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Published: 2007-01-18T04:28:04+00:00





5 minute Podcast: 00:10am GMT / Monday


The first Monday 5 minute Podcast is up [00:10 am GMT] and I talk about the SPV M2000 Pocket PC Phone that I was given to see whether I liked and why I will be sticking with Palm OS. Nice...

5 minute Podcast: 06:40am ET


The second 5 Minute Podcast from myself for Sunday talks about Palm email clients and what my favorite client is and I talk briefly about VeriChat. The Podcast lasts just over 5 minutes and you can listen to it here....

Palm Addict 5 Minute Podcast: Sunday 00:10am


In my Sunday 5 Minute Podcast you will hear me talking about Palm games that I enjoy playing. Listen here. - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

PA 5 Minute Podcast: 04:20am ET


My second Palm Addict 5 Minute Podcast looks at my passion for all things PDA and what got me interested in PA's. Listen here.

5 minute Podcast: 08:05am ET


The second Palm Addict 5 minute Podcast is available to listen to using this link. A couple of things we mention include Brighthand's editorials on Google May Offer Free Wi-Fi Nationwide and Palm Exec Discusses Windows Mobile Treo. I also...

Palm Addict's 5 minutes / Friday August 19th 00:00am


Here we go with the first Sammy's Palm Addict 5 Minute Podcast for Friday which you can listen to here and is just over 6 minutes. Links we mention include the Treobits store. If you have news or anything that...

Palm Addict Unofficial Podcast second one for today, August 18th / 10:04 ET


Here is the second Palm Addict Unofficial Podcast from me today, featuring Lindsey Dyson. Here is the link to listen to. Sites we mention include: - Sammy (Manchester, UK)

Podcast 18th August


If you missed my unofficial Podcast from yesterday then you can listen to it here again. - Sammy (Manchester, UK)