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Ribbed mussels could help improve urban water quality

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:02:00 -0800

Ribbed mussels can remove nitrogen and other excess nutrients from an urban estuary and could help improve water quality in other urban and coastal locations, according to a study in New York City's Bronx River. The findings, published in Environmental Science and Technology, are part of long-term efforts to improve water quality in the Bronx River Estuary.

Molting bowhead whales likely rub on rocks to facilitate sloughing off skin

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:06:20 -0800

Bowhead whales molt and rub on large rocks -- likely facilitating exfoliation -- in coastal waters in the eastern Canadian Arctic during late summer, according to a study published Nov. 22, 2017, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Sarah Fortune from University of British Columbia, Canada, and colleagues.

By saving cost and energy, the lighting revolution may increase light pollution

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:06:00 -0800

Municipalities, enterprises, and households are switching to LED lights in order to save energy. But these savings might be lost if their neighbors install new or brighter lamps. Scientists fear that this 'rebound effect' might partially or totally cancel out the savings of individual lighting retrofit projects, and make skies over cities considerably brighter.

Bowhead whales come to Cumberland Sound in Nunavut to exfoliate

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:04:50 -0800

Aerial drone footage of bowhead whales in Canada's Arctic has revealed that the large mammals molt and use rocks to rub off dead skin.

Recovery of West Coast marine mammals boosts consumption of chinook salmon

Mon, 20 Nov 17 00:16:30 -0800

The researchers estimate that from 1975 to 2015, the yearly biomass of chinook salmon consumed by pinnipeds (sea lions and harbor seals) and killer whales increased from 6,100 to 15,200 metric tons, and from five to 31.5 million individual salmon.

Albatross populations in decline from fishing and environmental change

Mon, 20 Nov 17 00:00:20 -0800

The populations of wandering, black-browed and grey-headed albatrosses have halved over the last 35 years on sub-antarctic Bird Island according to a new study published today (Nov. 20) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Seagrass is a key fishing ground globally
New research demonstrates that seagrass meadows are important fishing grounds all around the globe. The work highlights that there is an urgent need to start appreciating and understanding this role to be able to build more sustainable fisheries. A study led by Dr. Lina Mtwana Nordlund at Stockholm University, published in the scientific journal Fish