of weeks had passed by and it seems that all you had done is nothing. You decided to outsource the work because someone told you that it is cheaper to do so. Most of the entrepreneurs had experienced these situation when they first started their business online. There are lot of web design and development companies that would offer you the same services. Most of them will claim that they are one of the best. But for you, as a beginner in this virtual world of Internet. You cannot decide which is which because you don't know what are the key points you should be looking for in a company that would be classified as a trusted and reliable. Well, I might not be able to detail all in this article the key points that you'll be looking into a company, but at least, I will be giving you the most important points that a good company should have. Here they are; Look for the company's experience Probably the most important one to look at. Good company had enough experience to handle properly the projects that they received from their clients. Some of the manifestations are the existing testimonials of satisfied clients and samples of accomplished works. Competitive Rate After knowing that the company have enough experience to handle your project, be sure to consider the company's service rates if it fits your budget. But don't you worry, outsourced projects are definitely cheaper because some outsourcing companies are from Asia, which has a low minimum wage than USA or other countries yet same quality results. I would suggest that you negotiate as much as possible regarding the service rates. Staffs Be sure that the your prospected company have enough staff to handle the workload of your project. Building an e-commerce site from design up to optimization requires a lot of staff. Be sure that they will give you a daily report about the daily tasks. Customer Mentality Observe how they communicate with you. They must explain to you, in simple term all the details of the project, most importantly the terms of billing. Notice also the way they treat customers. Good customer service is a sign of a good and reliable company. Customers should be their number one priority when it comes to business. You can also tell if a company has a certain degree of professionalism if they treat you well. Range of Solutions Last, but not the least, pick a company that offers you a total and complete solution to all your needs as far as web site is concern. This will definitely help to cut your expenses since you would be dealing only to one company, thus, you have the benefit of having certain discounts.About the AuthorGlenn Evan Comanda, SEO Specialist[...]

Web Site Design and Development Company Versus a Freelancer


If you are planning to have your own website, you might have thought of hiring a freelancer to do the project, mainly because of a much cheaper rate. Perhaps hiring a legitimate company can cost you extra bucks, but doing so can save you in the long run. There are many reasons why majority of the freelanced works lack quality. One would say that freelancer just can't organize his work properly because he has the luxury of time. To tell you the truth, it is actually true and there's a lot more reason not to pick a freelancer to work on your projects.

Freelancer's working schedules are not fixed and unmanaged, therefore, the reporting of the status of the project might be jeopardized, unlike to a dedicated company where staffs are managed well by a superior. Freelancers seldom use a high speed Internet connection and most of the time has no back up system due primarily to the lack of enough capitalization. Due to these reasons, most of the projects done by a freelancer fail in the long run and lacked the quality that is expected by a client.

Glenn Evan Comanda, SEO Specialist

Why Every Company Need to have a Website?


Everyone lives in a fast pace and so are business transactions. Chances are your company is already benefiting from e-commerce. What?! Your company doesn't have a site yet? Well, your company had probably lost some profits because of that. Establishing an Internet presence will boost your company's business as well as profit. Building a site that features your company's products or services will give you certain advantages over your competitors.

Broader market reach is one of the most important benefits of having a company site. You can even cater the international market if your company would set that target. Low cost advertisement would be the second one. Advertising virtually is much cheaper than traditional advertising. Faster and easier transaction would be the third. Actually, there are lots of benefits that await from a company who is planning of having an Internet presence. Mentioning a few I think is enough for you to plan your own company site. You'll learn more about it once you have one.

Glenn Evan Comanda, SEO for WebWorksfirst, For more details of his work, please visit

Little Known SEO Factors that could Make the Difference


All decent webmasters know about Title Tags, Anchor Texts, and quality content. If in case you've done everything you can in your attempt to propel your site on top of SERPs and still ended up below your competition, here are some little known ranking factors that just might give you that slight boost you need.

Aside from your navigational menu, link internally inside the body of your website with relevant anchor text. Tag important links with Hx, Bold, and the likes. Don't forget your sitemap, and make sure there's a link to it on every page. Also, make sure to create a 404 Error Page, preferably with your sitemap below. These often overlooked factors are rather small, but in the world of internet marketing, every edge counts.

About the Author:
RJ Cruz, SEO Specialist

Why company needs an SEO?


Most of the web traffic is driven by the three commercial search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. If you have a site that cannot found by search engines or your content cannot put in their databases, then you miss out the great opportunities available to your website provided via search engines. Whether your site is providing services, products and information, a search engine is the primary method of navigation for all Internet user's.

In search queries, where the term or phrases of the users is being typed in a search box can give a result to your site or can carry an extraordinary value. Because finding right visitors to website can provide publicity, revenue and exposure like no other than. So, investing in SEO through time and money, can have an exceptional rate of return for your business.

About the author:
Arnold Aridedon, SEO for WickedInnovation,
For more details of his work, please visit

Blog – A Powerful Marketing Tool


If you are frequently surfing the Net, you may have heard about blogs. Blogs are like newsletters, they are frequently updated mainly for general public usage. Some people are making money from blogging. Mostly, they create blogs posts some products for sale and the likes. Others simply express themselves by writing some articles about their own lives and interesting experiences. But do you know that blogs are a powerful tool in marketing a website?

