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Preview: Google Mashup Editor Blog

Google Mashup Editor Blog

The official source of information about the Google Mashup Editor.

Updated: 2018-03-06T01:42:02.129-08:00


Farewell to Mashup Editor


We had announced back in January that we would be shutting down the Mashup Editor in six months, and that time has come. Since a few of you still have applications running on the Mashup Editor, we decided to give you some extra time - 4 weeks. You can use this time to migrate your application to App Engine or any other infrastructure, or simply retrieve your data. We encourage you to replace your application as soon as possible with a static page giving useful information to your users about where to go. On August 12th, all traffic to the Mashup Editor will be redirected to a generic page. Note that your code is available on Project Hosting at{username}-{app name} (where non-supported characters are replaced by '-') and will remain available there for the foreseable future, but your data will not be accessible beyond August 12th. We've factored most of our learning from the Mashup Editor into App Engine, so we hope you'll give it a try if you haven't yet.(image)

From Mashup Editor to App Engine


As we announced today on the Google Code Blog, we will be shutting down the Mashup Editor in six months. While it is always hard to say goodbye to a product, when we launched the Mashup Editor as a private beta last year, we did so to better understand the needs of you, our developers. And you spoke, and much of what we learned together is now a big part of App Engine, the new infrastructure for hosted developer applications. We look forward to working with you in the migration to App Engine, and can't wait to see what you build.(image)

Google I/O


Almost 9 months ago we released the first version of GME at Google Developer Day. Since then Google Developer Day has morphed into Google I/O, a two day developer gathering on May 28th & 29th in San Francisco. The purpose of the event is to bring developers together to learn about products, tools, and techniques which are moving the web forward as a platform.

There is going to be lots of discussion about client side development and mashups Google I/O. We hope to see you there.

For more information on the event and to register checkout the Google I/O announcement on Google Code.(image)




Google Earth Outreach on GME


Google Earth Outreach gives non-profits and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources needed to reach the hearts and minds of charitable donors. To do this they are using a mashup, form and data feed created in GME to show how these non-profits are using Google mapping technology to improve their organizations.

Check out the Google Earth Outreach home page. The mashup on the bottom left was created with GME. If you are part of a non-profit you can add your organization to the map using the link below the map.

This is great way to showcase the utility of GME with a professional implementation using the same tools as our GME developers.

Do you have great examples of GME in action? Add your mashups to our mashup gallery or post about them in our developer forum.(image)

Using built-in templates


Templates are a really powerful piece of the GME framework. They allow you to display data from feeds using Ajax UI controls without having to write feed parsing code and the hundreds of lines of javascript required to create these controls.

We've created a few built in templates to get you started and its extremely simple to create your own templates. Want to turn a simple read/write list into a task list with date pickers, ratings and checkboxes? All you have to do is change the value of the template parameter in your list and republish.

Simple Read/Write:

Task List:

You can even use our JavaScript library to change your template on the fly.

If you want to find out about the other built in templates check out the Reading and displaying data section of our documentation. Let us know what types of information you like to see on this blog by going to our developer forum and posting.(image)

New stuff - 1/18


Today we released a minor update to the Google Mashup Editor.
  • More fixes paging so that 250 items can be displayed per page
  • Fixes to the compiler so that it no longer optimizes tags. This fixes many bugs that caused problems in the display of compiled mashups.
  • More fixes to feed fetching. All Atom and RSS compliant feeds should now work correctly.
  • Documentation fixes
As always the full release notes are available in the GME release notes app ( We'll continue to do minor bug fix releases while we prepare for a major update to the Google Mashup Editor. If you have small features or bug fixes you'd like us to address please let us know by posting in our developer forum.(image)

Nice Work! Some great nature mashups.


We continue to be impressed by the mashups GME developers are creating. We wanted to take some time to congratulate a few of you for some outstanding ones.

- Jack S.
This mashup combines photos and information about various plant species with Google Product Search to enable users to research and buy trees, flowers, seeds and bulbs from various vendors on the internet. Bonus points for being in Gadget form and enabling users to user the gadget on iGoogle, Google's personalized homepage.

Trails of Florianopolis - Ivan Linhares Martins
We've mentioned this one before but Ivan continues to work on this great looking mashup. His mashup explores the trails and the beautiful Nature of Florianópolis - an Island in the South of Brazil. Tips, trail rating, geographical information and other useful data describe each trail. The mashup combines data from Flickr, Google Base, Google Maps and Blogger.

Great work developers! If you'd like us to share your mashup on our blog please submit it to our mashup gallery and post about it in our developer forum. If you are new to GME check out our screencast gallery for videos on how to create mashups with the Google Mashup Editor.

