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Ever dance by the light of the full blue moon?

Ever dance by the light of the full blue moon? -

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and I'm off!

Fri, 05 Sep 2008 13:25:57 GMT

So, semester is in full swing.

All four of my classes are so freaking full its crazy!

Just finished lab for A&P, started homework for Chem and lost it at that point. Gotta work this afternoon so the rest will have to wait.

New schedule is Fr 11-4
                                Sat 4-11
                                Sun 4-11
So, basically, there's no play money, cash to just enough to bills.



Tue, 02 Sep 2008 17:42:47 GMT

Yesterday I was very obscure about what and why I am such a bitch. I won't bore people with the details, but the thought of having to be confined for a time with some of the people that you know you could tear their faces off of in a heartbeat can set anyone in a tizzy, let alone put one into a bitch state. I have been a bundle of nerves all summer, and it finally came to a head this past week. I laid it all out and opened my mouth.

Lets just say someone kept some dirty laundry under the bed. It was festering and I fell over.

I am better now, but still very concerned. And just because I am way too busy to text all of you personally:

T- Good luck and all the best to you.
C- Happy birthday month to you!
B- Cleaning sucks ass. But its worth it.
XC- there's always a tomorrow- if tomorrow doesn't come, it won't matter
wm- Raising the Bar was EXACTLY what I expected
ty- I got the new shirts, Absolutely love them!

turn the page

Mon, 01 Sep 2008 16:19:11 GMT

SO life happens. You really don't realize just how much you miss out on when you live in the past. Re-evaluating all the shit life threw at you yesterday wastes away the moments that made up today, and you, once again miss the opptunnity to live the moment. I have had amazing doses of todays and love the moments that make it up. I am not planning my tomorrows but I look to the future with hope and open eyes. I don't care what people are doing around me because I am that selfish bitch.

ha ha

Sun, 06 Jul 2008 22:24:41 GMT

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because not everyone is in the other channel

Sun, 06 Jul 2008 14:31:55 GMT

 Current StudentsTranscript This is an unofficial copy of your transcript. To obtain an official copy for presentation to transfer institutions and potential employers, return to the Students Menu and click the Transcript Request link. XXXXXXXX Michelle XXX Transcript Information Course/Section and TitleGradeCreditsCEUsTerm1AHE-101 29 Intro Healthcare 4.01.00   2008/02 2HUM-106 33 Intro Art & Music 4.01.00   2008/02 3PSYCH-201 02 General Psychology 3.74.00   2008/02 4BIOL-115 52 Nutrition 4.03.00   2008/01 5ENG-102 23 English Composition 2 4.03.00   2008/01 6MATH-053 13 Beginning Algebra 3.74.00   2008/01 7POLS-105 35 Survey of Am Govt 3.83.00   2008/01 8NATP-110 02 Nursing Assistant Preparation 4.010.00   2007/04 9MATH-053 43 Beginning Algebra NC 0.00   2007/01 10BIOL-101 10 General Biology  3.84.00   2006/02 11MATH-047 59 Prealgebra 3.63.00   2006/02 12MATH-045 01 Basic Mathematics 3.84.00   2005/04 13ENG-101 86 English Composition 4.03.00   2005/01 14ACCT-201 51 PRIN OF ACCOUNTING 3.34.00   93/04  Academic ProgramNURSING ASSISTANT SKILLS CERT Academic Standing: GOOD STANDING ********************************** gotta keep the rest of this stuff out because of the whole internet thingie...but I am soooo glad this crap is over! No more little petty shit, all the classes I have left are set up for the first year of the RN program. This fall is the heavy stuff, but I have a feelimg it won't be too hard. Oh, thanks for the extra help on the math stuff...I can play stupid like all the other blondes--I just know how to get my coffee and time wrapped into it! **waves and smiles**.  Currently listening : Scarlet's Walk By Tori Amos Release date: 2002-10-29 [...]

Freaking out

Mon, 30 Jun 2008 18:47:27 GMT

Ok, only been out of classes a total of 5 full days now...and I am freaking already! I feel like I am going to waste away, loose the few things I learned and forget everything else!!! UGH. 

I think its time to get to the book store- if I had money in the bank I'd order online, but the pool took all that. 

OH ITS UP AND FILLING FOLKS...pool party as soon as it heats up a bit.

Working tonight and tomo0rrow to get two days off before the whole facility goes on their vacations, so that means 4-5 days straight which totally drains the hell out of you. Just when I really need to be purged   lol


Sun, 29 Jun 2008 08:34:09 GMT

Now how's that for Karma?

And with that...

May the Lord Bless you, keep you safe and under my prayers unspoken, give me peace.

semester is over

Sun, 29 Jun 2008 07:12:33 GMT

 Oh, My....I am so happy to have a break right now. Classes went really fast this semester, and the only class I was worried about, Psych wasn't as bad as I had planned for. Maybe because I studied my ass off and did nothing but homework, study guides and pulled case histories up between the three classes I had for the entire seven weeks and still worked my 40 hours! 