More and more companies now are creating blogs so as to improve their site's search engine rankings and boost traffic. The main reason is that blogs, are constantly updated. They are a source of fresh contents for your site, in which, well loved by search engine's crawler. Most company blogs are made up of articles that will be attractive to surfer's attention. Mostly, surfers even bookmark the blog because they want to see updates in the future. By optimizing your blog properly and submitting it to different blog directories as well as updating it regularly, you should be expecting an increase in your site's traffic and eventually, profit.

About the author:
Glenn Evan Comanda, SEO for WebWorksfirst,
For more details of his work, please visit

Tips In Promoting a Website


Most of the companies today want to establish their business online. And the Internet Solution Company can help advertise and assist in every way possible to get the best Internet Solution for the company's website. They are looking on the form of online marketing strategies called “website promotion”. It is a strategy that makes your website visible to the Internet. It is an effective way of getting good search engine ranking position in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

If you to have asked yourself “how do I go about promoting website online?” Here are the ways on how to advertise site online.

First, if you are launching a new site, your first step is to submit your site to search engine such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search engine submission process is also a way to get exposure on the web.

Second, is submitting your site to Web Directories. It is the form of website promotion that will submit site through directories that are categorized by topics.

Third, is through Banner Advertisement, this is a website promotion that consists of placing banner ads that usually scroll bar at the top of the web page. In creating banner advertisement; make sure you understand who you're targeting, the goal of your campaign, and how to creatively use the ad confines to get viewers to click on your ad, not away from it.

Fourth, Search engine optimization that refers to search engine position and placement, a concept whereby you improve your sites design and content to achieve higher ranking search engine. The use of keywords is the important element to achieved high search engine ranking and best described the web page. In search engine you must use keywords that are related to the website and most frequently used by the target audience.

Lastly, is through Link building, it is a website promotion that helps search engine ranking. This is the link that appears as anchor text of inbound links for the website. There are three form of Link Building. This are through - one way links, reciprocal links, and three-way linking. One way link is the way of endorsing the site through discussion forum that you can share expertise to other. Get active in online discussion groups and always include your URL in your signature. Another is through Article writing .The articles is used to get a link back to the site and it recognize of being an expert in that topic. Link Exchange is a complementary or competitor site that is related. It is your own link exchange by asking sites complementary to yours and to put your link on their pages and you'll do likewise. It is the number of links pointing to the particular site that will increase traffic. Three-way linking requires at least one person in the trade of two websites. It has different domains and preferably should be hosted in different IP Address. They get traffic between the sites, and the two websites get full benefit of the inbound links.

This is the effective marketing tools for companies expanding their web promotion. In implementing internet marketing strategy you’ll be amazed of your effort. It gives you the opportunity to expose your business to World Wide Web.

Guinanie Almonte is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist more Details of my work please visit us,

Process on Optimizing your Site through Keywords


There are a lot of things to analyze on your site before you start optimizing your site. Such things are your site overview, nature of business, home page, site dimension and number of pages, product/services categories, page rank and indexed pages for major search engines, link popularity, and a lot more. After that you will go to your onpage and offpage optimization. Analyze your site and think of a generic word that best fits for your web site. Choosing the right keywords is a strategy for better search engine positioning Analyze your business carefully and think of all the words that relate to your company or product. Most techniques to improve your search engine rankings have one thing in common -- Keywords. Choosing appropriate keywords is very important. Keywords are what lead search engine users to your site.That word will act as your major keyword for your site. Then find a keyword tool that will help you generate keywords for your site. There are lots of keyword tools like Type in the major keyword that you had thought of and it’ll list all related keywords that you can use. On the tool you’ll see the number of counts your keyword has been searched. Person new on search engine optimization might use the keyword with a lot of counts (I, sure did that before) immediately but SEO experts says that Do NOT use it for a start as keyword searched as many times will just give you a lot of competition and give your site less probability in regards to your visitors. So it is best to start with keywords with a little rivalry. Get some traffic with those keywords and eventually focus on the major keywords. Examine those sites ranked from 1-10 on the keywords you chose to use in optimizing your site. Check everything about the site that is ranked highly on the search engine. Its URL, see if it is the top level webpage or it is the index page of the site as if it is not you can have a great chance to improve your index page for the target keyword and have a better placement in the SERP’s. Sites page rank. Page rank is Google’s way of giving specific value to how popular your website is. It is based on the number of links you have pointing to your website. Then check their page source, see if their actually optimizing their site for some onpage optimization factors. Factors such as title tag, check if they use the keyword on their title tag which is one of the main reasons why a site is rank well on search engine. Header tags are used to separate topics and range from h1 being very large and bold and h6 which is very small and bold, it should contain your most important keyword or keyword phrases to assist you in ranking higher on Search Engines. Image alt tags are words that will be displayed in place of your image through an older browser or when your visitors have their image turned off, insert a readable keyword phrase within the alt tags of your image and it’ll help you on your rankings. And on the main content if they use the keyword on the beginning and at the end of the page, also whether or not they’ve bolded, underlined, or italicized the keywords on that page. By continuing this process on other keywords that you’ve chose you will have an improved ranking on SERPs.About the author:Kristine Joy Francisco, SEO for ProAdultOutsourcing, the best choice for your professional web design and other web development needs, for more information visit[...]

