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Preview: Every Day is a Winding Road...(r)

Every Day is a Winding Road...(r)

Carpe Tabela!(tm)

Copyright: (c)Copyright Karin Rex(r) Every Day is a Winding Road...(r), Carpe Tabela!(tm)

Putting Google on the Map
Google has made a beta version of their new mapping program available: Google Maps.

As Predicted: A Firefox Explosion
The Firefox Explosion, by Josh McHugh echoes my sentiments from a few months ago.

Trusty Clusty
There's a new search tool out there that I am starting to like more and more: Clusty.

Google's Picture Perfect Picasa
Google recently released Picasa 2. It's a free program that helps you find, organize, edit, and share your photographs. This article covers importing and organizing pictures using Picasa. Next month I will cover the program's editing and sharing features.

10 Quick Steps
Need to do something? These guides are short and to the point.

Chia Shrek Journal, The Final Entry
Good afro gone bad by day 16.

Chia Shrek Journal, Day 1
My brother gave me a Chia Shrek for Christmas. Yes, really.

A Tsunami of Tears and Prayers
Once you've spent time in a place and gotten to know some of its people, you gain a sense of connectedness to it. It’s an awareness that settles in slowly, as the country’s dust gathers on your feet and its people congregate in your heart. The place becomes a part of you, like your childhood bedroom or your first car. Your definition of “you” now carries with it this place, these people.

Pre-Post Holiday Stress
A whole new syndrome.

Ten Million and Counting
Fixated on Firefox.

Holiday Eating Tips
What me, worry about holiday calories? Hell, no!

I am Not Alone
My recent Luddite leanings seem to be part of a new trend. Hmmmm...

Worry and Imagination
Your imagination can kill you. Or lift you to new heights.

Karin, v.2?
I DO admit to being a bit obsessed with technology, and I have been for many years. I tried resisting, but it just didn't work.

'Twas the Night Before Black Friday
My take-off on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, retitled 'Twas the Night Before Black Friday.

Firefox Reviews and One Bug
Apparently other people are happy switching to Firefox as well.

Better to Switch than Fight Spyware
I've had it with Spyware and security flaws. I hereby vow to never use Microsoft's Internet Explorer on my PC again.

Digital Shutterbug Invitation
Last month I was appointed the new Contributing Editor for Suite 101's Digital Photography and Editing topic. This means I get to publish a monthly column and manage the discussion board for the topic.

Free Course: PDAs, Cell Phones and More
Gadget freak that I am, I am teaching a new FREE course at the CNET Help site: PDAs, Cell Phones, and More.

Just do it.

Keeping Children Safe in Cyberspace
Let's face it: parents are sometimes in the awkward position of knowing less about the Internet than their kids, and it can be challenging to parent from a position of authority in such a situation.

Beats Blogs and Flees
An impassioned plea for well-written blogs.

Sweet Learning
I am teaching at Suite 101! is an online publishing community of writers, readers, and educators who have come together to share their many passions. This website is a destination for millions of Internet users who want to learn, express themselves, and share ideas, interests, and expertise with other like-minded individuals.

Travel Bugaboos
People who never shut the fuck up while they are on a plane should be given a nice big tranquilizer shot in the ass.

And the Grammy Goes to…
An homage to Patty’s Scialfa’s 23rd Street Lullaby -- an amzing album.

My Royal Busy-ness
So happy freakin' birthday, already.

Blogging Knowledge

Gone Fishin'
On the time to blog.

Wayback, Way Cool!
Internet Archive is working to preserve home pages in the same way that a library might preserve newspapers on microfiche.

Wanted: Quietude
Sometimes I just hate the suburbs.

Who$#145;s On First Circa 2004
A conversation in which Abbott and Costello meet the 21st Century, by Lincoln Spector.

Spell Czech
A poem in prays of spell Czech.

A Three Gravy Dinner
Easter was at our house this year, which is where we like it. I love Easter -- not only for its religious roots (after all who can resist the allure of a resurrected savior?), but also because it brings along with it the promise of spring, not to mention substantial amounts of chocolate).

Google vs. Yahoo
Did you ever wonder which was the better search tool? (I know I have, but then I am a bit obsessed with the topic of Internet search techniques). Check out this tool that compares results from Yahoo! and Google.

My Breakfast is Lunch and My Lunch is Dinner
For years my husband has been after me to eat breakfast.

Word of Web
Lately I’ve been looking into a few web sites that attempt to emulate this word-of-mouth networking. Business networking sites allow members to post a business profiles and/or skills list, and then personally invite business contacts to do the same -- thereby creating an online networking circle. By joining (usually free for basic memberships) you are allowed certain privileges, such as searching for employees or jobs or investigating companies that you have a pending deal with.

