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Preview: Asbjorn Lonvig's Concepts and Ideas

Asbjorn Lonvig's Concepts and Ideas

Concepts and ideas based on a unique style in simple shapes and bright colors.

Published: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 11:26:05 +0100

Last Build Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 11:26:14 +0100



Fri, 15 Jan 2010 11:26:05 +0100


Fri, 15 Jan 2010 11:26:04 +0100

My User Portal Concept...

Mon, 11 Dec 2006 10:49:11 +0100

A user portal is a portal for one specific user,a country, a city, a municipality, a museum, a company etc.It shows and it has links to those art works that might be relevant to that specific user.The User Portal logo is the arch of Septimus Severus in Forum Romanum, Rome.Why User Portals?The short and simple answer is to serve my customers better and to seve customers that are not familiar with computers, with internet etc.I'll show you a User Portal.I am building the Aarhus City Portal right now.Aarhus City is the second largest city in Denmark.Aarhus City has 225.000 inhabitants.So, this user portal intends to serve 225.000 users.The first thing to do is to create motifs that describe Aarhus City.I went to Aarhus and found buildings and landmarks of Aarhus, that I could use.The new museum, the city hall tower, the queen's summer residence, the Theater, a house in the Old Town, the cathedral and finally the old cathedral office in St. Clemen's Courtyard.Today I finished these motifs:I load large files of all the images to print on demand contracting parties in Salt Lake City, Seattle, and San Francisco Bay Area. The images are approved at once in Salt Lake City and Seattle. In San Francisco the images might wait for approval.First of all I use a User Portal logo.The logo is of course a portal. In a matter of fact it is a very specific portal. It is the Arch of Septimus Severus, which was erected in the Roman Forum in A.D. 203 by the Roman Emperor Septimus Severus.You can't study Roman history without visiting the Roman Forum once.You can't visit the Roman Forum without passing through the Arch of Septimus Severus.In this logo a BETA will shown in the big arch. That is because the 40 different User Portals, that have been launched so far are being tested.The Aarhus City Portal is marked with a BETA, too.See the Aarhus City Portal.The motifs are presented. Here 7 motifs. You might see an enlargement by clicking on an image.Then there are 3 sections. 1, 2 and 3.1. The user must have some free titbit. So I give him the possibility to download three Word documents of each motif. Word documents that can be printed on the user's own printer.I have to be aware of different formats in European and American standards. The European standard is A format and the American standard it is Letter format. The Aarhus City Portal probably will only be used by Europeans - therefore the A format is offered.2. Here I guide the user to order print at print on demand contracting parties. One in Salt Lake City, one in Seattle and one in San Francisco Bay area.By guiding to 3 print on demand contracting parties the users are offered a variety of sizes, prices, qualities and surfaces.At the same time I keep track of what happens in this market.The prices are kept low - the user only pays the base print price and internet costs. The user can order prints in sizes from 3.5 x 5” to 40 x 60” on paper and canvas – and some other funny surfaces like T-shirts, mugs, tote bags etc. etc. The print contracting party handles ordering and payment. The printing of course and the prints are sent directly to the user.If the user wants to see some of the my other 750 images for print there is a link to the main pages in Salt Lake City, Seattle, and San Francisco Bay Area.3. If the user wants something special. A painting. Limited edition prints. Signed prints. A huge print on canvas larger than 40 x 60" - no problem, he just has to contact me.A brochure is available to each User Portal.The brochure is of course used for initial presentation of the portal.You can download the brochure Aarhus City Portal from the portal.Thoughts.Now what is the most important to succeed with these User Portals.Is it to do excellent motifs? No!Is it to simplify the User Portal? No!Is it to make an extremely eye catching brochure? No!It is to communicate the User Portal Concept to people that are not familiar with computers, with internet etc.I can not do it myself.I know too much.Or!!!!You might as we[...]

Picasso's "Dora Maar Seated" might be yours!!!

Mon, 13 Mar 2006 19:49:45 +0100

In the near future Picasso's "Dora Maar Seated" will be sold. Many expect that the price will exceed US$ 50,000,000. If you do not have this kind of money for a painting right now you might buy it from my selection of Picasso posters.See below for other selections of posters.I have made a selection of 50 Asbjorn Lonvig Posters and fine art prints: Quality prints - printed on demand in Salt Lake City by ArtWanted. Quality prints with printed passepartout - printed on demand in Salt Lake City by ArtWanted. Quality prints - Children posters - printed on demand in New York by Huge fine art prints - printed on demand in San Antonio by FinerWorks. I have made a selection of 1000 Great Master Posters and fine art prints: Michelangelo Da Vinci Rembrandt Vermeer Van Gogh Picasso Braque Matisse Cezanne Monet Degas Pissarro Manet Sisley Seurat Gauguin Toulouse-Lautrec Chagall Dali Miró Kandinsky Magritte Roesller Renoir Liechtenstein Johns Warhol Christo Cassandre Cappiello Saak Nagel Dulap Silot Norris Disney I have made a selection of 50 Original Disney Text Posters: Disney I have made a selection of 25 Architectural Posters: Antonio Gaudi, Hundertwasser, Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry I have made a selection of 50 Photo Posters - New York, Venice, Canada, Wales, Scotland... New Yorkled and Sue Kennedy   Have a nice day!!!   Sincerely, Asbjorn Lonvig [...]

