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Notes and ideas on mass customization, personalization, customer co-creation, and open innovation -- strategies of value co-creation between organizations and customers. This blog continues a long running newsletter, published and edited by Frank Piller,

Updated: 2014-02-17T13:17:04-05:00


Impressions from the MCPC 2014 in Aalborg!


The past week were a highlight for every mass customization enthusiast as our colleagues from Aalborg University hosted this year's edition of the MCPC Conference. We were there, of course, and, as always, a lot of tweeting and image-sharing took...

The 3D Printing Infographic


Not too much new, but a nice summary of the field: Source: ComputerScienceHub.orga>


World Conference on Mass Customization, Personalization, and Co-Creation Aalborg, Denmark February 4 - 7, 2014 News from the organizing team of the MCPC 2014 in Aalborg: Please observe that there is a deadline on November 29th for early registration to...

[Market Watch] 3D dataSculptures: Strategical Business Data for Your Desk


The market for 3d-printed goods has a lot of momentum these days. From the simplest of forms to entire houses and parts of space rockets and, unfortunately, even working guns, there appears to be few things that eager engineers can...

[Participate!] E-Commerce Forum 2020 in Athens


On November 21st & 22nd 2013 the “E-Commerce Forum 2020” in Athens will bring together entrepreneurs, pioneers and innovators to discuss e-commerce trends and to learn from experienced international speakers. Under the patronage of seven institutions, the event is organized...

New Book Co-Authored by Prof. Piller: Discontinuous Innovation - Learning to Manage the Unexpected


"Discontinuou Innovation", authored by Peter Augsdörfer (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany), John Bessant (University of Exeter, UK), Kathrin Möslein (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Bettina von Stamm (Innovation Leadership Forum, UK) and Frank Piller (RWTH Aachen University, Germany) is based on the findings,...

Frank Mini-Me Piller: Get Yourself 3D-Printed, Keep Your Young Self Forever


3d printing has developed far beyond a trend by now. Potential applications are manifold, ranging from medical gear to entire houses. And now you can even have a detailed replica of yourself printed in a variety of sizes, a kind...

Berkeley-Fraunhofer Study on Open Innovation


Our collegues of Fraunhofer IAO and University of Berkeley (Henry Chesbrough and sabine Brunswicker) have surveyed large firms in the US and in Europe about whether or not they actually practice open innovation. The results are very interesting. Here are...

Submit your speaking proposal for the MCPC 2014 NOW!


There are hot news from our dear collegues at Aalborg University. Preparations for the MCPC 2014 Conference are going along and now you can start submitting your paper to the organizers, using the official submission system via Springer. So, if...

[Market Watch] New Project by Big Shot Bikes


Earlier this year we posted about Big Shot Bikes, a company selling customized single-gear bikes. Now Matt Peterson, CEO of Big Shot Bikes, has informed us about his brand new project. As part of a kickstarter campaign the company is...

[Recommended Source] Configurator Database 2013, a Comprehensive Market Overview by cyLEDGE


A little while ago, Austrian media specialist cyLEDGE Media has released a new market analysis about product configurators and mass customization. The Configurator Database Report 2013 is a status quo analysis of 900 international web-based product configurators. The Configurator Database...

[MCPC14] New Conference Details and Call for Papers


The MCPC 2014 organizers at Aalborg University have released a great lot of additional information about the next iteration of the most successful conference. The MCPC Conference engages academics, business leaders, and consultants to participate and become engaged in fundamental...

[Interview] PUMA's Head of eCommerce: Changes and Challenges of Customization in the Apparel Industry


Our friends at embodee have recently conducted a very interesting interview with Thomas Davis, global head of e-commerce for PUMA. To share his views with you, embodee sent us the following guest post, with excerpts from the original interview, that...

[Featured Research] User Generated Brands and their Contribution to the Diffusion of User Innovations


Continuing our mini-series on noteworthy research from around the world, today we feature new work by Johann Füller, Roland Schroll and Eric von Hippel who show that usersnot just are the source of most innovation, but also can create powerful...

#OUI2013 Conference Summary in One Picture


The OUI 2013 conference just started at the University of Brighton. Many of the core people from the community will be presenting their research here during the next three day. While Joel West probably will cover the event much better...