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Fuck Livejournal

Fuck Livejournal -

Last Build Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 21:00:02 GMT

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no reason at all....the girls of porn - Mr. Bungle

Thu, 26 Feb 2004 21:00:02 GMT

Ok all you puss sucking mother fuckers out there, its time to win a chance to butt bang your daughters-titght-virgin-cherry-ass to caller number 666!!!

Ok, so thats not my sick mind that came up with that hallarious and perverted line, it belongs to none other than mr. Patton himself, courtsy of Mr.Bungle....

Ok, so guess who's going to new york?

Jeff and Grant and I, and guess who's going to see sleepytime gorilla museum in new york? Jeff and grant and I!!

Fuck ya!

its beyond my control its beyondmycontrol itsbeyond my control beyondmycontrol....ahhhh Im cummmming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, thats enough perverted bungle quotes for one post.

See ya in hell!

Love Derek.

hmmm....what happened LJ?Songs that i made

Wed, 18 Feb 2004 04:37:39 GMT

Ok, so it seems to me that im not as dedicated to this whole live journal thing as everybody else is. I havent been on my comp. for a while. so i just thought id update just so everybody (ha, like all 6) knows that im not dead.

well, im not dead, yet.

im actually still quite active...but this entry is dying. thats it.

See ya.

Love, Derek.

ok, things seem wellThe locust

Tue, 03 Feb 2004 03:23:24 GMT

Well, the weekend is over. And so is monday.

The weekend went well. Katie put on this cool show in ann arbor, which went well, and we (have you ever heard a rabbit scream) ended up playing (one song - one perverted song). If you haven't seen the show pics...well, get your hands on them.

They are floating about quite a bit... I would show you but i don't have all of them.

Point is, things are looking up.

Love - Derek.

*ps - Have you ever heard a rabbit scream?

fo shure!hey, music, thats a good idea. How bout the cure?

Sat, 31 Jan 2004 02:13:02 GMT

God damnit i did it!!!

I finally bought my drum mics and im so fucking exited!!!
thanks to a little help from zeke (my father) i can finally record drum tracks and have them sound professional as fuck!

Holy shit im so exited, well, thats about it, i just wanted to let the very few amount of friends i have know.

Love Derek.

i cant belive it happened!The Damage Manual - Sunset gun

Thu, 29 Jan 2004 21:01:40 GMT

My mouth was open upon reading this bizzare.

well, thats about it, check it out.

well, its the 3rd day...John Zorn - Reanimator

Thu, 29 Jan 2004 06:31:17 GMT

Well, its the third day of live journal, and i still have only like...barely any friends. Im in need of a cool converstaion about music. I need to see sleepytime gorilla museum in concert bad!
I know they are coming soon...ugghh! I cant wait!

all in need to know is...............Whose comin with me?!?

Love - The sperm Robot.

good day to taste the sunshine, good night to sleep in the clouds.

Wed, 28 Jan 2004 05:37:24 GMT

So, ive decided that my life is officialy (sp?) a big waste of time. The only thing that has ever made me really happy is music. Making music, listening to music, music. And my friends. Every thing else that i do makes me feel like im wasting precious music time. Why in the world do i spend so much time looking for so much stuff, that will eventually come or not, no matter how much energy i spend looking for it. I want to change somthing, but i dont know how, i dont know what im looking for, and most of all, if an opportunity came along, would i be to fucking iffy (like i always am) to jump on it? Why the fuck cant i take any chances? Somthing must change and it must change soon. Fuck you Michigan.

But enough of this feeling bad shit, Lets take a dump in somones laundry!!!???!!!

Love Derek...

what the hell does hyehars stand for???Constant hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm of the computer, and click click.

Tue, 27 Jan 2004 07:07:47 GMT


Lemme get a shout out to the screaming rabbit hood!

Well, here it is. Jesus, he wouldn't leave me alone, and kept telling me, and pushing, and pushing and pushing....until.. AHgaHHGaghGHGHGGHGGhgggH!
Well here's the fucking live journal! OOOHhHHhh, i can select an icon to tell everybody my mood! ooohh, a little paragraph well let everybody know exactly how i feel inside! Oooohh, live journal! ITs The COOl THING TO DO!

Or, maybe im reading in to it to much and should just chill out... ;)

-Love, or maybe not - Sperm Robot...uhh i meen Derek.