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Published: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 18:44:58 GMT


Busy days for Marlins, but still trail Phils
From the size of the mushroom clouds hovering over Dallas when the baseball winter meetings broke up, you would have thought it was a nonstop, swap-and-sign meet.

Bill Conlin: Rollins deal makes cents for Phillies
IN 2005, THE Phillies gave Jimmy Rollins a 5-year contract extension worth $40 million. It was a brilliant business move for the Phillies. Including an option, they had the National League's premier shortstop locked up through 2011.

Bill Conlin: D-Train is Phillies' new double threat
Observations, insinuations, ruminations and unvarnished opinions . . . SEVENTH INNING. Phillies trail by a run. Charlie has been forced to his bullpen early. Jose Contreras is in a first-and-second, two-out jam. A lefthanded pinch-hitter is announced. Dontrelle Willis gets the call. He blows the guy away on four pitches.

Wow, Talk About a Storied Career
Dick Schaap did not bowl overhand. When in Rome, London or Havana, the citizens did not do as he did. Although, when he was in Green Bay - which was often - Cheesehead Nation considered him one of them.

Bill Conlin: Rollins in the Cards
When I'm King of the World . . . Phillies GM Ruben Amaro will blow a big, wet kiss to Angels counterpart Jerry Dipoto . . . They had to be pulling their autos over and dancing on the freeways that lace Orange County yesterday. Similar demonstrations of joy, but in groups of 12 scattered through 16 National League cities, had to be staged by NL pitchers who will only have to face Albert Pujols in expanded interleague play. Or October.

We saw what really happened in Seattle, Andy
Time's ours, huh? Again . . . Time was ours after the Boston Massacre was still in the rearview mirror.

Boston's Valentine to the AL East
Observations, Insinuations, Ruminations and unvarnished opinions . . . 'MY FUNNY Valentine" is one of the great standards of our rich popular-music culture. The timeless Rodgers and Hart classic has been performed by every major artist, vocally by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Linda Ronstadt, Billy Ecksti

Baseball meetings not the way they used to be
In about a week, on Dec. 5, the Lords of Baseball, and their legion of GMs, managers, scouts, agents and their megabucks-seeking clients will gather in Dallas for the final ritual of the 2011

Give and take for MLB labor peace
Observations, Insinuations, Ruminations and Unvarnished Opinions . . . THE SUN IS ABOUT to rise in the west . . . The Mississippi is running south to north . . . Obama's Super Six Committee will announce bipartisan agreement on everything and the Republic will be saved from becoming a ward of China . . . St. Peter just posted a headline on the Pearly Gates bulletin board: "Adultery Doesn't Count!"

Franco not horsing around when it comes to his old coach
Observations, insinuations, ruminations and unvarnished opinions . . . ALL NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris did was give a ringing TV character endorsement to that no-good SOB, Joe Paterno, and rip that wonderful, sinless Penn State Board of Trustees for the timing of the former legend's firing.