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Published: 2003-07-19T00:11:24+10:00

Last Build Date: 2003-06-09T19:43:11+10:00


Working at Atlassian


This poor neglected blog desperately needs content, so I thought I'd describe the last 5 weeks of my life, spent...

RDF: CSS syntax?


Micah Dubinko suggests using a CSS syntax for RDF: CSS-syntax: @namespace dc url( :root { dc|description: "A discussion of...

Bayesian spam zapping with bogofilter


It's now been a week since I started using Bogofilter a Bayesian network spam catching affair by ESR, to...

Connecting Apache and Java with mod_proxy


Pier Fumagalli sends an email I wish I'd see 2 years ago: [TIPS] Basic configurations of Apache 2.0 for Cocoon...

XHTML2 blogging


From the www-html@w3 list, Sjoerd Visscher's weblog - Looks very pretty in Moz (note the cssedit page). Interesting content...

Cocoon committer!


As Ovidiu noted, out of the blue Stefano nominated me as a Cocoon committer :) Wow, quite an honour! I've...

Browsing Human source code


Cool mostly from a 'because you can' perspective, UCSC Human Genome Browser. Download your own source code :) Someone...

Online XForms book


An O'ReillyXForms Book in the making, by Micah Dubinko. Encountered while browsing the XPath NG mailing list. Hope something...

XQuery implementation


Ivelin pointed out Qexo: The GNU Kawa implementation of XQuery on cocoon-dev. Per Bother is one smart cookie. Looking at...

Composite for blog editing


Following Ugo's blog entry and the subsequent cocoon-dev post, I'm editing this blog with composite, a "Mozilla Editor for html...

Lost in the woods


I'm happy to say I'm now a Forrest committer! All it took was a few rants, some semi-intelligent ml discussion,...

The Helicopter Game


Mindless Flash Fun -- navigate a helicopter through an obstacle-filled tunnel....

Semantic google?


An excellent article about Google and the semantic web Ftrain: August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to...

Live Forrest?


Posted a '[mini-RT] Using Forrest' suggesting that Forrest development be oriented around a live Cocoon rather than the static...

The D Programming Language


Andy Oliver has taken a shine to the D Programming Language, and has suggested a D Services API project...