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Ecological responses of Stipa steppe in Inner Mongolia to experimentally increased temperature and precipitation 5: Synthesis and implications


Guozheng Hu, Zhiqiang Wan, Yali Chen, Luomeng Chao, Qingzhu Gao, Xuexia Wang, Jie Yang

Response of plant functional traits at species and community levels to grazing exclusion on Inner Mongolian steppe, China


Jinghui Zhang, Yongmei Huang, Huiying Chen, Jirui Gong, Yu Qi, Engui Li, Xiuchen Wu

How do herders do well? Profitability potential of livestock grazing in Inner Mongolia, China, across ecosystem types


Ping Li, Joleen C. Hadrich, Brian E. Robinson, Yulu Hou, Yating Dai, Xiangyang Hou - Volume 40(1)

Nutrient composition and in vitro methane production of sub-tropical grass species in transitional rangeland of South Africa


C. J. L. du Toit, W. A. van Niekerk, H. H. Meissner, L. J. Erasmus, L. Morey - Volume 40(1)

Quantifying leucaena cultivation extent on grazing land


Terrence S. Beutel, Debra H. Corbet, Madonna B. Hoffmann, Stuart R. Buck, Marco Kienzle - Volume 40(1)

Environmental factors affecting the germination and emergence of white horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.): a weed of arid-zone areas


Muhammad M. Javaid, Singarayer K. Florentine, Hafiz H. Ali, Bhagirath S. Chauhan - Volume 40(1)

Ecological responses of Stipa steppe in Inner Mongolia to experimentally increased temperature and precipitation. 3. Soil respiration


Xuexia Wang, Yali Chen, Yulong Yan, Zhiqiang Wan, Ran Chao, Rui Gu, Jie Yang, Qingzhu Gao

Hyperspectral database prediction of ecological characteristics for grass species of alpine grasslands


Huan Yu, Bo Kong, Guangxing Wang, Hua Sun, Lu Wang - Volume 40(1)

Effect of GPS sample interval and paddock size on estimates of distance travelled by grazing cattle in rangeland, Australia


Sharon L. McGavin, Greg J. Bishop-Hurley, Ed Charmley, Paul L. Greenwood, Matthew J. Callaghan - Volume 40(1)

Factors affecting herder adoption of winter lambing practices in the desert steppe region of Inner Mongolia, China


Yantin Yin, Zhen Wang, Xiliang Li, Colin Langford, Xiangjun Yun, Huaibin Mu, Xiangyang Hou - Volume 40(1)

Managing invasive plants on sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island


Brian M. Sindel, Paul E. Kristiansen, Susan C. Wilson, Justine D. Shaw, Laura K. Williams - Volume 39(6)

A comprehensive appraisal of four kinds of forage under irrigation in Xilingol, Inner Mongolia, China


Yulong Yan, Zhiqiang Wan, Ran Chao, Yiqing Ge, Yali Chen, Rui Gu, Qingzhu Gao, Jie Yang

Response of leaf traits of common plants in alpine meadow to plateau pika disturbance


Xiao Pan Pang, Zheng Gang Guo - Volume 40(1)

Temporal and spatial heterogeneity of drought impact on vegetation growth on the Inner Mongolian Plateau


Miao Bailing, Li Zhiyong, Liang Cunzhu, Wang Lixin, Jia Chengzhen, Bao Fuxiang, Jiang Chao

An ecosystem services filter for rangeland restoration


Joel R. Brown, Neil D. MacLeod - Volume 39(6)

Using behavioural science to improve Australia’s environmental regulation


Paul Martin, Donald W. Hine - Volume 39(6)

Responses of aboveground biomass and soil organic carbon to projected future climate change in Inner Mongolian grasslands


Qiuyue Li, Xuebiao Pan, Lizhen Zhang, Chao Li, Ning Yang, Shuo Han, Caihua Ye

Estimation of aboveground herbaceous biomass using visually ranked digital photographs


Helen R. Morgan, Nick Reid, John T. Hunter - Volume 40(1)