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An Apostle For Fitness: the blog of author Carole Carson. Containing tips, articles, and advice on nutrition, weight loss and fitness after 40.

Published: 2014-09-25T17:48:01-07:00


Eating Done Right: Pumpkin—Food of the Week


Each fall, millions of Americans carve pumpkins for Halloween and enjoy traditional pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. But with a little imagination, pumpkins become more than decorations and dessert. A versatile and nutritious vegetable, pumpkins can be used in a variety...

Create Your Own Salad Dressing: Save Calories and Dollars


If weight loss is your goal, you'll probably find yourself eating more fresh salads. Besides being nutritious, salads help us feel fuller without being dense in calories. Incorporating salads into your diet will be easier (and less boring) if you...

Change Your Diet to Send the Grim Reaper Elsewhere


Do you eat seven servings of fruits and vegetables each day? If not, you might want to start because choosing these foods reduces your risk of dying. Can you guess by what percent your risk of dying is reduced? 1....

Will Your Diet Destroy Your Health?


A diet high in carbohydrates—especially the unhealthy ones, such as white bread, pastries, sodas and highly processed or refined foods—contributes to which of the following medical conditions? 1. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease 2. Diabetes 3. Cardiovascular (heart) disease 4. All...

Is Mindfulness the Latest Fad? Are the Benefits Too Good to Be True?


Would you be skeptical if I told you that without taking a pill or seeing a therapist, you could lower your blood pressure, raise your self-esteem, experience equanimity in the face of stress, improve the quality of your sleep, reduce...

Is Laughter the Best Medicine?


Which of the following statements about humor are true? 1. Sick jokes make you ill. 2. Dry wit causes dehydration. 3. Jokes in bad taste trigger dysgeusia (distortion of sense of taste). 4. Laughter reduces arterial wall stiffness, lowers the...

Friends Don't Let Friends Fat-Talk: Become a Fit-Talker


What we say to ourselves and others about ourselves triggers a double whammy. Intrapersonal communication is the ongoing dialogue we have with ourselves as we move through our day. The conversation takes many forms—from an internal monologue to keeping a...

Among Kids, Is Cardiovascular Fitness Improving or Declining?


Researchers analyzed 50 studies on running fitness during 1964 and 2010 to see if today's kids are more or less cardiovascular fit than their parents were as youngsters. They based their analysis on studies of over 25 million children ages...

Intensity Beats Duration in the Battle of the Bulge: The Seven-Minute Workout


Are you leading a sedentary life? Are you among the 40 percent of Americans who have yet to incorporate any exercise into their daily routines? Are you among the majority of Americans (80 percent) who get less than the 30...

In Managing Cholesterol Levels, Is Weight or Fitness More Important to Your Health?


Researchers at the American Physiological Society studied 90 men between the ages of 18 and 30 to see whether weight or fitness was more important in maintaining healthy HDL levels. Before the experiment began, the authors of the study took...