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Published: 2006-05-16T11:29:49-05:00


Federal IT Flunks Out


MAY 15, 2006 | CIO MAGAZINE Federal IT Flunks Out Ten years after the Clinger-Cohen Act was passed to fix federal IT, federal IT remains broken. Government CIOs tell us why. BY ALLAN HOLMES The Clinger-Cohen Act Read More Politically...


Test from Matthew



Video of fireworks


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You are Kip Dynamite and you love technology. Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you? brought to you by Quizilla

John Battelle's Searchblog: Google Earth Officially Launches


Link: John Battelle's Searchblog: Google Earth Officially Launches. Google Earth Officially Launches GoogleearthIt's official, Google Earth is here. Google calls it "A 3D interface to the planet." Now tell me that search isn't the new GUI.... you have to download...

Flickr Montager


Link: Flickr Montager. Montages of Flickr pics by tags


EDMD 6113 Summer 2004 - Session 1 Instructor: Scott Adams Crabaugh 104 Phone: (479) 968-0203/970/3081 Office Hours: Before class Email: Catalog Description An introductory media and methods course providing an introduction to: Instructional computer utilization Applications of principles of...

What Project Management Software is available for free on the web


Link: What Project Management Software is available for free on the web. A lot of software is available on the internet to help you run your projects. On this page we will provide some pointers on where to get applications...

Creating Powerpoint presentations with Flash


Flash is a great alternative to PowerPoint when it comes to creating on-screen presentations. Presentations created in Flash are usually significantly smaller than those created in PowerPoint, especially where narrations and other sounds are included. Furthermore, the presentation graphics are...