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Published: 2008-01-03T11:09:58-05:00


Wikia Search Previews Monday


2008 is off to an auspicious start: Jimmy Wales will preview Wikia, the new social, community-driven search engine, on Monday.

Link Wars: Yahoo Site Explorer vs. Google Webmaster Tools


When talking to clients about link building, one of the first things I bring up is why Yahoo Site Explorer and Google Webmaster Tools are the best sources for comprehensive backlink data. I go on to explain how Google purposely...

Google in the Holiday Spirit


It seems Google is feeling particularly festive this year... When you do a search for holiday related keywords like "snowman", "Christmas Tree", "Kwanzaa" or "Hanukkah" they are displaying little images like this. What other words can you find that produce...

A simple conversation with Muhammad Saleem


Muhammad Saleem is a regular guy. He recently graduated from college. He works in the online space. He enjoys offbeat news items. He blogs. So what makes him worthy of mention? Saleem, or rather “msaleem,” is considered to be the...

The Google of Oz: Is big G's algo a facade?


There were a lot of memorable moments in the 1939 classic, "The Wizard of Oz". My favorite is when Dorothy first lands in Oz and the movie suddenly shifts from black and white to color. However, there was another moment...

Tales from the hosting provider crypt:


Do me a favor. Visit the following URL and tell me what you see? Those who have had this happen will immediately know what's going on there and will emphatically agree with the following statement: Having your third-party hosting...

DigitalGrit is now Zeta Interactive


Not long ago, DigitalGrit became part of Adverb Media. Joining with sister companies Temel and RelevantNoise as Adverb gave us a broader capabilities set so we could offer our clients a true full-service experience.

Yahoo Goes Social, Following Google's Footsteps (NY Times)


Predictably, Yahoo has followed Google in revealing plans to create a create its own social network. From the NY Times...

SEO Recruiting Open House - Thursday, Nov. 15


SEO Experts: Are you searching for a great job? Are you looking for a great culture and the opportunity to work for an innovative, growing, top interactive agency? We are hiring for several interactive marketing positions, but we’re really focused...

IndexRank vying to oust Google's little green bar


For years, enterprising webmasters have attempted to build a reliable third-party gauge for measuring the strength of a specific web page. The rationale is simple. Currently, toolbar PR serves as the default gauge for the value of an inbound link...