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BP keeps paying through the nose, but will the public stop holding its nose at BP?


Add another $4.5 billion today to the total of still-accruing costs to BP for its massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. That’s the amount BP agreed to pay the U.S. government in its guilty plea to criminal charges...

Crisis watch: What American Airlines can learn from the NFL after the ‘worst call ever’


It keeps getting worse for American Airlines. Already operating in bankruptcy, embroiled in a rancorous strike with its pilots, and fighting to stave off a take-over bid by US Air, American Airlines has had a week from hell. First was...

Transparency at work: Zuckerberg opens up; Facebook rebounds (a bit)


Back on June 1, I argued here that Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg needed to lead an effort toward greater transparency in conducting the newly public business of the social network behemoth. Two weeks after its epically hyped IPO, Facebook had...

Do electronic devices really threaten airplane safety? FAA should call on MythBusters


We all know we're supposed to shut off our "portable electronic devices" when our plane is taking off or landing. But it seems every flight has a few sneaks who just can't be bothered. Which begs the question: does the...

If even Joe Pa couldn't resist pressure to cover up an ugly scandal, are we sure we would have done better?


Covering up a problem always makes it worse. It's axiomatic in crisis management. And yet even the strong and the brave succomb to the pressure to keep the ugly hidden. Such a sad reminder of this today in not-so Happy...

At too-big-to-fail banks, transparency should mean letting us know when risk models scream TILT!


In an interesting turn of events... When J. P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon meets with analysts Friday, he can expect tougher questioning than when he testified before Congress twice last month. Senators from both sides of the aisle tip-toed...

Facebook needs to step up its transparency


Ironic though it may be, the world's largest social network (with a misson "to make the world more open and connected") needs to step up its commitment to transparency. As I write this post, Facebook stock is down another 7%...