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SEO Egghead Inc. Blog

A blog about SEO, written for nerds, by a nerd.

Updated: 2012-12-15T01:49:25Z


How To Disable Google-Related Promoting Your Competitors


So you pay your $0.10$1.00 Adwords tithe, someone wanders in your online store, and then Google Related shows anyone with a Google Toolbar installed your competitors' products? Do they return the tithe if they wander out? Heck no — thought not! So if you haven't heard, let me explain what Google Related [...] No related posts.

5 Ways Borks the Internet


After SMX, everyone is scrambling to support's embodiment of Microformats. Our customers are asking us to implement it, but I don't think everyone is thinking this through. What do you think? This is what I think— 1. It's Sex for Spammers Take a Mozilla Instance, fire up jQuery, walk the internet as you [...] Related posts:
Sitemaps Standardization Illustrates Trend A few weeks ago, Yahoo announced its support of wildcards...

What's Up? IR & Faceted Search That's What.


All things have still been quiet over here. Why is that? Well, it turns out SEO blogging is a cheap commodity these days. Heck, I'd be willing to bet that Indian SEO firms are outsourcing their SEO blogging to Indian SEO firms—and so on. If you're a nerd, you'll see the [...] Related posts:
Faceted Search & Navigation? Oh my! All has been quiet on the SEO Egghead front for...
Yahoo! Cannibalizes Google's Search Appliance Market Yahoo recently announced that they are releasing a free enterprise...
The Debbie Does New Delhi Of Cloaking Since I got my 10 links, I can now post...

Faceted Search & Navigation? Oh my!


All has been quiet on the SEO Egghead front for awhile — but no, we haven't been sleeping. We've been researching, researching, researching, and developing. … and developing more. It turns out faceted navigation is hard — both from the perspective of humans and those pesky robots. The most recent beta launch of adeptCommerce is [...] Related posts:
What's Up? IR & Faceted Search That's What. All things have still been quiet over here. Why is...

Twitter vs. Capital One's Reputation. Twitter vs. "*"


I have to admit, I underestimated the power of Twitter for awhile — but now that Twitter helped to organize a national uprising in Iran, I've reconsidered a bit. I opened my Capital One statement this month and I noticed an APR hike from 10%->17%. When I called, there was no reason they could give me [...] Related posts:
A Little Link Bait Experiment QuadsZilla's latest link bait experiment is going to read like...

3 Ways To Deal with Authorize.NET Downtime


Authorize.NET dropped the ball again on July 3, 2009. Authorize.NET was down from approximately 03:15 EST, and they're still not 100% up @ 15:51 EST. That's pretty much 12 hours. 12 hours of downtime when you're dealing with money is really awful, and I won't even go into the details re: that. Here's the thing. [...] Related posts:
ASP.NET 2.0 Setting Dangerous for Google Indexing Authored By: Cristian Darie I'm writing this article to...
Professional SEO with ASP.NET Released! And it's not just a patched-together port of Search Engine...
How to Deal with Content Theft Incidentally, some scraper, here, was stealing my content and posting...

Why Iran Will Eventually Lose to Technology; VPN, SSL Proxies, etc.


In your typical game of cat and mouse, the cat only wins sometimes. Unfortunately, for the cat — eventually he meets a pretty smart mouse. And then he loses. Debkafile, over here writes how the Iranian intelligence services began to turn technology on citizens using deep packet inspection. DEBKAfile's Iranian sources report that the [...] Related posts:
Idiot's Guide To Buying SSL Certificates Everyone is selling SSL certificates. Really? Not really. It turns...
Twitter vs. Capital One's Reputation. Twitter vs. "*" I have to admit, I underestimated the power of Twitter...
Why Google Chose AMD Recently, the performance gap between Intel and AMD has been...

eBay Integration + Fixed Price + Variations is Next "Big Thing"


You've done it. I've done it. We've all done it. PPC can be hazardous if it's not carefully watched. Sure, you can hire a PPC management firm and dispense the buck and responsibility to a third party. But that doesn't actually dispense with any of the liability … No. That's just [...] Related posts:
Delisting 101: Bad Webhosting Can Even Get You Banished From Google You thought cheap webhosting was a bargain. Maybe … but...
The Best Libido Enhancer is No WordPress Security … for spammers, anyway. Upgrading WordPress often might just help!...
Circuit City R.I.P.; Awesome eCom Web Site, Terrible Store Circuit City was a terrible brick-and-mortar store, don't get...