Website Planning / Setting up a Website / Developing a Website


A website is a collection of information about a particular subject. Designing a website is defined as the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a website. It consists of information for which the website is developed. For example, a website might be compared to a book, where each page of the book is a web page.

Before creating and uploading a website, it is important to take the time to plan exactly what is needed in the website. The important elements in creating a successful web site is thoroughly considering your target market, as well as defining the purpose and lastly the content.


The goal or intended outcome of something. It is important to define the purpose of the website as one of the first steps in the planning process. A clearly defined purpose will help the rest of the planning process. Setting short and long term goals for the website will define more the purpose and plan for the future in terms of expansion, modification, and improvement will take place.


It is an advantage to test the content and purpose on a focus group and compare the offerings to the audience needs. The next step in the process is categorizing the content and organizing it according to user needs. Collecting a list of the necessary content then organizing it according to the audience's needs is a key step in website planning.

About the Author:

Catherine Riya Estrada, 21, Preoccupation: Writing, painting, watching movies, traveling.

Best Web design tips


Here are some key web design tips that every web site should follow. Design your web site by following these tips.

Clear Navigation - Once a visitor has come to your site you need to make them go through your site. To do this you need to have clear navigation. Let your information be accessible from all parts of the site. Make sure all your important links are at prominent places. Preferably right on top - that's usually where a visitor first looks. Make use of menus on the right and the left. Try to link to as many pages of your site.

Check for broken links - Always check for broken links within a site before uploading it to your web server. In Dreamweaver, you can check for broken links by right clicking on any file in the Site Files Window and then clicking on Check links - Entire Site.

Readable and professional fonts - Just by looking at the font you feel that the site is not a professional site. Don't use Comic Sans and other fancy fonts that may not be available on most computers. If the font you use is not available in a visitors computer the web site will use the default font of your computer which is much worse. So try to keep to common and professional web fonts.

Minimize the use of excessive images - Keeping your site simple but neat. I believe that sometimes simple designs are the most effective for the web. Use tables creatively and design eye - catching icons that will draw a visitor's attention to a particular section of your site.

Browser Compatibility - Make sure your site is browser compatible. Don't stop designing your site as soon as you find that it looks great.

About the Author:

Catherine Riya Estrada, 21, Preoccupation: Writing, painting, watching movies, traveling.

Keyword Success


Choosing the right keywords is a strategy for better search engine positioning. Analyze your business carefully and think of all the words that relate to your company or product. Most techniques to improve your search engine rankings have one thing in common -- Keywords. Choosing appropriate keywords is very important. Keywords are what lead search engine users to your site.

Effective complement to both search engine optimization and targeted direct marketing campaigns, keyword programs are a highly cost-efficient method of capturing measurable response from prospects actively seeking information on your particular category of product or service.

Here is a list of search engine keyword tips that will help you when you describe your products:

Make each page for a particular keyword phrase. If you want to have a good ranking on, you should have a new page for each.

Instead of using words like "it, this, that, item" use the actual search engine keyword throughout your article.

Make sure that the key phrase is in the title of your document and that the title matches what the document is about.

Test as many search terms as possible Sometimes, the words or phrases that become top-performers are what you expected all along, often they're not. Measure performance after a couple of weeks and add variations on the terms that are performing best. At their most effective, keyword programs require a constant process of monitoring, testing, and refining.

About the Author:

Catherine Riya Estrada, 21, Preoccupation: Writing, painting, watching movies, traveling.

Keyword Analysis helps you on improving sales


Creating a site is a choice that you have to be responsible with. Businesses nowadays use sites as one way of promoting their product and services. Sites cannot be known if you did not promote it and it will be useless for the business and site as well since promotion is one of the most important key success factors in every business.

Optimizing your site is one factor that can help your business boost its sales conversion. Analyze your keywords and keep in mind your goal or your target. Always keep in mind that keywords are an element that search engines could not live without since it plays an important role on your business. You should focus on the basics first and then extend your program. Decide on which keywords is more applicable for your business. Focusing on a General keyword will give you a lot of traffic but with less sign ups since there are lot of choices to choose from. As with Specific keyword it will give you much less visitors but with higher conversion while when you focus on a massive amount of specific keywords for each page of your site it will give you high number of visitors with higher conversion which will be more beneficial for your business.

Keyword analysis is only one part of improving your site. There are a lot of things that you should consider in making your site known and for your business reach success.

About the author:

Kristine Joy Francisco, SEO for ProAdultOutsourcing, the best choice for your professional web design and other web development needs, for more information visit