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Oh No They Didn't!

Oh No They Didn't! -

Last Build Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 23:10:26 GMT


J.J. Abrams: "Last Jedi" backlash won't affect Episode IX

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 23:10:26 GMT

“‘Star Wars’ is a big galaxy, and you can sort of find almost anything you want to in ‘Star Wars.' If you are someone who feels threatened by women and needs to lash out against them, you can probably find an enemy in ‘Star Wars.’ You can probably look at the first movie that George [Lucas] did [‘Star Wars: A New Hope’] and say that Leia was too outspoken, or she was too tough. Anyone who wants to find a problem with anything can find the problem. The internet seems to be made for that.”

On if the outcry would affect the upcoming film: “Not in the least. There’s a lot that I would like to say about it, but I feel like it’s a little early to be having the ‘Episode IX’ conversation … I will say that the story of Rey and Poe and Finn and Kylo Ren — and if you look, there are three men and one woman, to those that are complaining that there are too many women in ‘Star Wars’ — their story continues in a way that I couldn’t be more excited about and cannot wait for people to see.”



ONTD Original: 100 Memoirs By Women

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 22:40:19 GMT

ONTD Original: 100 Memoirs by WomenBev Sellars, They Called Me Number One: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residental School. In this frank and poignant memoir, Sellars breaks her silence about the institution’s lasting effects, and eloquently articulates her own path to healing.Sheila Watt-Cloutier, The Right To Be Cold: One Woman's Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet. In this culmination of Watt-Cloutier's regional, national, and international work over the last twenty-five years, The Right to Be Cold explores the parallels between safeguarding the Arctic and the survival of Inuit culture. Mini Aodla Freeman, Life Among the Quallunaat. The story of Mini Aodla Freeman’s experiences growing up in the Inuit communities of James Bay and her journey in the 1950s from her home to the strange land and stranger customs of the Qallunaat, those living south of the Arctic.Ma-Nee Chacaby, A Two-Spirit Journey: The Autobiography of a Lesbian Ojibwa-Cree Elder.** Chacaby’s story is one of enduring and ultimately overcoming the social, economic, and health legacies of colonialism.Maria Campbell, Half-Breed. A young Métis woman's struggle to come to terms with the joys, sorrows, loves and tragedies of her northern Saskatchewan childhood.Linda Hogan, The Woman Who Watches Over the World: A Native Memoir. Hogan recounts her difficult childhood as the daughter of an army sergeant, her love affair at age fifteen with an older man, the legacy of alcoholism, the troubled history of her adopted daughters, and her own physical struggles since a recent horse accident. Wilma Mankiller, Mankiller: A Chief and Her People. Mankiller's life unfolds against the backdrop of the dawning of the American Indian civil rights struggle, and her book becomes a quest to reclaim and preserve the great Native American values that form the foundation of our nation.Mary Crow Dog, Lakota Woman. Mary Brave Bird grew up fatherless in a one-room cabin, without running water or electricity, on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Rebelling against the aimless drinking, punishing missionary school, narrow strictures for women, and violence and hopeless of reservation life, she joined the new movement of tribal pride sweeping Native American communities in the sixties and seventies. Deborah A. Miranda, Bad Indians: A Tribal Memoir.** This book leads readers through a troubled past using the author's family circle as a touch point and resource for discovery. Personal and strong, these stories present an evocative new view of the shaping of California and the lives of Indians during the Mission period in California.Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, Life Among The Piutes: Their Wrongs And Claims. Sarah Winnemucca (c. 1844-1891), daughter of a Paiute chief, presents in her autobiography a Native American viewpoint on the impact of whites settling in the West.Maxine Beneba Clarke, The Hate Race.  A powerful, funny, and at times devastating memoir about growing up black in white middle-class Australia.Sally Morgan, My Place. Looking at the views and experiences of three generations of indigenous Australians, this autobiography unearths political and societal issues contained within Australia's indigenous culture. Rigoberta Menchú, I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala. Rigoberta Menchú, a Guatemalan peasant woman, reflects on the experiences common to many Indian communities in Latin America.Carolina Maria de Jesus, Child of the Dary: The Diary of Carolina Maria de Jesus. A powerful first-hand account of life in the streets of São Paulo from 1955 to 1960 that drew international attention to the plight of the poor.Domitila B. De Chungara, Let Me Speak! Testimony of Domitila, a Woman of the Bolivian Mines. Blending firsthand accounts with astute political analysis, Domitila describes the hardships endured by Bolivia's vast working class and her own efforts at organizing women in the mining community.Carmen Aguirre,[...]

