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Skewered pumpkins

Fri, 07 Mar 08 00:03:40 -0800

A team of researchers headed by J. Fraser Stoddart and Jeffrey I. Zink at the University of California-Los Angeles, has developed a nanovalve which operates in an aqueous environment and under physiological conditions.

Rounding up gases, nano-style

Fri, 01 Feb 08 00:08:10 -0800

A new process for catching gas from the environment and holding it indefinitely in molecular-sized containers has been developed by a team of University of Calgary researchers, who say it represents a novel method of gas storage that could yield benefits for capturing, storing and transporting gases more safely and efficiently. Paper published in current advanced online edition of Nature Materials.

UCLA scientist to present provost lecture on 'Nano Meccano' Oct. 7 at Science2005

Mon, 03 Oct 05 00:14:00 -0700

An internationally recognized pioneer in the field of supramolecular chemistry--the chemistry beyond the molecule--from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), will present the Provost Lecture at the University of Pittsburgh's fifth annual showcase of science and technology, Science2005: The New Research Ecology.