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Comments on Worst RSS and Atom article ever

a digital magpie

Updated: 2016-10-24T13:44:47Z


By: Hesichen


”…turn-around”Maybe I didn’t understand your tinge of irony? 1- Anyway you are right when you say:”linking to something in a language I don’t read, is likely to be spam”, I actually didn’t take into consideration this, I will pay more attention in the future. But pls consider that my blog is so poor in readers, that even if they linking something in opposite languages of mine (especially in the sign) I didn’t care about, it’s enough that their comment is marginally related to the discussion. 2- is not my habit seeking the web for chasing weblogs withouth relevance with what my sites is talking about, and neither I like posting irrelevant comments, so thank you for your interst, I will tace care of your word. 3- Is ”you” referred to me? If yes, you don’t need to worry, I said your blog is interesting, and the magpie is a intriguing animal in the chinese tradition, but your subject is not the mine, so I can only be a quite viewer, or at the most (worst) a student with some kinda of interest to learn something about a different subject. —I am very slow to write, and here in Italy is very late (earl morn already actually, and I should go to the office at 9:00, ouch! gg=)), I used the dictionary for most of these two comments, but again, don’t worry, yesterday I had the desire(and some time) to do this:is not my use to be.
Maybe YOU can find one day something interesting about China that I can ”teach” you. Or may ever not! Who knows?
Cheers =)
He Sichen
P.S. you’re welcome to both China and Italy, i will enjoy to take you the route to best trippn’ these two baeutiful countries.

By: Phil Ringnalda


Excellent turn-around: whether or not you are only in search of links, that comment was sufficiently interesting to counterbalance my usual assumption that any comment unrelated to the post, linking to something in a language I don’t read, is likely to be spam.

If you are going to make a habit of commenting on Googled-up weblogs, particular on old posts that aren’t what you are commenting about, I do hope that you’ll soon develop an indifference to having your comments deleted: I wouldn’t like to think of someone feeling hurt each time it happens, when it’s something that’s likely to happen so often. Personally, I get around a thousand spam comments a day, and when I’m not posting much, an average of perhaps one real comment a month, which makes for a high wall you need to scale.

By: Hesichen


Sorry also for my poor english, I needed to let out what was my innermost feeling. I also forgot to explain you that I am living now in Europe, Italy. regards, and happy pig-year ;)

He Sichen

By: Hesichen


First of all I am sorry for my seems ”like spam” comment, I believe that guys famous like you may have tons of spammers continuisly buggin your blog with useless messages, anyway this is not my case, The only important site I have is””, for wich I was looking for a module for Joomla(my CMS), that can show the ”rss for Chinese Lunar Calendar (more or less now I can’t remember exactly)” in my site, so I find out this post, high ranking in google searchpages in second page as you can see at . At the start I didn’t realize why directed me to your page(except for immediately realize that you are a programmer, maybe famous programmer? I realize now that perarphs I used in the past your blog tool to for firefox, (now I converted myself to flock)), and starting browsing your blog looking for what I was came about, but without success, finally I back to this post and have seen the comments talking about ”Chinese Lunar Calendar”, I was merely felt myself stupid wasting my time thinking to find easily some ”RSS module for chinese lunar calendar” in a site of an expert programmer as you seem like to be, but i did it, at least I found funny your comments, so I was confort myself leaving a ”sign” in your site, I know the importance of the link comment to improve my ”network popularity”, so was a kind of some comfort to my delusion left a link to my only important site. But the Idea of a ”digital Magpie” was intriguing me, so in the afternoon I came back to your page for reading something else, but found surprisingly that you have deleted my comment already, I can’t understand the reason, later I had no more time in the office to write you, so I am doing it now. I repeat again that I am still very sorry for the my first ”spamming messagge”, even I think it was different from most of the spammers(they came also in my blog, with toons of links to their sites” do, but I can assure you it wasn’t intentionaly. I am chinese, a nation with full state censorship, and I was very angry and dissapointed to see who is famous like you to do the same censorship to a common person like me, in the freedom world I don’t think it’s correct. Now you have both two my official email adresses, if you like you can write me; of course you can also decide to do not trust me and ignore me, but in this case, why do you left your blog open to the comments? I have a blog (in my sign now) talking about the danger behind the economic growth in Chinese nowadays society, injustices, kills of freedom, corruptions are everywhere, did not expected some delution like this from a Magpie (do you kno that magpie means in chinese tradition happiness? also wiki report it ).

By: dda


Was January 22nd actually in February this year?

Actually, yes, at least according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The 22nd day of the 1st moon fell in 2004 on February 12, or thereabouts… :-)

By: Phil Ringnalda


Excellent! New Scientist uses some novel translation of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, whereby saying February actually means January, because the first month fell in February. I only hope that other people can come up with explanations as wonderful as that for the other nits ;)

By: Geodog


Too funny, Phil. I would love it if you got a job doing this for a
living. I’d even pay for a subscription.

P.S. I don’t much care for the new *summary* home page — do you really need to save on bandwidth costs?

By: Arvind


HAHAHA That was hilarious ! I can’t believe some of those mistakes, take about badly informed O.o !

By: Phil Ringnalda


Not at all: I’ve always got tons to spare. Mostly, I wanted a bit more speed over dialup (it’s my home page, for lack of anything better, and I wander through it fairly often going back to things I’ve recently linked), and to get some more use out of my summaries. And it seemed sort of silly to have what’s usually more than a month’s worth of stuff displayed in full. I’m open to other ideas, I just don’t know what will fit with the way I post (including this): one long post once a week or less, with the odd time when I post four or five times in one day (which will mess with this scheme).

By: Anil


In fairness to Celeste, it is a fairly technical topic, and it’s hard to explain to a layperson without simplifications that read like heresy to those deeply involved in the scene. (Try reading what electronic music fans think of mainstream journalism’s reports on their favorite sub-genres.)

But fisking (I used a warblogger term!) articles is fun. And it can even (see also: MT’s license) be useful. I would resist, though, the temptation to take too much glee in attacking stuff line-by-line, because a lot of writing is about creating a context for words, and without that context, you lose a lot of the writer’s intent.

What I mean is, it’s probably more productive to offer constructive suggestions about how a mainstream syndication story should be written. I have my own suggetsions in that regard, as you can imagine, but I’d love to see yours.

And yeah, it’s hell frustrating to have my words get taken out of context for quotes. These days, I just assume that’s going to be the case.

(For reference, my own attempt at fisking a document: )