Omarosa: Someone in the White House is "sleeping around with everybody"

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 22:39:41 GMT

When asked by fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant Brandi Glanville if she slept with Trump (RUDE), Omarosa flat-out denied it. However, she added, "There’s somebody in the White House that’s sleeping around with everybody, but she is not me... I’ve never had to do that." For reasons unknown to man, no one asked a follow-up question.


Florence Kasumba addresses BP's lack of Queer Representation

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:47:29 GMT

  • Florence Kasumba portrays Ayo, one of the Dora Milaje that serve as King T'Challa's personal guard in Black Panther. Having previously appeared in Captain America: Civil War, the character was expected to have a major role in this film.

  • In the comic books, Ayo has a romantic relationship with Okoye, who is portrayed in this film by Danai Gurira, and a Vanity Fair reporter claimed that she saw footage of Ayo and Okoye flirting with each other. However, the footage was cut for unknown reasons (you know why).

  • Florence was asked about the relationship between Okoye and Ayo, and she revealed she had read the World of Wakanda comic book. "The thing is, if the makers would have wanted everyone to see the scene, it would have been in the movie. The final result that we’ve seen, there were a few scenes that have been cut. Different scenes, also. They didn’t make it into the movie for certain reasons, and at that point, I have to say: What their reason is, I can’t tell you, because nobody told me about whether it’s in or not."

  • She did mention that she would like to see it play out eventually. "I’d love to, at some point. Not now, because it’s too soon. At this point, the focus is somewhere else. I started reading World of Wakanda towards the end of filming and I loved reading the comics. I loved reading about, Okay, how do the Doras become Doras? … That’s the whole reason why we had a boot camp [to train for the movie]: In order to be physically able to move as a unit. That was more important. That’s what I’m saying, right? Who is in love with whom and whatever — that was not important in this movie."


Sally Field wants Adam Rippon to date her son

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:46:58 GMT

  • Sam Greisman, son of Academy Award winner Sally Field, tweeted about his "olympic crush" with an image of a text between him and his mother.

  • Field, who later tagged Adam in the post, responded to her son's message with "Sam...he's insanely pretty...find a way"

  • Field has been a huge LGBTQ activist, and in 2014 she wrote in an open letter that she considered raising her son to be one of the greatest privileges of her life. “What horrifies me is that there are parents who so disapprove, who are so brainwashed to think that this is something out of the Bible or ungodly or against nature. It’s not against nature if nature has actually done this. Sam was always Sam, this wonderful human that he is, from the time he was born.”


this is cute imo. anything to get adam away from that asshat t*ler oak*ey


ryan coogler round-up

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:46:28 GMT

On this episode of "Notes on a Scene," Black Panther's director and co-writer Ryan Coogler breaks down a fight scene in the movie featuring Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, and Chadwick Boseman.

Ryan Coogler and Chadwick Boseman for Complex

Co-writer/director Ryan Coogler and his leading man Chadwick Boseman sit down with Complex for a discussion on the making of Black Panther, what inspired and overwhelmed them, working with Kendrick and TDE on the soundtrack and how the movie could impact black-led blockbuster opportunities going forward.

Black Panther at BAM screening

Ryan Coogler visited the BAM Harvey Theater for a special screening and Q&A a few days ago. Spike Lee also attended.

Ryan Coogler for The Hollywood Reporter

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neil labute's latest play canceled

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:32:36 GMT

MCC Severs Ties With Playwright-in-Residence Neil LaBute

The Off-Broadway company has also canceled its upcoming production of Reasons to be Pretty Happy.


MCC Theater canceled the upcoming production of probably misogynist as hell play Reasons to be Pretty Happy by giant creepo Neil LaBute and is terminating his tenure as its playwright-in-residence, effective immediately. Gee I wonder why. Representatives for the company declined to comment further because they know the article's about to drop.

