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Thousands of tons of e-waste is shipped illegally to Nigeria inside used vehicles

Thu, 19 Apr 18 00:00:50 -0700

A study into used electrical and electronic equipment sent to Nigeria, mostly from Europe, reveals a continuing 'severe problem' of non-compliance with rules governing such shipments. Of roughly 60,000 metric tons sent from other countries in 2015 and 2016, at least 15,400 tons was non-functioning e-waste, exports/imports of which are illegal. Almost 70 percent -- 41,500 tons -- arrived inside vehicles destined for Nigeria's secondhand auto market, thus avoiding normal inspections.

Rare earth magnet recycling is a grind -- this new process takes a simpler approach

Thu, 19 Apr 18 00:05:20 -0700

A new recycling process developed at the US Department of Energy's Critical Materials Institute turns discarded hard disk drive magnets into new magnet material in a few steps, and tackles both the economic and environmental issues typically associated with mining e-waste for valuable materials.

UTA expands efforts to develop water recycling technologies

Wed, 18 Apr 18 00:04:20 -0700

The Collaborative Laboratories for Environmental Analysis and Remediation at the University of Texas at Arlington has expanded its partnership with oil field equipment supplier Challenger Water Solutions to develop water recycling technologies that will transform waste from unconventional oil and gas development into reusable water.

Stemming the tide of ocean plastics
As people in the developing countries become more affluent, they end up buying more plastics. But these areas often don't have good waste management procedures in place, so a lot of that plastic eventually ends up in the ocean, according to an article in Chemical