Bite a chunk off of that Mr! 

Pool is started, but the rain is keeping it from being completed. Better luck in a few hours? 

No classes for summer session, because I am ready to high tail outta Dodge here. I am going away, far far far away for some unknown amount of time excited to be going with the bff beau, but another story-another time. 

Fall classes are 17 credits:
Biology 237 (first of a set) 5 credits
Colls 153 (mandatory Nursing class) 4 credit
Psych 229 (another mandatory Nursing class) 4 credits
Chem 051--yes I know its for prereqs 4 crfedits
I think I will be AWOL for a while........


Wed, 25 Jun 2008 02:02:05 GMT

Ok, so guess who's home for 9 weeks? 

Don't look at me...I am about to take off! 

Poor kids 

lets see

Wed, 11 Jun 2008 18:45:42 GMT

OMG>>>>THIS WAS TOO FUNNY! I just got my pharm books and hearing this was a riot!

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To anyone who has called me a 'friend'

Thu, 03 Jan 2008 17:55:04 GMT

To anyone who has called me a 'friend'

Psycho babbling and inapt engineering has me totally unrestrained--- delirious. Thanks.

Fucking with people's heads is an awesome game people enjoy to the point of complete chaos. I rebuke this practice- I can play, don't get me wrong. There is always a game going around. Being played isn't what I adore, so either I play by my rules or I don't want to play. Manipulation tactics will only get so far. I really hate going there and most of the time it backlashes with a vengeance. So I don't spin tables. I'd rather play by in your face and fuck you attitudes. Why get the milk for free if the cow stalks you? I can't shake a few things, but for the most part- I know when enough is enough. Yo-yos are for kids and I never liked being one. Thanks for playing- now either get real and be honest with people or let me know your rules. Persistent detraction of others motives is really and wholly unfair. I might be exaggerating how much pain I don't feel- but going through emotional roller coasters alone isn't what I imagined. Can I plead immunity for the new year?

video games and the dryer

Mon, 25 Jun 2007 16:36:42 GMT

I am addicted to this little plug and chug shit for an excuse to play our stupid 360.This toad spits out colorful balls and they run through a tunnel. Spit out is an understatement. You have to position these little fuckers just right and you move through the line up. Its Tetris with a twist.Yeah, who the fuck gave me a controller? And why am I snapping at the kids? Got some work around the house accomplished, but nothing I wanted. Guess the kids are going to be really busy while I am at work. Any way, no party for me on Wednesday, and I hope it goes well. By the time I get off of work, they will have all the streets blocked and I would probably  miss everyone anyway.

provoking the worst

Thu, 12 Apr 2007 03:47:07 GMT

actually amazed this is still active! So, for all the shit I don't want out, I'll post here, since all the fuckers close to everyone else are on the other channel 

an update

Wed, 04 Jan 2006 02:52:26 GMT

Here's to all the people who said it couldn't be done.... a THREE POINT NINE FUCKIN GPA!! I did it, working, kids, church, and Gary qll wrapped up and still studied my ass to get it! Now SHUT THE FUCK UP--my e-mails are getting outrageous, I can't keep up with the bombardment of all the newbie alerts and hypertext that comes in over and over like the tsnuami that never ends. Thanks for all your support, and most of all I am now free to roam about the Garden City area. Thanks once again. and I want to thank God, for whom all things flow abundantly, mostly the wise-assed comments that have rolled from the tongue and fucked up stuff i've said to those who pissed me off recently, may what you dish come back on your platter.

Sat, 03 Dec 2005 04:41:43 GMT

so today was a total waste of make-up. time patience and my humor went unappreciated. got hugged by my 4 year old and kitten is purring on the shoulder watching the pretty lights. hope tomorrow doesnt end up with pity too. just waiting for the drugs to put me to sleep. doctors visit on thursday to check out the headaches-can't wait. oh well, letterman is on i'm too pissed to care. gotta go into work in the morn and get the kids to the church by home around 1230 after i get all my x-masjunk from brendas and hopefully get all my homework done by 6 to go on date night with Gary.busy and busier on sunday with the church--I'll be there all day, oh shit, I forgot to make the sandwiches, I'll have to do that right now.

