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Novel assay shows promise for non-invasive detection of PD-L1 on circulating tumor cells

Fri, 22 Sep 17 00:04:20 -0700

Researchers have presented the first report of a new microfluidics-based approach for detecting circulating cancer biomarkers in blood samples.

First large scale study of cocaine users leads to breakthrough in drug testing

Fri, 22 Sep 17 00:05:30 -0700

Scientists from the University of Surrey have developed a rapid and highly sensitive fingerprint test that can take just seconds to confirm whether someone has used cocaine.

Tiny Brazilian frogs are deaf to their own calls

Thu, 21 Sep 17 00:00:00 -0700

Pumpkin toadlets, found on the leaf litter of Brazil's Atlantic forest, are among the smallest frogs in the world. An international team from Brazil, Denmark and the United Kingdom, has discovered that two species of these tiny orange frogs cannot hear the sound of their own calls.

An extraordinary cave animal found in Eastern Turkmenistan

Thu, 21 Sep 17 00:16:20 -0700

A remote cave in Eastern Turkmenistan was found to shelter a marvelous cave-adapted inhabitant that turned out to represent a species and genus new to science. This new troglodyte is the first of its order from Central Asia and the first strictly subterranean terrestrial creature recorded in the country. The study is published in the open-access journal Subterranean Biology.

Heat-loving Australian ants believe in diversity, hint 74 species new to science
A genus of Australian ants, many of whose members prefer to forage in blistering temperatures of up to 50