MCC has produced a number of LaBute’s plays and has collaborated with the playwright for more than 15 years. The company has worked with LaBute on Fat Pig, The Mercy Seat, The Distance from Here, Reasons to be Pretty and i mean if those titles don't tell you everything you need to know, and the 2016 solo play, All The Ways To Say I Love You, starring two-time Tony winner Judith Light who should know better smh.

The world premiere of LaBute’s Reasons To Be Pretty Happy, directed by Leigh Silverman was set to close out the 2017–2018 season. Aw, poor dat. In his newest play, the playwright revisits the characters first introduced in Reasons to be Pretty and Reasons To Be Happy because he's probably totally out of ideas.


from the man who brought you this iconic scene:

Camila Cabello sells out first solo tour

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 20:31:59 GMT


In not so surprising news, ex-Fifth Harmony lead singer Camila Cabello announced on all forms of social media that her solo tour has sold out just ONE day after being released to the public for general sale.

The Havana singer kicks off on her 20+ date tour in North America, and will conclude the tour in the UK.  Due to high demand, 2nd dates were added for multiple cities across the US, and have also sold out.


ONTD Original: Everything you need to know about the new Queer Eye's Fab 5

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 19:16:36 GMT

The Queer Eye reboot has an all-new Fab 5 crew. Here's all you need to know about them before (or after!) you start binge-watching!Jonathan Van Ness (grooming).@JVN is more than a grooming guru. Prepare to get a makeover inside and out. 💅— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) January 21, 2018Yas hunny! Jonathan is the one with the luscious long locks (seriously, how does he get that amazing shine??), and the star of the Emmy nominated (!) webseries Gay of Thrones. He was bullied as a kid, was his high school's first male cheerleader, loves ladies figure skating and the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. He works as a hair stylist in LA and NYC. And he has a podcast, Getting Curious! Jonathan is the most positive and upbeat and if you don't like him, I can't be friends with you. Byeeee.@JVN is LITERALLY obsessed with figure skating. ⛸ He's letting us know why he stans @mirai_nagasu and @adaripp. And to be honest, we're with him!!— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) February 16, 2018 Berk (design).@bobbyberk : Design master, DIY aficionado, and total hottie with a hammer 🛠— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) January 26, 2018THE hardest working member of the Fab 5. While Antoni will be teaching a bitch how to make an avocado salad with like, 3 ingredients, Bobby's redoing a whooooole house, checking for termites, tearing down walls and ugly cabinets, buying new stuff, building and paiting furniture... honestly. The man is a design god, even if he shelves books THE WRONG WAY ROUND.He worked in retail and now he has a huge interior design brand and online store. And he's married!!!!! Brown (culture)Give @KaramoBrown one week and he’ll build a confident and sexy new you. 🤩— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) January 24, 2018Did I say culture?? I don't know why they called it that. He's basically the self-esteem guy, talking to people, figuring out their insecurities and helping them feel more confident. I know some of y'all don't think he does a lot, but he does more than Jai did!Karamo loves fly bomber jackets (seriously his collection is AH-MEEEE-ZING) and thirst trapping on insta. He was on The Real World, was a social worker, and in 2007 discovered that he was the father of a 10 year old boy (!!) and got custody of him that same year. In 2010 Karamo adopted his son's half brother. Porowski (food)@antoni knows how to keep your tummy full and your heart warm... America's Sweetheart who? 🥘 🍷— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) January 30, 2018Antoni will teach guys to make guac or a hot dog, and that's it, but he looks cuuute doing it. He has a boyfriend, who is like, even cuter than he is, no joke.Antoni is pretty quiet and shy (not shy enough not to post thirst traps though js), and admits to being supersensitive. He loves dogs!!! He's neighbours with and worked for Ted Allen, he likes indie rock (especially The Strokes, I mean can you even call them indie anymore? but seriously he has a different Strokes tee for every episode) and the book A Little Life. France (style)Tan's expertise goes far beyond wardrobe, it's all about being comfortable in your own skin 👯‍♂️— Queer Eye (@QueerEye) January 28, 2018Understated fave, Tan is British-Pakistani, Muslim and married to a Mormon (really). He gets uncomfortable having his ph[...]

Were Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux legally married?

