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Churches, places of reference, integration and socialization for the immigrant population

Tue, 12 Sep 17 00:00:30 -0700

A research carried out by the UPV/EHU's Department of Sociology II analyses the role of religion and church leaders in the everyday life of African migrants. Besides being places of worship, the church offers a space for cultural accommodation and socialization, and pastors, as great references for migrant worshippers, help the community in the negotiation of values from the place of origin and those of destination.

Cell surface protein may offer big target in treating high-risk childhood cancers

Mon, 11 Sep 17 00:04:20 -0700

Oncology researchers studying high-risk children's cancers have identified a protein that offers a likely target for immunotherapy -- harnessing the immune system in medical treatments. In cell cultures and animal models, a potent drug attached to an antibody selectively zeroes in on cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Scientist finds secret to thriving

Fri, 08 Sep 17 00:11:00 -0700

What it takes to thrive, rather than merely survive, could be as simple as feeling good about life and yourself and being good at something, according to new research.

Lung cancer: Scientists find answer to resistance

Fri, 08 Sep 17 00:11:30 -0700

Scientists at the University of Southern Denmark have found a new strategy for overcoming the resistance, which many lung cancer patients develop towards a recent drug, which can arrest the growth of tumors.

Link between positive emotions and health depends on culture

Thu, 07 Sep 17 00:01:00 -0700

Positive emotions are often seen as critical aspects of healthy living, but new research suggests that the link between emotion and health outcomes may vary by cultural context. The findings, published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, show that experiencing positive emotions is linked with better cardiovascular health in the US but not in Japan.

Indigenous storytelling is a new asset for biocultural conservation

Mon, 04 Sep 17 00:14:50 -0700

Storytelling can help to guide better conservation actions in areas inhabited by indigenous communities worldwide, new research claims.

Study shows nurses' scrubs become contaminated with bacteria in hospitals
Clothing worn by healthcare providers can become contaminated with bacteria, however having nurses wear scrubs with antimicrobial properties did not prevent this bacterial contamination from occurring, according to a study published online today in Infection Control