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Drought-induced changes in forest composition amplify effects of climate change

Wed, 21 Mar 18 00:06:00 -0700

The face of American forests is changing, thanks to climate change-induced shifts in rainfall and temperature that are causing shifts in the abundance of numerous tree species, according to a new paper by University of Florida researchers.

Rain or snow? Humidity, location can make all the difference, new map shows

Tue, 20 Mar 18 00:06:40 -0700

University of Colorado Boulder researchers have created a map of the Northern Hemisphere showing how location and humidity can affect precipitation, illustrating wide variability in how and why different areas receive snow or rain.

Historians to climate researchers: Let's talk

Mon, 19 Mar 18 00:13:40 -0700

Ours is not the first society to be confronted by massive environmental change. Over the course of history, some societies have been destroyed by natural disasters, like Pompeii, while others have learned how to accommodate floods, droughts, volcanic eruptions and other natural hazards. The key is how a society plans for and interacts with the stress from nature, say Princeton University historians John Haldon and Lee Mordechai.

Tree care workers need better training to handle dangers on the job, Rutgers study finds

Fri, 16 Mar 18 00:06:10 -0700

A Rutgers study calls attention to post-storm hazards posed to tree care workers and provides safety recommendations.

Droughts in Mongolia -- past, present and future

Wed, 14 Mar 18 00:09:20 -0700

The extreme wet and dry periods Mongolia has experienced in the late 20th and early 21st centuries are rare but not unprecedented and future droughts may be no worse. An international team of researchers developed a climate record stretching 2,060 years into Mongolia's past using tree rings. The team then combined the tree-ring record of past climate with computer models that can project future regional climate.

Saving lives

Wed, 14 Mar 18 00:07:00 -0700

Last year, 81 million people worldwide experienced severe food insecurity. About 80 percent of them live in Africa. While much of that food insecurity relates to civil war and violence in places like South Sudan and Nigeria, a good portion also stems from a sequence of five severe droughts that began in Ethiopia in 2015 and spread across parts of the continent in the ensuing three years.

Lack of water is key stressor for urban trees

Tue, 13 Mar 18 00:13:00 -0700

A recent study finds that urban trees can survive increased heat and insect pests fairly well -- unless they are thirsty. Insufficient water not only harms trees, but allows other problems to have an outsized effect on trees in urban environments.

Flood, drought and disease tolerant -- one gene to rule them all

Tue, 13 Mar 18 00:00:50 -0700

A newly discovered gene in rice confers flood tolerance, drought tolerance and disease resistance, and the discovery of the gene is a major step forward on the quest to produce climate smart crops.

Four kinds of algal toxins found in San Francisco Bay shellfish

Mon, 12 Mar 18 00:01:30 -0700

Researchers monitoring San Francisco Bay for algal toxins have found a surprising array of different toxins in the water and in mussels collected from the bay. Four different classes of toxins, including one produced in freshwater environments, occur regularly throughout the bay, according to a study led by UC Santa Cruz researchers.

Glaciers provide clues to combat desertification

Tue, 06 Mar 18 00:03:50 -0800

Understanding how bacteria help convert glacier bedrock into soil could help address desertification.

Tropical forest response to drought depends on age

Mon, 05 Mar 18 00:13:10 -0800

Factors most important for regulation of transpiration in young forests in Panama had to do with their ability to access water in the soil, whereas older forests were more affected by atmospheric conditions.

New study: Snowpack levels show dramatic decline in western states

Fri, 02 Mar 18 00:09:50 -0800

A new study of long-term snow monitoring sites in the western United States found declines in snowpack at more than 90 percent of those sites -- and one-third of the declines were deemed significant.

Native wildflowers bank on seeds underground to endure drought

Thu, 01 Mar 18 00:08:20 -0800

Native wildflowers were surprisingly resilient during California's most recent drought, even more so than exotic grasses. To see this resilience, UC Davis researchers of a new study had to look underground to the seed bank. Native wildflowers increased the seeds they stored underground by 201 percent during the drought.

Food abundance driving conflict in Africa, not food scarcity
In Africa, food abundance may be driving violent conflict rather than food scarcity, according to a study published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, a publication of the Agricultural