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Preview: Shambles: What's New and exciting

Shambles: What's New and exciting

Developments at This page is also used to announce the online publications of the Shambles Newsletter

Updated: 2017-09-06T09:45:06.540+07:00


New Way to Find 'What's New' on Shambles.NET


In December 2011 I started to use "Scoop.IT" as a tool to inform about new items on Shambles.NET ... it takes much less time than posting directly to the Blog and also contains social elements like re-posting to other social networks and having the ability for visitors to leave comments.
I was never very good at regular posting here but hopefully the ScoopIT will be a better used tool ... TRY IT ... and subscribe if you'd like to receive emailed notices.
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Shambles Newsletter May 2011 ... online


Shambles Newsletter May 2011 .. now onlineand it lives at or use the short url It only comes out three time a year ... designed specifically for k-12 educatorsThe Content in this issue includes- launch of ShamblesPad (built on EtherPad)- Facebook instant OpenSIM VW- IB in LinkedIn- CPD courses and conferences- iPad School Timetable App written by a student- SAGE: Speakers, Authors, Guests, Experts  - PLANA Australia New Zealand CPD Portal- #21CLHK  #learn21cn #TechEx2011 #barcampcm4 #rscon3- iDevices Apps #mlearning #Apps #edapp- The Relationship Manifesto- Digitise the Text Book Industry- The TED-Ed Brain Trust- Generation Y: Who, What, How- Flipped ClassroomI'd appreciate your help to spread the word by forwarding this email to education colleagues or by Tweeting or through Social networks. It might be more convenient to use the url has a sign-up form and also contains archives back to 2002. The next edition out in November  (enjoy the summer hols) [...]

Shambles Newsletter February 2011 .. now online


Shambles Newsletter February 2011 .. now online
and it lives at
or use the short url

It comes out three time a year ... designed specifically for k-12 educators worldwide.

I'd appreciate your help to spread the word by forwarding this email to education colleagues or by Tweeting or through other Social networks.
It might be more convenient to use the url
which has a sign-up form and also contains archives back to 2002.

The next edition out in May 2011
Many thanks Chris

Try out this QR code to the newsletter with your mobile phone.

Shamblesguru Namecard


I'm about to have some (old media) namecards printed and so thought I'd take the opportunity to redesign them.It is a challenge to decide just what to put on it ... originally I was going to go very minimalist but then it started to grow into a record of my digital footprint.I even considered just linking to one page on the internet with all this info on it ... but then the aim is focus on the experience of recipients not myself   ... which then brings into question ... what is the purpose of a paper-based namecard?.  Is it to communicate or is it a marketing tool ... or vanity?When I receive a namecard from others I scan it and throw the image into Evernote which auto character recognises the text to make it searchable ...  so one of the considerations was to make it 'optical character recognition' friendly ... so no flowery or low contrast text and no messy backgrounds. One easy decision was to include a QR Code ... with the increased use of smart phones I predict that 2011 will be the year of QR Codes in Education ... and you thought it was going to be tablets.The interesting question is what should go in the QR Code? ... I decided to have it simply go to a page on Shambles ... so the decision is really  what to put on that page to make it friendly to mobile devices .... I'm still working on that ;-)So any feedback ... you have would be appreciated ... please add in 'comments' ...many thanks FRONTBACK[...]

Attending a Real Life Conference ... Virtually


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iPad & iDevices Exhibition & Meeting Area in Second Life


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Scribblar meets Screenr in Singapore


Just returned from running a series of workshops in Singapore ... here is 90 seconds from the workshop "Beyond PowerPoint"
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Twitter Chat vs Second Life (Virtual World)


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Twitter vs Second Life from Chris Smith on Vimeo.

