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MT Extensions

A collection of perl scripts extending the MovableType CMS.

Published: 2003-10-17T15:59:55-05:00


Removig Duplicates Using MySQL


SQL queries you can use to remove duplicate comments or trackback pings.

Per-Category Templates


Using template modules and a cleverly designed archive template, you can easily create individual category templates.

General Purpose Search Template


How to design a search template that preserves the settings (IncludeBlogs, etc.) it was invoked with and that remembers the CaseSearch and RegexSearch check boxes.

Multipage Search Results


Changing the MT search results to be displayed in mutliple pages, 10 entries at a time.

Perl API


Plugin API in HTML

Importing DotComments


MovableType allows you to import entries and comments that have been exported by other blogging applications. If your are a...

Dynamic Pages


PHPServer Side Includes (SSI)JavaScript While MovableType makes it easy to quickly update your web site, all it really does is...