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Published by the Drug Enforcement Administration

Last Build Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 11:57:48 GMT


Microgram #509
ecstasy mimic tablets (actually containing n-benzylpiperazine (bzp) and caffeine) in tucson, arizona  §  ecstasy mimic tablets (actually containing bzp, tfmpp, and dextromethorphan) in tiffin, ohio  §  oxycontin® mimic tablets (containing ketamine and caffeine)  §  tablets in thai toothpaste tubes in san francisco, california  §  cocaine concealed in religious plaques in miami, florida  §  freeze-dried khat in chicago, illinois  §  selected references

Microgram #409
mdma in turtle-shaped chocolates and in psilocybe mushrooms near portland, oregon  §  cocaine smuggled in false-bottom boxes at miami international airport  §  large seizure of opium in alpharetta, georgia  §  fresh khat in new century, kansas  §  capsules containing 17-methyltestosterone in seabrook, texas  §  heroin concealed as soles in shoes near eaton, ohio  §  heroin bars in candy wrappers at miami international airport  §  ecstasy combination tablets (containing mdma, ketamine, and caffeine) in amarillo, texas  §  ecstasy mimic tablets (actually containing methamphetamine and dimethylsulfone) in new jersey  §  heroin bricks included in a shipment of cocaine bricks at the calexico port of entry, california  §  selected references  §  the journal/textbook collection exchange  §  the dea fy 2009 state and local forensic chemists seminar schedule