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a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: Morten Frederiksen



Good points, I actually think the decentralized approach is better, if only it weren’t for the update problem…

However, the list of aggregators is available as RDF/XML from the SynSubServ, and if people were to download that once a week to update their JS, that would be quite allright. Hey, if someone created some XSLT to transform the list of aggregators into quicksub-like JS, I could serve that up – even though there’d probably be people who had it load on every pageload…

In any case – if there’s an aggregator missing, let me know, I’ve added every single one so far (that is, the ones that have a HTTP GET interface for subscriptions).

By: Phil Ringnalda


The only ones that I know are ”missing” are things like SharpReader and Syndirella that listen on Radio’s port for Radio’s URL, which makes for a complicated choice about listing them.

For SharpReader at least (can’t remember about Syndirella), you have to turn on listening, so it doesn’t work out of the box. No idea how many times you would have to say ”no, it works, you just have to enable it in Options-General.”

But, unless you’ve been around a bit, you won’t know that ”Listen for subscriptions on port 5335” means ”Click the Radio Userland link in SynSubServ”.

Then there’s the whole social issue: as a user, I want SharpReader listening on 5335, no question, it provides the most possible utility, but there are certainly stepping-on-toes issues involved.

By: Luke Hutteman


Phil, SharpReader does listen to port 5335 ”out of the box”. In case someone also has Radio installed on their system, there’s the option to turn listening to port 5335 off in SharpReader, but by default, it’s on.

I agree ”Listen for subscriptions on port 5335” probably doesn’t mean much for most users – if you have a suggestion for a better title for that option, please let me know…

By: Phil Ringnalda


No good idea that would fit, anyway: even if you skate out onto the ice to something like ”Listen for coffee cup icon clicks” that still doesn’t cover autosubscribe bookmarklets (which I use far more, despite having been dense enough to not think about them for far too long).

I really wonder about brain artifacts like my assertion that it comes turned off: I had absolutely no reason to think I knew (it’s been a long time since I saw a brand-new, preference-free install), but I never for a second doubted that it shipped off. I guess I’m lucky I remember to get dressed, most mornings.