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Preview: Ruminations on Telecom and the Economy

Ruminations on Telecom and the Economy

Published: 2004-11-17T08:39:29-09:00


You've Got Mail


Remember the kind voice that greeted (and probably still greets) every AOL subscriber notifying them that they have mail "You've got mail" Audio branding. Powerful stuff. They even made a movie based on this simple audio brand. I have written...

VON 2005


Like many of the VoIP faithful, I made the pilgramage to Boston for this years VON conference. Others have previously described the public events and offline activites in much detail. I wanted to share some observations that I had of...

Some Themes Worth Tracking


Yesterday brings the news that the feds intend to closely scrutinize Microsoft's development of its next-gen operating system Longhorn. This is coupled with an announcement from Seattle that Microsoft intends to distribute some $75 billion in cash to its shareholders...

Structural Separation: RBOCS and Microsoft


We are certainly living in very interesting times. Over the next few years, we will witness a fundamental realignment of the structure for the global communications market. I sense that some large players may begin to make some radical changes...


Doc Searls has an interesting post entitled The Soylent Web talking about the link between social networks and information exchange. The post links to a comment about the need for a Web of People. When you can go to a...

VoIP as Narrowband Application


Many market analysts have been pointing to VoIP as the "Killer Application" to drive demand for broadband. I agree that VoIP, and the value-add features enabled by the platform, provide compelling value for the always on connection of broadband. However,...



I have written previously about my personal favorite new voice application - voice messaging. Ztel now has a service they call the Personal Voice Assistant (PVA). I strongly encourage anyone interested in this space to review the demo to get...

Platform Emerging


Leaving aside the heartburn that the EU regulators are causing for Microsoft, I firmly believe that over time Microsoft will emerge as a dominant player in the VoIP arena. If one views voice as merely a feature tied into some...

UNE-P, Naked DSL and VoIP


Le me try to provide a simple and clear approach to a complicated issue: In 1996 the effort to provide competition in the local loop necessitated providing access to not only the network elements but also the service elements to...

Social communications networks

2004-03-23T09:36:16-09:00 has an interesting article today on an Australian company that has combined mobile phones with social networking in an application it calls Fonetango. Fonetango integrates buddy lists with contact lists and provides network based back-up and storage. Now tie...

IP Mobility: Now we're talking!

2004-03-23T04:57:38-09:00 has an interesting story this morning about the integration of VoIP and mobile networks. This quote caught my atention: "My executives told me they think 'IP mobility' could be a $1 billion market in three to five years," Cisco...

Collaboration Software and VoIP


More signposts that there are exciting new life forms developing from the VoIP ecosystem. Clay Shirky comments in Many-to-Many a weblog on social software, that voice conferencing as we know it is quite cumbersome and ripe for innovation. Establishing multiparty...

Wifi, Open Networks and My Children


Someday we will be able to harness the wireless networks in our homes, neighborhoods and larger communities to continuously communicate with those we love. Communicating will likely be more seamless than "placing a call" in the way we do it...

Talk About Intelligent Endpoints


Geekzone reports today that Seimens and Skype are partnering to embed the Skype VoIP application with Seimens phones. As David Isenberg pointed out in The Rise of the Stupid Network intelligence will increasingly be pushed out to the edge of...

Voice: Value Add Features


So, I have had a long standing point of view that voice remains an under-exploited applications market. If we have learned anything over the last decade, it is this: Give people more flexibility around communicating and they will communicate more...