Why I Hate Computers
I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I love them when they work and I hate them when they don't.

Of Hijacked Browsers and Dangerous Registry Edits
When my browser came down with a serious case of the "weirds," -- a new toolbar appearing that I hadn't installed, a side panel that wasn't there before, an inclination to go to the Incredifind site at every possible chance -- I knew I'd caught something. Sigh.

Virtual Champagne
I am sharing a glass of virtual champagne with all of you who took the time in the last few days to review my new ComputerEase website design while it was being tested at I incorporated many of your comments within the site's design, organization, and text, and I know it's a better site because of YOU! So cheers

Construction Site
A lot of you have asked me why I haven't been blogging lately, so I figured I better post my reason. I have been working on a complete redesign of my web pages and that has been taking up all of my time.

Smoke and the City
I used to dream of one day visiting Paris, but after watching the final episode of Sex and the City last night, I think the City of Lights should be renamed the City of Lighters. I believe I just might suffocate in that city.

My Editorial on Keeping Children Safe in Cyberspace
I wrote a response to an article that was published in my local newspaper last week and it actually got published today!

On Online Learning
When I first started teaching online I admit to having been wary about it. I had been a classroom-based technology trainer for a number of years, and I worried about not being able to get to know my students and about whether they would be able to really learn anything in such a seemingly impersonal environment.

The Friday Five (A Million Bucks)
What would YOU do if you won a million bucks? The Friday Five wants to know...

Cold Snap
Mean weather sucks.

Why, why, why do I live in Pennsylvania? Why?

The Friday Five (Favorites)
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...the Friday Five explores favorite things.

Please leave a message at the beep.

Ever wonder how many points your name would be worth in Scrabble? OK, me neither...but this is still entertaining.

RTFM for World Peace
Every time my husband buys a new piece of technology, I wish I could head for the hills.

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3
I love taking those silly little test they have in magazines. You know the kind: "What Your Hair Care Routine Says About Your Personality," or "Are You a Selfish Lover?"

Assess This, Pal!
So many of you who responded to my "Assessing the Fitness Assessment" blog entry expressed such outrage about my experience, that your collective ire has actually increased my own.

Assessing the Fitness Assessment
I went to the gym yesterday for a "Fitness Assessment." What a crock!

Unhappy By Choice?
Having so many choices in life apparently makes us extremely picky, always wanting perfection and never getting it, and therefore satisfied by nothing. Choice Related Unhappiness.

Same Ol' Same Ol'
Why do we have this totally unrealistic belief in what a new year holds? Is it just wishful thinking -- hope beyond hope?

Out with the Old; In with the New
In the past few weeks an inordinate number of people have expressed to me that they cannot wait for 2003 to be over and done with. It doesn't seem as though anybody was really fond of 2003 very much. And while I can't say that I blame them (after all, everybody has the right to judge their own year), I also can't say that I necessarily agree with them.

Happy Boxing Day!
Haven't you always wondered what Boxing Day was? It always appeared on our calendars on December 26th, yet we never roasted a pig or cooked a goose in honor of it, let alone baked a cake or listened to Boxing Day music.

What Did YOU Get for Christmas?
When I was a kid, December 26th was the happiest day of the year.

In Praise of the Holiday Letter
According to many popular media outlets, I seemingly am in the minority when I boldly state that I am genuinely happy when I spot a Holiday Letter tucked into a Christmas card.

Tis the season to get busy!
Ready, set...HOLIDAYS!

What's not to like about Miami?
My recent trip to Miami gave me plenty of reasons to wonder about the state of tourism there.

What's to like about Miami?
My recent trip to Miami gave me plenty of reasons to want to go back.

Friday Five (Shopping)
The Friday Five explores shopping. (And yes, I know it is Monday. Sigh.)

Blackout Friday
I must admit it felt good to kick back and relax yesterday instead of joining the fray on the highways and in the malls. I even took a nap.

I Have It Good
In the spirit of the day, I spent the morning writing a couple of thank you notes to some of the people in my life who I truly appreciate.

A Thousand Pardons
Thanksgiving is a great holiday. One that is uniquely American, and totally (well almost) non-commercial in nature. It's also full of great traditions like getting together with family and friends, overeating with great abandon, throwing the ol' pigskin around the yard, and expressing thanks for all that life brings us. But I don't quite get the turkey pardoning thing....

Fa la la la la la la la la
If you've ever been in a choir you know that Soprano I's are haughty, Altos are peculiar, Tenors are tenacious, and Basses are jocular.