Asbjorn Lonvig has selected 250+ Walt Disney posters for you and your kids...

Sun, 12 Mar 2006 12:22:32 +0100

(image) I have selected 250+ Walt Disney posters for you and your kids...
You can click through and buy and pay them at in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Or just enjoy the Fairy Tale Characters.
Or see the magnificent Original Text Posters.


Asbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory

Sun, 20 Nov 2005 22:25:31 +0100

Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory
The Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory can produce prints in any size, with any surface, in any color scheme of any Asbjorn Lonvig art work.
See more about
Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory. Contact Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory.
Sample: 139 x 201 cm, signed print on canvas.

See straight forward print on demand ordered and paied online at without intervention of the Laborarory team.

The concept of selling paintings in an edition of 5 in different color schemes at important auctions - displayed images are drafts.

Mon, 22 Aug 2005 09:23:05 +0100

Using ebay, WeBidz, StrictlyArt, and I sell paintings acrylic on canvas size 201 x 139 cm, that is 79.2 x 54.8 inches, edition 5. The displayed images are drafts.
Canvas is shipped in a roll. Allow one month of delivery or as agreed.
See my Auction Page.

....SANTA - where are you?

Thu, 2 Dec 2004 15:20:25 +0100

Christmas gift for you:
Click here - and I will guide you to Santa.

Asbjorn Lonvig's Artistically Concept
I insist on using tools at my own choice in the creation process as well as in the exhibition phase.

Asbjorn Lonvig's huge acryllic canvases
On happy days I have the guts and skills to do things extremely simple. There is something very special about those huge canvases, the bright colors and those extremely simple shapes. They are acryllic on canvas, 201 x 139 cm, that is 79.2 x 54.8 inches.

Asbjorn Lonvig's logo design
Logo design in simple shapes and bright colors.

Asbjorn Lonvig's Storytelling Concept
My idea is combining the my colorful and simple illustrations and my colorful and simple writing in order to obtain an effective tool to communicate important messages to different target groups. When you do this the tool becomes very pedagogical and has a remarkable power of penetration.

Asbjorn Lonvig's fairy tales - children's books online
I write children's books and exhibit the books online. The fairy tales are made to children all over the world and the keywords are mutual understanding through mutual inspiration. The fairy tales are translated into English, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Danish by human translators. The fairy tales are translated into Spanish, Portoguese, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Russian and Dutch by computer translation. Besides children's books online there are coloring books, slide shows, mini-posters, T-shirt transfers etc. In Hartford, Connecticut and in Calusa Elementary School, Boca Raton in Florida they use the online children's books and the coloring books in school and preschool. Kindergartens and children's museums use them. Use them!

Asbjorn Lonvig's sculptures
I make drafts of huge metallic sculptures in simple shapes and bright colors erected in spectacular places. By means of new technology I can visualize the sculpture in a particular spectacular place.

Asbjorn Lonvig's children's sculptures as playground equipment
This exhibition is draft samples of sculptures made for children's play as playground equipment. The sculptures are made for climbing, hiding, sitting, sliding etc.

Asbjorn Lonvig's silk-screen prints
I will create a motif which is yours alone subtly inspired by your business, city, municipality etc. Subtle motifs to match your taste. The motif will be printed in a limited edition, and it will be numbered and signed by me. And then it is luxuriously framed. This is the gift to present if you want to be suitably anonymous and yet completely sure of being seen and remembered! Suitable for people with a creative level higher than six bottles of red wine.

Asbjorn Lonvig's decorations to companies
Fritjof Madsen asked me to decorate his office building. It ended up with 7 paintings acrylic on canvas and 2 murals. A huge one in a conference room.

I am ready to tell anybody anything about my any aspect of my art, design, storytelling etc. - just mention it and a masterclass is started over night. Example: Masterclass about SOFUS.

Idea development - Idea liberation
SOCRATES knew nothing - he asked! ..... I know nothing, I research and analyse, then I create. Depending on the project I will establish a team. A team of people about whom I know for sure, that all required skills are present. A team of people about whom I know for sure, that synergy arises.

Colorful Zen Simplicity Portrait Painting Dogma
Colorful Zen Simplicity in portrait painting is the concept of extracting face shapes and face shadows in gray nuances and black and white. The gray nuances and black and white is placed on a white or a black background. That is the Colorful Zen Simplicity Portrait Painting Concept. The Colorful Zen Simplicity Portrait Painting Dogma if you like.

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New World Record?
Thursday 24 September 2004 there were 164523 hits on one artist's web site. Asbjorn Lonvig's, it is. He is from Denmark in Scandinavia. It might be a new World Record? Is the "well-known" artist of today he who exhibits on Guggenheim in New York? Or is the "well-known" artist of today he who has 164523 internet hits on one single day?

Publisher of my fairy tales - Children's books
I want contact to a publisher in USA, Canada, England and Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark and Italy in order to discuss printing my fairy tales. A publisher in China wants to print them in Chinese.

The Interactive Lecture in Asbjorn Lonvig art, design, storytelling etc.
The Interactive Lecture uses my IT-system combined with a fast internet and a projector. The dialog with the audience guides us through the lecture. The first Interactive Lecture was yesterday - tremendous success!!!!