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 19:16:20 GMT

- Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux tied the knot at their home in Bel-Air in 2015,

- reportedly there are no records of them obtaining a marriage license in California,

- they could obtain a license from a different county or get married elsewhere and get a ceremony in Bel-Air.

source: twitter

(5) 30 Of The Worst Couples In Literature

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:54:16 GMT

Heathcliff and Catherine, Anna Karenina and Vronsky, and more: 30 of the worst couples in literary history.— Literary Hub (@lithub) February 17, 2018Romeo and Juliet - William ShakespeareSynopsis: Romeo & Juliet is a play about two young star-crossed lovers from feuding families.They commit suicide over a 6-day courtship.Wuthering Heights - Emily BrontëSynopsis: Wuthering Heights is about a passionate affair between Catherine and Heathcliff. Heathcliff was adopted by Catherine's father. When her jealous brother humiliates Heathcliff, he leaves and returns to exact revenge for his treatment.They are an unhealthy and abusive couple.(To each other and others!)The Great Gatsby - F Scott FitzgeraldSynopsis: The Great Gatsby is about Nick Carraway who moves to New York in search of the American Dream.  He gets entangled in the wealthy lives of his cousin Daisy, her cheating husband Tom and Nick's neighbour Gatsby.“They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made." (Daisy kills Tom's girlfriend, and Tom gets Gatsby killed.)Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Synopsis: Gone Girl is about Nick and Amy a glamorous and happily married couple. When Amy goes missing, Nick becomes the prime suspect.He's a douchebag that cheats on her. She tries to frame him for her murder.Breaking Dawn - Stephiene MeyerSynopsis: Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the Twilight series. Bella becomes pregnant as human, and this sets the wolves and vampire clans against her. Bella, Edward & Jacob fight to protect the child.He falls in love with the baby??????????Whose your literary boyfriend/girlfriend?Book post!Tweet + Source 1 2 3 4 5[...]

Claws Season 2 Promo

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 17:53:35 GMT

-Claws returns to TNT summer 2018.

-No solid date has been announced yet.


FFAO: Saturday Post: Weekend 2

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:26:58 GMT

We are into the second weekend of competition, only 1 more to go!


Medals (by total # as 9 am CST) Slay a little bit, Norway and Germany!


Source: Your local TV
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US Broadcast Schedule
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Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira doing promo for Black Panther

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:26:06 GMT

Sources : 1, 2, 3

Merch News: Hasbro Drops Transformers & Picks Up Power Rangers + Everyone Pays Black Panther DUST

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:25:55 GMT

There’s Not Enough #BlackPanther Merchandise, and That's a Major Missed Opportunity— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) February 16, 2018• Merely a minuscule selection of 'Black Panther' products are available, and mostly at indie retailers (listed at the source)• The article notes that "you can buy Avengers sunscreen and Batman No More Tears shampoo at any Target or Walmart with ease" despite the quality of what those movies may be, yet the widely praised 'Black Panther' gets generic T-shirts and lackluster offerings."We've never been in a position where companies really cared about our opinions on marketing, let alone been the focus of said marketing attempts. They love our money and our culture, but only when it benefits them." — Raven Smith, CBR AuthorHasbro Picks Up Power Rangers Toy License— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) February 16, 2018• Hasbro picked up the license to design, produce and distribute toys based on the Power Rangers media franchise• Bandai had been the main Power Rangers toy licensee since the '90s, but the Power Rangers rights holder parted ways with the toymaker• Hasbro will not have control over the Power Rangers toy market in Japan likely due to the intertwined history between Power Rangers and the Japanese series it is based on – the Super Sentai franchise.• Will all be made official April 1, 2019Doomsday Clock's #Watchmen Cast Immortalized as Action Figures— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) February 15, 2018• DC announced their plan to produce Watchmen comic-version collectible action figures for the first time (from 'Doomsday Clock')• Previous collectibles were based on the 2009 filmTransformers Cinematic Universe Drops From Hasbro-Paramount Movie Slate— Comic Book Resources (@CBR) February 17, 2018• There are too many films that no one, not even Hasbro, is checking for• 'The Last Knight' was a flop and the entire live-action cinematic universe is nowhere to be seen in Hasbro promos through 2021• Michael Bay was apparently cooking up 14 Transformers stories before he ditched the dying (dead?) franchise altogether lmao• bye tbhSources: Black Panther, Power Rangers, Watchmen, Transformers,there is some drama in the toy business, man[...]

