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The brains of children with a better physical fitness possess a greater volume of gray matter

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:09:10 -0800

Researchers from the University of Granada lead a worldwide pioneering study that confirms that physical fitness in children may affect their brain structure, which in turn may have an influence on their academic performance.

Dark matter and dark energy: Do they really exist?

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:13:20 -0800

Researchers have hypothesized that the universe contains a 'dark matter.' They have also posited the existence of a 'dark energy.' These two hypotheses account for the movement of stars in galaxies and for the accelerating expansion of the universe. But -- according to a researcher at UNIGE -- these concepts may be no longer valid: the phenomena can be demonstrated without them. This research exploits a new theoretical model based on the scale invariance of the empty space.

New method to measure neutron star size uses modeling based on thermonuclear explosions

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:00:20 -0800

Neutron stars are made out of cold ultra-dense matter. How this matter behaves is one of the biggest mysteries in modern nuclear physics. Researchers developed a new method for measuring the radius of neutron stars which helps them to understand what happens to the matter inside the star under extreme pressure.

Quantum internet goes hybrid

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:03:40 -0800

ICFO researchers report the first demonstration of an elementary link of a hybrid quantum information network, using a cold atomic cloud and a doped crystal as quantum nodes as well as single telecom photons as information carriers. The study, published in Nature, demonstrates the communication and transmission of quantum information between two completely different types of quantum nodes placed in different labs.

Icebound detector reveals how ghostly neutrinos are stopped cold

Wed, 22 Nov 17 00:03:30 -0800

Famously, neutrinos, the nearly massless particles that are a fundamental component of the universe, can zip through a million miles of lead without skipping a beat. Now, in a critical measurement that may one day help predict new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics -- the model that seeks to explain the fundamental forces of the universe -- an international team of researchers with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory has shown how energized neutrinos can be stopped cold as they pass through the Earth.

Air pollution linked to poorer quality sperm
Air pollution, particularly levels of fine particulate matter (PM2.5), is associated with poorer quality sperm, suggests research published online in Occupational