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Rob Merola

Updated: 2016-12-17T10:51:12-05:00


For Paul


Even if they have kept the faith. Even if they have fought the good fight. Even if they have lived a good life and left a legacy much cherished... The holidays are a particularly tough time for those who have...

Doubt, Fire, and the Formation of a Priest


“Do you still believe in God?” That was the question Fr. Dick Bowman asked me privately when I was nearing the end of the process of becoming an Episcopal priest. I was young then—full of fire and certainty and not...

My Father's Garage


It is in our nature as human beings to want to know our creator. Certainly this pertains to God, or whatever it is that has brought us all into being. But more immediately, I think, it pertains to our parents....

Not a City Boy, But...


I should know the answer to this. I grew up around cows. From our front yard in Monroeville, PA, we could see cattle from Kuehn's Dairy grazing on a hill side across the valley. One of the ways I paid...

Fuzz Balls


Friday was such a beautiful day I decided to head out and do some evening fishing. Do you see who was waiting for me when I got to the stream? Maybe enlarging the pic a bit will help. Unfortunately, because...

Helping Keep Our Kids Well


Dear Friends, To me, wellness speaks to all aspects of one's well-being. Eating smart, exercising, and maintaining a healthy spiritual life contribute to one's well-being and confidence. I believe this begins when we are children. Last February, we wanted to...

The Problem with God


Whether you are a believer in God or not, have you ever at some point in your life prayed for something? Have you had the experience in a moment—any moment, no matter how fleeting, or whether you continued to believe...

God Who?


As you might expect of a priest, I spent several years formally studying the doctrine of God from a wide variety of philosophical, anthropological, sociological, psychological, and religious perspectives. I was pretty young at the time, and I think one...

More Streamers


Learning to spin deer hair is the next skill on my fly-tying list. There is something about this stage that makes me happy just to look at it. The next stage is shaping the head with a razor blade. It's...



When my personal world gets particularly chaotic, I used to do puzzles. To be able to bring order to even a small piece of the universe was somehow calming. These days I tie flies. Learning how to tie wool-headed articulated...


When my personal world gets particularly chaotic, I used to do puzzles.  To be able to bring order to even a small piece of the universe was somehow calming.   These days I tie flies.  Learning how to tie wool-headed articulated streamers has been most enjoyable.  This guy is in need of a hair cut.


Clipping away, it starts to take shape.


Now all that is left is to fish these in hopes that somebody like this will find them tasty.