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Post-Gazette -- OPINION

Updated: 2018-02-20T18:39:02




China’s massive foreign influence campaign in the United States takes a long view, sowing seeds in American institutions meant to blossom over years or even decades. That’s why the problem of Chinese financial infusions into U.S. higher education is so difficult to grasp and so crucial to combat.



As the Pittsburgh Public Schools struggled academically and financially over the years, there has been at least one constant: Day in and day out, the schools have been open and teachers have been in their classrooms. Teachers have not struck the district since the 1970s, a remarkable 40-year run that should help propel the parties past current roadblocks to a new contract.



South Africa did a relatively quick shift last week, replacing as president scandal-plagued Jacob Zuma with successful businessman-politician Cyril Ramaphosa without the necessity of elections.

Adding five words to the Second Amendment will make it clear and accurate


Many Americans have angrily insisted that government needs to reduce the carnage stemming from gun violence. Those opposed often point to the Second Amendment, especially as it was interpreted by the Supreme Court in the past decade as protecting gun rights of all individuals, rather than of state militias as it was interpreted over its first 200 years.



Thanks for Tony Norman’s column “Read the Great Books that Use the Worst Slur” (Feb. 13). “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” changed my life. I read the novel one summer when I was about 13 sitting on the back porch of my grandmother’s house in the middle of a little Missouri town on the Mississippi River. The similarities between my culture and that of Huck Finn’s Missouri were striking to me.

The only solution: more restrictive and sensible gun laws


Gun advocates claim that it is deranged people and not guns that cause carnage. But other countries (Britain, France, Japan, Norway, Germany, etc.) have about the same proportion of deranged people as we do but many fewer mass shootings. The difference is that these and essentially all developed nations have much more restrictive and sensible gun laws than we do. It’s as simple as that.

Our moral, ethical and spiritual unraveling has laid us bare in the decaying garden of America


While perusing the definitive manual on how to live, the all-time best-selling and least-read book, I came across a prophetic verse:



In horror movies, American teenagers are usually portrayed as stupid, mindlessly promiscuous and barely worthy of sympathy as they await butchery in a neverending series of blood-soaked sequels.

‘Surplus killing’: Our society needs sheepdogs with teeth


Sam Rosenberg owns INPAX Academy of Personal Protection, which is based in McCandless. He is the developer of the ASSERT program (Active Shooter Survival Escape & Response Tactics). He credits Dave Grossman — author of “On Killing” and “On Combat” — for the wolf-sheep metaphor.



State Rep. Mike Turzai, R-Bradford Woods, is speaker of the state House of Representatives.



In Vietnam, it’s always rush hour. The streets are so packed — at all hours — that our rush hours look almost deserted by comparison.



It’s over. It’s just the beginning. The president is exculpated. He’s still vulnerable. The special counsel now has affirmed the White House line. He still could be in the president’s crosshairs.

Not the court’s job: Make legislators draw the congressional map


There are so many maps floating around Harrisburg these days that the state Capitol could be mistaken for the site of a cartographers’ convention. The gamesmanship that’s followed the state Supreme Court decision throwing out the state’s congressional districts underscores anew the need for a new, impartial redistricting process.

Heated over history: The heritage of the sheriff’s office is a matter of fact  


Attorney General Jeff Sessions would not have taken the job if he didn’t have a thick hide. He has, after all, endured blistering attacks from the president for recusing himself from the Russia investigation. He has been excoriated for rescinding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program we believe should be maintained as part of any deal on immigration. And last week, a lot of people called Mr. Sessions every name in the book after he said, in an address to the National Sheriffs’ Association, “The office of sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.”



Americans prefer child safety to “gun freedom.” Nonetheless, Republican Congress members will propose that we beef up school entries with scanners and armed personnel. With this, we normalize guns, fear and the threat of deadly force in places reserved for childhood.



I respectfully request that the media stop using the relatively innocuous term “meddling” when referring to Russia’s actions in 2016. We tend to call it “meddling” when parents, in-laws, neighbors, etc., interfere in our private business. It’s not nice! We wish they wouldn’t.

Congress should fear the wrath of voters rather than the NRA


An increasingly large percentage of American voters are in favor of background checks before gun sales, bans on bump stocks and assault weapons and other reasonable limitations on gun ownership. However, the National Rifle Association has not only funneled money to senators and members of the House, it has also vowed to remove any member of Congress who votes against the NRA by funneling money to pro-NRA candidates in the next election. 

Kids shouldn't have to worry about making it to the final bell


I’ve never been enamored with the term “the good old days.” I always believed it to be an idyllic illusion, as there has always been hatred, corruption, violence and social injustice.

Service dogs have special training and help with access to the community


Regarding the Feb. 6 column “End the Scam of Flying Pets”: I respond as a woman who is blind and traveled with a service dog for many years. It’s a shame that people try to scam the system and ruin it for those of us who are in serious need of a dog to help us maintain our dignity and our independence in the community.

Kathleen Parker: Change agent with a camera


WASHINGTON — It was a profoundly poignant image: Thirty to 40 teens huddled together in a small dark room, their downturned faces illuminated by cell phones as they learned about an active shooter prowling their school.