Recipe of the Moment


Michael Thompson, one of the top Google Gadget Developers, recently switched out his old Recipe of the Moment Google Gadget with a new one built with the Google Mashup Editor. His new gadget adds search functionality, and tabs so that users can find new recipes and do some easy measurement conversions.

(image) (image)

Add this gadget to your personalized homepage and checkout the rest of Michael's Gadgets at his website:

To learn how you can create gadgets using GME check out our latest screencast - Deploying a Mashup Gadget(image)

Mashup Tutorials for the New Year


Happy New Year! With 2008 now in full swing, the Google Mashup Editor team has returned to work and is actively preparing a host of exciting updates for the coming year. In the meantime, the new screencast gallery is bustling with four tutorials, the latest of which demonstrates how to leverage GME's integration with Google Gadgets by adding a simple mashup to iGoogle. Several new screencasts are already in the works and should be added to the gallery in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back often. And, as always, the mashup gallery and discussion board are available if you're in need of a quick GME fix.(image)

Things to do over the holidays


As the holiday season arrives as Google some of us are taking a break to spend time with our family and friends. Things might slow down a little around here until the new year but that doesn't mean you have to, there plenty of things to keep you busy over the holidays.
  • Create a Google Gadget - Its the easiest way to get some great traffic to your application. Try creating a Google Gadget as a different view into your application or creating a stand alone app that would be interesting as a gadget. Check out recent tutorial on creating Google Gadgets using GME.
  • Read a tutorial - We have created a bunch of tutorials to help you get started building some more sophisticated apps. You can also check out our Demo Gallery to see working demo applications. Remember you can also click the "View Source" link in any GME app to see how it was built
  • Watch a screencast - We've just started building a set of videos that take you through building simple mashups. Check out our screencast gallery to see what we've been up to.
Happy Holidays from the Google Mashup Editor Team.(image)

New stuff and bug fixes - 12/14


We've pushed a few feature enhancements and bug fixes this morning in response to your feedback. This push includes expanding the number of items per page in a list, a new screencast gallery in our documentation, and several fixes for some high priority bugs. You can check out the new features and bug fixes in the GME Release Notes Application.

Please feel free to share your feature requests, bug reports or questions with us in our developer forum or post your mashup in our Mashup Gallery. Happy mashing!(image)

GME Screencasts


Since its launch in May, GME's developer page has hosted a series of articles for the purpose of introducing advanced concepts or guiding the reader through the construction of a large, complex application. To complement these articles, the team has been working on a set of video-based tutorials to ease new developers into GME by introducing various aspects of GME and demonstrating how to build and publish small mashups with it.

Today, we are happy to launch the official GME "Screencast Gallery" for your viewing pleasure. We have a few of videos to start, but we plan to add new content regularly so be sure to check back often!

As always, we appreciate any and all feedback -- if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for new topics, please stop by GME's discussion board and let us know and we'll do everything we can to accommodate. In the meantime, happy viewing!(image)

Happy Jollidays


Yes, December has arrived once again, bringing the holiday season along with it. The holidays have always been a time of nippy weather and bustling storefronts, of togetherness and celebration -- a truly magical time of year. In the spirit of the season, I have built Jollidays, a small mashup which displays holiday event listings from Google Base, recipe listings for traditional holiday foods (with a search field provided for looking up less traditional cuisine), and snippets from a popular holiday-themed blog. Enjoy, and feel free to drop by the discussion board or mashup gallery to share your own creations.(image)

Google Gadgets = Traffic


Do you want millions of people to use your mashup? If you are looking for traffic, the easiest way to get some eyes on your mashup is by creating a Google Gadget in GME and submitting it to the iGoogle Directory. We've made this drop dead simple with the Google Mashup Editor.

To help you get started Jason Cooper, our developer support lead, just put together a tutorial taking you through the process creating Google Gadgets with the Mashup Editor. In one click of a button you can add a Gadget view of your mashup and distribute it to millions of iGoogle users.

Have you created a Google Gadget using GME? Add it to our gallery or post about it in our developer forum.

Happy Mashing!(image)

GME Demo Gallery


Hve you ever wondered how build a custom template with JavaScript or how to geo-encode addresses on the fly using the Google Mashup Editor?

We've created a large set of demo applications to show you how to do a variety of things that use the features of GME's framework. In the GME Demo Gallery we've listed these applications.

Click on the application link and once its loaded you can click on the "View Source" link in the upper right corner to see the GME version of the source code. Feel free to copy and paste the source right into the editor and tweak it to meet your needs.

1. Click on the Application Link


2. Click on the "View Source" link


Let us know if you'd like to see other demos by posting in our developer forum.(image)

Thanks for the Mashups


Tomorrow, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. It's a time to give thanks for things that one has and holds important in their life. In that spirit I want to thank our developers for giving us feedback to create a better product, building a community by responding to others in our forum and creating some cool mashups that will act as a base of learning material for new developers as we open up the mashup editor to larger audiences.