Weekly Classroom 2.0 Saturday Webinar


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What's in my own Tech Survival Toolkit


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Modern Foreign Languages and ICT


Recently I seem to have added a lot of links in the "MFL and ICT" area of shambles
One of those items is about the new virtual keyboards that Google has introduced to help with search.
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Workshops in Sydney 24 to 28 May 2010


In May I have been invited to Sydney (Australia) to run five days of workshops.
Full details of the workshops are at

These are all related to Web 2.0 ... they cover both a skills aspect and also discussions about how these applications and tools relate to teaching and learning.

For more details and to apply visit
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Tour Shamblesguru's Desk & Technology


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Shamblesguru and Chris at TEDxBKK


This is the 'in-world' portion of the TEDtalk given by Chris and Shamblesguru in Bangkok on 13 Feb 2010 ... a mixed reality talk.
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Shambles' presentation at TEDx BKK 2010 from =IcaruS= on Vimeo.

Shambles Newsletter February 2010 now online


The February 2010 edition of the Shambles newsletter is now online at are only three a year so not many to look at. I'm really pleased with how this edition has turned out ... and I'm also very grateful for the suggestions and contributions received. I'm pretty certain that there will be something in the newsletter that will be of interest to you and your colleagues ... please feel free to pass the link around, it is public. One section that is bulging is that listing conferences, courses and workshops especially in S.E.Asia ... including some for the next academic year ... your staff i/c teacher professional development should find this particularly useful. All at: Next newsletter will be in May ... Have fun Chris Smith (Shamblesguru) p.s. Happy Chinese New Year  .... Year of the Tiger ---------------------------------------[...]

Merry Christmas from Shamblesguru


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Shambles newsletter: Database Migration


The online company I used (in Hong Kong) to manage the Shambles newsletter subscriber database is 'no more' ...
.... so I'm in the process of moving that database to a new host ... and have decided to use "Google Groups"
If you were in the subscriber list then you should receive an email in the next few weeks asking for you to confirm membership ... or/and ... you add your email to the form at

Shambles "Home Page" Redesign


After seven years it's time to revamp the Home page on the Shambles website .... the rest of the site will remain the same ... just the front door getting a new coat of paint.
I started off with the idea of going in a complete Web2.0 direction ... very minimalistic, simple, little more than a search box .... but that hasn't happened.
The page took control of itself and there is more on it than I'd planned for.
One new element is to replace the scrolling school/country names at the top with worldwide times ... this acknowledges that there is a global readership ... and knowing the time zones helps appreciate how others are affected.
Feedback is welcomed .... I've have several suggestions already that I've acted upon ... one suggestion I have yet to implement is a 'text magnifier' as much of the text is small if using high screen resolutions.

So please use the comments below this post for feedback.
Original page is at
New page is temporarily parked at
I'll be moving the new page to the front in the next couple of days .... the old page will continue and there is a link to the orginal on the new. (wow that sounded complicated)

Mini Tours of the Shambles Website


I've just done the first ... of what I plan to be a ongoing series of screencasts ... of mini-tours around the Shambles Website ... this first one is about the "Mobile Phones in Education" section.
I'm using a web-based screencasting application to make these ...
I need to work a little more on the audio volume and the best dimensions for these screencasts ...
they are really quick and easy to do, a brilliant application for students.
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Shambles Newsletter: May 2009


Shambles Termly Newsletter: May 2009 ... only 3 a year ... for (international) educators




Personal Learning Network (PLN)  => Personal Digital Footprint (PDF)
Just before Christmas I locked myself away for a day to quantify and visualise my own Personal learning Network ... it was a day WELL spent ... and has saved me considerable time finding places I knew I'd been before .. but forgotten.

This week I caught on to the idea of a Personal Digital Footprint (PDF) ... and so (yet again) locked myself away and quantified and visualised my PDF.

Now I have this feeling that both of these have the potential to save me time ... but there is a small part of me that thinks I may just have repeated what I did before even though the visualisation is different.

What do you think? ... the page with PLN and PDF is at 

ummm "pdf" a very confusing acronym.