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Exploration of emerging innovations on a broad array of edges that are rising up to challenge the core

Published: 2017-11-14T06:12:09-08:00


Seeking Strategic Advantage? Break Down Walls and Cultivate Networks


Where’s the advantage? In traditional business strategy, the answer was easy: build a wall. The companies with the highest and strongest walls would win. In the Big Shift, that answer becomes less credible. Walls work in stable worlds but they...

Measuring Your Real Net Worth


Net worth is an important topic, but not in the way it’s usually discussed. We all know about net worth – it’s about assets and liabilities, and hopefully the assets are bigger than the liabilities. But here’s the problem. Looking...

Crafting Corporate Narratives: Zoom Out, Zoom In


I’ve been writing a lot about the significant missed opportunity to craft a compelling corporate narrative here and here. Done right, this corporate narrative can mobilize a large number of third parties to provide growing leverage, learning and loyalty for...

Where Are You Headed? What's Your Narrative and Purpose?


In my last blog post, I explored the distinction between purpose and narrative in the context of institutions. I’m going to shift here to explore how these concepts operate at the level of the individual. There are some similarities, but...

The Connection Between Narrative and Purpose


Narrative and purpose. These are two widely used words in business and life, yet they’re often loosely used. They’re really important words, so I want to at least clarify how I use them, because I think meaning matters. Defining terms...

Independence Day


Today is the day that Americans celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence that marked our intent to establish our own nation, free from British colonial rule. Like many holidays, I believe it's an opportunity to reflect on our...

The Big Shift From Engagement to Passion


For decades now, companies have been relentlessly tracking levels of employee engagement. Every large company I know has an employee engagement survey it regularly administers. Is it possible that they’re tracking the wrong thing? I’ve come to believe that engagement...

Follow the Data to Find the Money


The perennial question here in Silicon Valley is: where’s the money? Given the techie culture here, this question usually gets translated into: what’s the next breakthrough technology? Let me suggest that’s the wrong way to frame the question. If you...

Exploring Business Types and Business Models


OK, I’ve created some confusion. I’ve been writing a lot recently about business models, including here and here. But I’ve also written a lot about business types/roles, including a popular Harvard Business Review article almost 20 years ago. Many of...

The Future of the Gig Economy


The “gig economy” has become an ever-expanding meme, clocking over 500,000 citations on Google. It’s also become an interesting barometer of sentiment. Some people, especially techies, love the concept and can’t wait until the gig economy frees everyone from working...