The Exhausting Element of Surprise
If you've ever tried to put together even a small surprise gathering for somebody, then you are intimately familiar with Sir Walter Scott's famous quotation "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!"

A Vine Celebration
This past Thursday marked the official release of this year's fresh'off'the'vine Beaujolais Nouveau. I know that most of the time people talk about wines and the aging process as though they were speaking of the Holy Grail. But I like my wines fresh and fruity and bursting with flavor. I prefer wine that doesn't attack my mouth with spice or dry it up like an old sock (or taste like one, either).

Friday Five: Take Five
This week's edition of the Friday Five.

Gutter Ball
I grew up in a bowling alley. Seriously.

Time's Coolest Invention of the Year
Time Magazine recently named the iTunes Music Store the "Coolest Invention of 2003". This comes as no surprise to me, since my iPod and I remain inseparable (2701 songs and counting), and I've had to institute a monthly cap on my iTunes spending sprees.

Insomnia is My Friend
Insomnia is my friend. And with a friend like that, who needs Ambien?

Dear Santa
Forget the lavender body lotion, forget the warm sweater, and forget the fancy kitchen doodad, here is a list of what I REALLY want for Christmas.

My Own Blog Blue Law
I've decided to institute a Sunday Blue Law of my own by making Sunday a no-blogging day.

Why I Love My Mac More Than my PC
In addition to being "under the weather" this week, I have had the added joy of experiencing major computer snafus with my Windows 98 PC.

The Friday Five (Adjectives)
The Friday Five is a meme/blog has been around for about two years. Every Friday, a list of really important Earth-shattering questions is posted on the website and hundreds of bloggers from all over the world answer the questions within their own blog. So basically, it's a blog to stimulate bloggers into blogging. Gotta love that.

Under the Weather
There is nothing like feeling under the weather to make me appreciate my normally good health.

One Year Off from Exercise
Outta shape, outta my mind - what was I thinking?

The Friday Five
The Friday Five is a blog has been around for about two years. Every Friday, a list of really important Earth-shattering questions is posted on the website and hundreds of bloggers from all over the world answer the questions within their own blog. So basically, it's a blog to stimulate bloggers into blogging. Gotta love that

Real Simple = Real Silly
I apologize in advance to all of this magazine's rabid fans out there (and you know who you are), but I think Real Simple Magazine is just plain silly.

RSS = NQSSS, Part 7 (Really Simple Syndication = Not Quite So Simple Syndication)
(A Better RSS Validator) I needed more explicit validation, so I found a better validator.

Blinded by the Moon
A Lunar Eclipse adventure.

Alma De Cuba Es Excepcional
Tonight I had one of those rare fine dining experiences where everything comes together just right. A review of Alma de Cuba in Philadelphia.

The Red Suit Diary
Everyone has defining moments in his or her life, here's one of mine involving a red suit and a change in attitude.

RSS = NQSSS, Part 6 (Really Simple Syndication = Not Quite So Simple Syndication)
(Seven RSS Resources You Shouldn't Miss) An overview of my favorite RSS resources.

Vetting Out the Vote
Election Day musings wherein I admit to voting AGAINST people instead of FOR people.

RSS = NQSSS, Part 5 (Really Simple Syndication = Not Quite So Simple Syndication)
(Another RSS Aha Moment: Using Escape Characters) A excerpt from Stephen Downes: "How to Create an RSS Feed With Notepad, a Web Server, and a Beer."

Hidden Mickeys
One of my favorite things to do while wandering about Walt Disney World is to search for Hidden Mickeys. Hidden Mickeys are Disney Imagineer's way of leaving their mark on their creations. A Hidden Mickey is a likeness of Mickey Mouse concealed somewhere within in the design of a Disney attraction.

Summer's Last Tease
Traditionally, this weekend's weather should be cool, crisp, sweatshirt and jeans weather. Paradoxically, the forecast calls for shorts and t-shirts. Summer's last teasing caress before the absolute awfulness of winter weather sets in.

The Scary Part
Halloween then and now.

I Don't Know How She Does It
I stopped by a friend's house last night and grew positively wistful as I was leaving.

RSS = NQSSS, Part 4 (Really Simple Syndication = Not Quite So Simple Syndication)
(Why you should validate your RSS file on a regular basis) Learn from my mistakes.

A Moving Post
Why is it that I can't remember what I ate for dinner two nights ago, but I can remember the name of every street I've ever lived on?

Stress Noted
Every day body tension noted.

iTunes Finally Does Windows!
iTunes Finally Does Windows! (In which geekygURL loses three iPods.)