Here are a few recent mashups that have caught our attention:

Mick C has put together a mashup that takes the most popular searches from various sources and combines those with the Google AJAX Search API to get the latest news, videos and search results about those items.

Toronto Buddhism
Terence Lo's Toronto Buddism mashup combines a map of Buddhism locations in Toronto, Book results, Videos, Podcasts and images to create the ultimate Buddhism guide for those living in or visiting Toronto.

Joke of the Day
Add a gadget to your iGoogle homepage that displays the joke of the day from three different sources. Karthik's gadget has become one of the most visited apps built with the Google Mashup Editor. Deploying your app as a Google Gadget and adding it to the iGoogle directory is the easiest way to get traffic for your application.

If you have a mashup you've built with the Mashup Editor and want to share it, please post it in our Mashup Gallery or tell us about it in our developer forum.(image)

New Documentation


We've updated our documentation to conform to the new Google Code format and functionality. You can now search over our documentation, get quick access to our tutorials and articles and see recent posts from our Developer Forum on the front page of the docs.

If you have features you'd like to see added to our documentation let us know by posting in our developer forum.(image)

Authenticating Users in GME


There have been a few question recently about the best ways to authenticate users given GME's restriction on only allowing authenticated users to write data to the datastore feeds. I wanted to give some background on the decisions we made a provide a mini tutorial on how to handle authentication.

When developing GME we wanted to make sure we weren't contributing to the spam issues in applications. The best to do that was to prevent users who were not logged in from adding data to the datastore. To do this we created a set of controls for creating, editing and deleting data that would only be shown when the user is logged in. To make it easy for developers to specify when a user should be logged in we added a simple authenticate attribute to the gm:page tag.

There are times when you want the edit controls to be displayed for logged in users but not require everyone accessing your application to have to sign in. To do this we created a simple javascript function that you can use to send users to the sign in page.

Displaying the login screen when a link is clicked

Sign in to add entries

Check a working sample of this application in our demo gallery or access it here. If you have feedback on the Google Mashup Editor let us know about it in our developer forum.(image)

New Stuff - 11/8


We have a new release of GME this week with several feature improvements and bug fixes. For a complete list of changes see the GME Release Notes App. Some highlights below.
  • New header in the Editor that makes a easier to understand what files are being edited and provides quick links to the published application and the open source project that contains your source code.
  • All feeds refresh every 10 minutes instead of 1-6 hours.
  • Ability to turn off code coloring if you have large files that cause performance issues with code coloring turned on.
  • New time attribute for the gm:date tag. Allows you to display only the time of a XML timestamp.
  • Controls are all inline elements so you don't need any extra CSS to make them look right.
  • Updated samples and documentation
  • Fixes to geocoder, iframes within tabs, and viewing the source in IE among other bug fixes.
If you have feature requests or bugs to report please let us know by posting a message in our developer forum. Also, please remember to submit your applications to our Mashup Gallery so we can promote and distribute them for you.(image)

Using GME with other Google Services


Reto Meier has posted a great article about using Google services like Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets with GME. Check out the article on Reto's site, Radioactive Yak, and see his work in action with his latest mashup: Hit for Six, The Ultimate Cricket Mashup.

Thanks Reto! Nice work.(image)

And we're back


We are back to fully functioning Editor and applications. Sorry about the downtime, we are doing everything we can to prevent these types of outages from happening. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues.(image)

GME maintenance


As you may have noticed GME is undergoing some unexpected maintenance. We hope this will be resolved in a few minutes. Sorry for inconvenience we might have caused.(image)

All shook up


Last night we had a little earthquake in the San Francisco area. I immediately turned to Reto Meier's World Wide Earthquakes Mashup to see what was going on.


While the dishes were falling off my shelves I could see that we were only having a medium sized quake. Thankfully there was little damage and no injuries. Thanks Reto for the great visualization.

(image) (image)

Nice Work!


I wanted to congratulate a few of you on the mashups you've created and added to our project gallery.

The Great Canadian Hot Deals Mashup!
Terence Lo encourages us to save some Loonies by visiting his mashup. Get latest and greatest deals from all of the leading Canadian hot deals websites.

Mick C has a nice mashup of feeds from Reddit, Digg, and Slashdot. His simple browsing interface makes it easy to catch up of stories from all our favorite news aggregators.

News Mapper
Juri Strumpflohner's News Mapper maps news from all over the world. Juri takes stories from Rueters categories and plots them on a map.

Interested in news in India or China? Check out
India Latest News and News Map in China to catch up on the latest news in those regions.