stabbing the darknessBeatles I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Wed, 16 Nov 2005 01:01:12 GMT

ok, just a quick post. Heard from an old friend today. Really surprised to have gotten any response from that end, but then again, parting like we did was pretty weird. Miss chatting the most though. We will see how it goes. Tomorrow is going to be a weird day as well. School, work then church. Kids have choir rehersal then my rehersal starts at 8- not really sure if I want to go or not. Gary said he'd come get the kids, so I am not really sure how to pan that out. Eitherway, the headaches are pretty bad lately, hope the weather gets better soon. Supposed to be getting really cold soon. Hot coco and snuggle down? oh by the way, if anyone knows of a decent laptop at a really good price--keep me in mind!? thx

yippee ki ayyyyy

Sun, 13 Nov 2005 16:26:12 GMT

So I am here nursing yet another Sunday blahs. MOvies tonight and hopefully chatting with some poor lost and miserable soul. Yes, I'm looking in the mirror. Math homework beckons me upstairs, but it will wait. Laundry mocks in the corner, but I'm not looking. Miss chatting with people that have nice things to say-let alone a brain. Headaches suck- especially when they are sinus involved. Gotta say that the self-induced ones are pretty bad too. Any which way, here's a fuckin post.

been a long cold winter er- summerEm--new CD

Sat, 05 Nov 2005 02:15:53 GMT

ok, school's swell, job sucks but it pays for my drinking binges and spending habits. Cabin week was awesome, lost my voice and gained the respect from men twice my drinking ability when I swollowed an entire bottle of Raspberry Stoli's and walked away from the table. Not to mention the drink for drink rally-- I really can't believe I am here to tell you the story. Anyhow, here's my update, I probably won't be updating anytime soon, but then again maybe ai will....and won't you feel so warm and snuggly to see my post once again? Any which way, Christimin, Candi is back at my mom's and I am in GC. Grandma has my updated list. LUV YA ttfn!

Mon, 01 Aug 2005 02:21:09 GMT

So, classes start again on September 01, 2005 on tap is a new math class that I will probably pass this time, English 205 creative writting- where my Eng 101 teacher will also be helping me write my book, and wonderful humanities aka as nutrition is my elected choice.


Sun, 19 Sep 2004 15:44:06 GMT

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Thu, 22 Jul 2004 18:20:44 GMT

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really deep poetry i foundrain drops falling once and tears drop twice

Mon, 16 Feb 2004 17:41:45 GMT

Dante Gabriel Rosetti wrote a selection of poetry that was introduced to the public in 1894, by maynard, merrill & co. one of the selections was The Blessed Damozel* all spelling is refleting how he translated- he was quoted that" this poem resulted after reading Poe's Raven. He was so captivated by the grief of the lover left on earth, that he was determined to show the reverse conditions, and give utterance to the yearnings of the loved one in Heaven." He later in his life painted the lady with the lillies on her arm. Such a great italian poet he was, who took poetry to an imagery like only the most cherished poets could, i really loved finding more out regarding his profound mystical and details in verse : enjoy! The blessed damozel leaned out from the gold bar of Heaven; Her eyes were deeper than the depth of waters stilled at even; She had three lillies in her hand, and the stars in her hair were seven. Her robe, ungrit from clasp to hem, No wrought flowers did adorn, But a white rose of Mary's gift, For service meetly worn; Her hair that lay along her back was yellow like ripe corn. Heresemed she scarce had been a day One of God's choristers: The wonder was not yet quite gone From that still look of hers; Albeit, to them she left, her day Had counted as ten years. (to one, it is ten years of years. ...Yet now, and in this place, Surely she leaned o'er me-her hair Fell all about my face... Nothing: theautumn fall of leaves. The whole year sets apace.) It was the rampart of God's house That she was standing on; By God built over the sheer depth The which is space begun; So high, that looking downward thence She scarce could see the sun. It lies in heaven, across the flood of ether, as a bridge. Beneath, the tides of day an night With flame and darkness ridge The void, as low as where this earth Spins like a fe=retful midge. Around her, lovers, newly met 'Mid deathless love's acclaims, Spoke evermore among themselves Their heart-remembered names; And the souls mounting up to God Went by her like thin flames. And still she bowed herself and stooped Out of the circiling charm; Until her bosom must have made The bar she leaned on warm, And the lillies lay as if asleep Along her bended arm. From the fixed place of Heaven she saw Time like a pulse shake fierce Through all the world. Her gaze still strove Within the gulf to pierce It's path; and now she spoke as when The stars sang in their spheres. The sun was gone now; the curled moon was like a little feather Fluttering far down the gulf; and now she spoke through the still weather. Her voice was like the voice of the stars Had when they sang together. (Ah sweet! even now, in that birds song, Strove not her ancients there, Fain to be hearkened? When those bells Possessed the mid-day air, Strove not her steps to reach my side Down all the echoing stair?) ok......gotta go....more to follow new update: 7/15/04 1058hoursthere won't be anymore to follow...i have definstely given someone upsetting thoughts, and their opinion counts. Plus, i think i really hate writting out the things that i feel, desire, and/or do are being put outta contex. Sorry, but i may respond, but noone will venture into my world. thanks for the comments.......ttfn![...]