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Goodbye Digg


To remind us that nothing on the Internet is forever, the once giant site known as Digg has been dying a slow death since a redesign. Digg Sells Itself for Pathetic Pocket Change: $500,000. This is pretty low considering they were once offered $200 million from Google and turned it down. The article mentions other companies that were once big but drifted away like CompUSA and MySpace, but

Beware Online "Filter Bubbles"


Let's guide the Internet the right way. Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" Remember that getting opinions different from your own help you to learn and grow. Be careful of over-personalization.

Dell Streak 7 WiFi Tablet Up for Pre-Order


When I first heard about it, I mentioned the Dell Streak back in September. At the time, I was earmarking the gadget because I knew that I'd someday need to replace my Dell Axim. Since then, I've had the good fortune to get an iPhone and despite loyalty, I'm not sure I'd go back. That being said, there are new reviews posted regarding the latest version of the Dell Streak, which now has WiFi.

Fun With My iPhone


If the following two pages on Apple's site are in front of me right now, you can bet that it's going to be a fun-filled morning. iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch software Update and restore alert messages on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch It is likely that everything that WAS on my phone is recoverable from my hard drive. The second link above makes it



I've previously mentioned reinventing the desktop interface and the kind of changes that might be coming regarding how we use computers. I wanted to share another cool idea in this area that is simply being called a bend desk. This looks promising. bend desk is a prototype interactive

Share Your Keyboard & Mouse for Free! by Ron Knights


Everyone with more than one computer within arm's reach needs a KVM switch or some other method for sharing the same input hardware. Apparently, you can use some free software to sync two PCs and share their keyboard and mouse. Read the full post about this at

The Dell Streak


I've had a Dell Axim for a pretty long time. I consider it pretty long considering it's basically a handheld computer. Family and friends who've seen me with it marvel a bit that it has lasted this long. Some day, it will need to be replaced. But I've come to understand that handheld computers, PDAs and the like are no longer available per se. They've all been replaced or edged out by high

The History Of The Internet (An Infographic)


There's a bit of a trend I've noticed lately where information is being shared in easy-to-understand infographics. They are sometimes a mix of the humorous and insightful along with a well laid out representation of information. I wasn't even born until 1976, so... The following graphic is a timeline of the major milestones in the full History of the Internet. Some of this history I lived

Shamus Summarizes and Pontificates on the Used-Game Debate


Get caught up and educated by reading the article on The Escapist.

Apple iTunes Defaults to Ripping .m4a - Thumbs Down


I like Apple. I like iTunes. That's what is going to make this hard (and yet so very easy) to write complaints about them. In yet another argument for never ever updating software ever, a setting that I depend on in iTunes buried deep in the preferences menu defaulted to factory settings. I should note that I'm not sure this happened during an update or for some other reason. I use iTunes for

Apple's 'Mac vs. PC' Ads Ending


Gizmodo has a post regarding the 'I'm a Mac' / 'I'm a PC' ads that Apple has been running for a long time. It seems that based on an interview with Justin Long (the 'Mac'), these commercials may be over. Whether you loved them or hated them, they were everywhere and arguably effective. Personally, I found them hilarious and rooted for Mac every time. If you'd like to see all of them starting with



Files get deleted unintentionally. It happens to everyone at some point. Sometimes they can be recovered from the recycle bin, but if they aren't there it's a little-known secret that they can still usually be recovered from the hard drive anyway. The reason for this is that when a file is deleted by the operating system, it only means that the file has been removed from a table of contents

Reinventing the Desktop Interface


Who would have thought that step one would be to completely ditch the mouse? But if you think about it, the due date has perhaps arrived. 10/GUI from C. Miller on Vimeo. Here are more details: Here it is: my crazy summer project to reinvent desktop human-computer interaction. This video examines the benefits and limitations inherent in current mouse-based and window-oriented

How to Mod a USB Flash Drive


Hm. I guess it really is that easy.

Top 87 Bad Predictions about the Future


When predicting the future, it is important to keep certain points in mind. In regards to predicting the future Howard H. Stevenson says, Prediction is at least two things: Important and hard. Important, because we have to act, and hard because we have to realize the future we want, and what is the best way to get there. The act of predicting the future --both near and distant-- has always been

Internet Explorer 7 Fonts


If you want to clear up the fonts in IE7 you will need to do the following.*Go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced*Go to Multimedia and Uncheck the Clear Type for HTML box*Ok the changes and restart IE.

The Internet's Early Years


It's hard to think about now, but at one point in the not-too-distant past, the Internet was new. Reporters for major news organizations looked at it and scratched their heads in confusion. For instance,... --a dazzling array of information-- I'm trying to figure out how old this is. There are some important thinkers here, but I'm sad to see that they concentrated so much on Bill

Windows 7 European Edition


When it's available, I want a copy of Windows 7 from Europe. It will ship without Internet Explorer. Read more on BBC NEWS.

Did Your Television Stop Working?


Did you pick up a new T.V. by now? As of today, all non-digital broadcast television signals have stopped. You've probably gotten sick of hearing about it by now. But if you woke up this morning and were surprised to learn that your screen is blank, then it's time to pick up either a new box or a converter. You can learn more at DTV Don't have one yet? Get a digital television

Circuit City Closed


I've briefly mentioned Circuit City before (thought I can't find it now), but I wanted to briefly link to their updated page regarding their recent closing of all stores in the United States. Circuit City would like to thank all of the customers who have shopped with us over the past 60 years. Unfortunately, we announced on January 16, 2009, that we are going out of business. Please check

Wil Wheaton's keynote at Penny Arcade Expo [mp3]


I bookmarked this over a year ago, but I listened to it again today in full. I checked back through my stuff and realized that I've never linked to it anywhere. It's worth mentioning for all kinds of reasons, mostly for the video game nostalgia trip that you will have if you are over the age of 30. Most geeks our age will recognize the name of Wil Wheaton from his role as Wesley Crusher on

What To Do With This Site?


I mentioned this before, but this site was birthed from something left behind by another site that I didn't originally create or develop. Read some of the previous archives for more details: January 2007 February 2007 March 2007 I felt weird about it at the time mainly because of the traffic, Google Pagerank and the promotion that had previously gone into promoting the "

Mac vs. PC (In The Style of TRANSFORMERS)


The marketing team at both companies need to sit up and watch this one.



Thanks to LucasArts and Bioware, I will likely never sleep again. Thanks to Tim Absath of Ctrl+Alt+Del for posting this one.

Why is My Flickr Pro Account Expiring?!!


First the whole digital television thing and now this. My Flickr Pro account is going away. Yahoo! owns Flickr. Since we've been using Yahoo! DSL for the longest time, I've had a Flickr Pro account available to me that I've abused thoroughly put to good use. It would seem by the yellow alert box that I saw in my account today that this will be downgraded to a standard account soon. AT&T