Marchesa designers quietly dropped fall 2018 collection

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:25:35 GMT

- Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig quietly dropped their fall 2018 collection on Instagram on the same date the brand was originally scheduled to present on runway,

- they also posted photos and videos of atelier workers sewing and crafting gowns.

source: twitter and twitter

how do toy like the collection, ontd?

Ryan Gosling got in a boxing workout today!

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:18:48 GMT

- seen heading into a gym on Friday in L.A.,

- he rocked a black t-shirt with a galaxy design and the phrase “You Are Here”.

source: twitter

Jamie Foxx Walks Out On Interview

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 16:18:36 GMT

- he was interviewed by SportsCenter,

- the interviewer asked him about his Valentine’s Day date with Katie Holmes,

- Jamie promptly took off his headset and walked away.

source: twitter

Black Panther gets A+ CinemaScore + Weekend box office projections revised to a MASSIVE $216M

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 14:23:22 GMT

Black Panther is only the 3rd superhero movie to earn an A+ CinemaScore (after The Incredibles and The Avengers)

After earning $76.6M on Friday (including Thursday previews), Black Panther is now eying $187.6M through Sunday and $216M over four days.

source, 2

ONTD Original: Six Artists We're Looking Forward to Dropping New Music in 2018

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 14:23:08 GMT

We live, breathe, and need new music. How else would we go on about our days? On our morning commutes to work or while traveling, outside while jogging, hitting up the gym, or during an e•mo•tion•al is a key staple that gets us through. So how is 2018 shaping up music wise? Well, not too bad actually. It seems promising and while ONTD loves quality, we'll also be damned if we don't love and are obsessed with our BOPS™. 'Cause you know you're killing it on the dance floor to CRJ's "Cut to the Feeling" telling others to step aside while you drunk show them how it's done. Sure it was posted online and you became a hilarious meme / hashtag...on the plus side, you went viral. When will the others in your family do it? Here are five artists dropping new music in 2018 that we're looking forward to.Frank Ocean | TBA 2018Ocean has promised his fans new music in 2018 and on Valentine's Day he sorta made good on his word by releasing a cover of “Moon River” on his YouTube and Tumblr accounts. The 1961 original, by Henry Mancini and written by Johnny Mercer, was sung by Audrey Hepburn in the classic 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and has been covered over the years by Jerry Butler, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra and several others. So far no details on #FO3 (or is it 4? did Endless count?) but Frank has told fans via Tumblr: “Well I made the album before 30. I just ain’t put that bitch out! — quotes from an interview I haven’t given haha.” He also said that if fans loved 2017 then they'll “love 2018.”Ariana Venti Grande | TBA 2018It's been two years since we've heard new material from Grande in the form of her third studio album, Dangerous Woman. Last December the songstress teased fans via Instagram with a new song snippet and the caption "see you next year." Involved on #AG4 is Pharrell Williams who told the Los Angeles Time: “Well, the Ariana Grande stuff is pretty amazing. The things that she has to say on this album, it's pretty next-level. Her album is amazing.” Are you guys ready to Bop to Into You 2.0? Hopefully lazily "written" Harry Styles material stays off this album too.Arctic Monkeys | TBA 2018As if waiting five years for The Killers' follow up to Battle Born wasn't painful enough, Arctic Monkeys and their fans join me in the it's been five years club. But the wait will soon be over this year. Bassist Nick O'Malley told motorcycling magazine For the Ride that the band had started recording an album last September and that it should be out in 2018. He adds: “If it isn’t. We’ve got problems.”Charli XCX | Mixtape/EP/Album? TBA 2018It may have been three years since Charli XCX's second album, "Sucker," but fans haven't had a shortage of steady new music from the singer. Since then she's released an EP and and two mixtapes (Vroom Vroom, Number 1 Angel, & Pop 2). It is uncertain if XCX will even have a traditional release this year telling Fader: “I don’t know if I’ll even put out an album, or if it’ll be an album in a traditional format. I don’t know if it’ll be three albums. There’s so much scope to play with that now, more than ever. Is the album even valid for me as an artist any more? I’m not sure. I think there’s an opportunity to do something really cool and fun, and I&rsquo[...]

