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I would recommend working in Hainan island because it has good weather and beaches and that stuff and the air is clean there...the previous person is wrong , most people do not want to work in China and the schools in China are always urgently seeking teachers...teachers are not a dime a dozen in Ch...

Re: So you want teach in China? Be careful.


I will list a couple of schools you should be careful to teach in...first is Mengyang kindergarten in Baoding...they got mad that I left their school so they lied and reported that my US passport is lost... so now whenever I want to travel in China, I get stopped at China airport customs because I a...

Re: America China Exchange Society, Tianjin


Actually, saying that you would have known about the complaints up front is not true. How would you know what complaints were made against you? Did you work in the office? From what I have heard, all the students review the tutors after each quarter. The thought that they would tell you what they th...

Re: America China Exchange Society, Tianjin


Actually, I am writing about ACES in Seattle. I worked there for 6 months & over the course of that period I came to discover that they only care about the bottom line, they rip parents off in a BIG way financially (one of my students asked me casually how much I made. When I told him ($18/hr) he to...

Re: Teaching in Zhengzhou


Between 16 and 22 teaching hours a week in a city like Zhengzhou you should be expecting a minimum of 8000 and closer to 10 or 12,000. Give or take depending on whether they pay for your accommodation, visa, travel expenses etc....

Re: How to Deal With FAO in China


What about an FAO who withholds pay ten days past the date stipulated in the contract? The FTs were always paid ten days later than the Chinese teachers. I put up with that nonsense for two years. I didn't complain, but pay arrived on-time twice: when the FAO and her assistant were out of town on th...

Re: Harbin China California Sunshine International Language Center


Not quite sure when this was posted, but decided to write about my experiences there. I worked there back in 2013. There are many pros and cons to the school. Pros: 1) I found the training to be really good. You have one month of training before you are teaching classes all on your own. They slowly ...



To the post regarding Fountain School. I find it interesting you will use an email address such as up yours. Your tone and voice are that of a 16 year old English writer.....

Re: How to Identify the Reputable Recruiters and the Illegitimate Recruiters in China


Teaching abroad is an experience that you will never forget. Be extremely careful in choosing a school, country and recruitment agency. I had a horrible experience with Edvectus. Most recruitment agencies are not worth the bother of filling out their applications. Deal directly with the school....

6 Must-Visit Cities in China


With an amazing history and a vast number of tour destinations including antique sites, splendid palaces, spectacular natural wonders, and diversified cultures, China offers so much to explore and enjoy for the travelers. Here are the top 6 Cities that you should visit during your visit to China. 1....