Gabriel Byrne thinks #metoo hasn't gone far enough

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 12:01:39 GMT

Irish dilf Gabriel Byrne appeared on RTE's The Late Late Show and responded to comments by Liam Neeson about #metoo becoming a witch hunt,"It's not an abstract gender thing, a celeb cause du jour"


brb, updating my stan status to "omg ilu"

Justin Theroux packs his luggage into SUV on Valentine's Day

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 09:55:53 GMT

- Justin Theroux spent the Jennifer's 49th birthday on Sunday boxing at a Manhattan gym,

- on Monday he was spotted taking a stroll with two female companions,

- he laid low on Tuesday but walked his pitbull on Wednesday,

- he later emerged from his apartment and loaded up a black SUV with some suitcases,

- he has not been seen since news of the split,

- Jennifer was photographed in LA on Thursday.

source: twitter

Rita's album is delayed again + she ties 30 year old record for most top 10 songs by a British woman

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 09:52:53 GMT

After announcing in June that her third attempt at a second album would be released in November of 2017, and then announcing that the album would be released in early 2018 ,and then announcing that the album would be released in March, it appears the album has pushed back again. Rita did an interview and said her album will be released "probably after March".
With "For You" rising to number eight on the UK charts this week, it became Rita's 12th top ten single. She now ties Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark's thirty year old record for the most top ten singles by a British female artist on the British music chart. Rita celebrated by posting photos of herself.


CXG Round-up: Behind-the-Scenes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Season Three Finale + Reviews

Sat, 17 Feb 2018 09:52:05 GMT

The complete, epic behind-the-scenes story of how @CW_CrazyXGF's season-three finale was made— Vulture (@vulture) February 17, 2018This article goes into details about how the finale came together - writing (including profiles on 11 of the show's writers and their best jokes!), the music, the production, etc. and it's an interesting read! I've summarized a little of it below:- always envisioned as a four-season show, with four different cycles (denial, love, turned on him, rebuilding)- going back to the pilot, always felt like Rebecca would "bottom out" before she was diagnosed- began outlining season three in February 2017- when working on the season three finale, realized that the last two episodes of season three had too much focus on Nathaniel and Trent, hence added the conflict with Paula- "In the original script for 'Trent?!,' Paula agreed without hesitation to help Rebecca stop Trent. So it was tweaked to make Paula more of a reluctant accomplice. 'A thing we wanted to add was the idea that Rebecca might actually do something to harm their relationship,' says Dan Gregor [one of the episode's writers]."- not yet renewed for season four, but wrote the finale assuming they would be - "We’ll catch back up with Rebecca in 'some sort of prison setting. We stripped away all the things she was because they were never her choices. She’s starting back at square one, because she is a stunted child.'"- originally a third song was slated for the episode, a "Settle for Me" reprise sung by Nathaniel, titled "Settle for Her," but was cut :(- had to hand-colour the extensions Donna Lynne Champlin wore for "Miracle of Birth"- a $15,000 prop doll was used for Darryl's newborn baby, rented for $1,200 per week- used the third take of Rebecca's courtroom monologue- the show has not yet been renewed for a fourth (and final) season#CrazyExGirlfriend Boss on Rebecca’s Fateful Decision, the Time Jump, and the Show’s End Game— IndieWire (@IndieWire) February 17, 2018- with Nathaniel, wanted to subvert the trope of the rich asshole who becomes a better person because of a girl- Paula was the one protecting Rebecca from taking responsibility, which led to Rebecca understanding and facing her own culpability when she was "without her sidekick"- the episode is about "repercussions and responsibility," echoed in Heather's storyline as well as Rebecca's- two men (Jack Dolgen, songwriter, and Adam Schlssinger, composer) wrote "Miracle of Birth" after speaking to several women about the realities of giving birth- explains the decision for the time jump as "want[ing] to show that [Rebecca']s in a weird stasis with her relationship with Nathaniel.": "another bigger theme was that everyone in their life was moving forward and whizzing past Rebecca."- for Valencia's relationship with Beth, wanted to show her in a relationship with someone who appreciates her and treats her differently than Josh did; "she meets someone who thinks she’s funny and appreciates her business — those are two things Valencia cares about."- looked through about five or six dogs to find Dog Josh: "We looked for one that looked like David and Vinnie. It was that kind of like snub-nosed look, that kind of slightly flattened, small nose look that had jumped out at us."- pitched the show as four seasons, still waiting for a renewal to get[...]