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World Copywriting Blog

David Garfinkel's cutting-edge copywriting tips, tricks and tested techniques to get you higher response, more sales and increased profits!

Published: 2016-10-03T21:00:57-07:00


Kevin Rogers Grills Me To A Crisp


It was a great interview... and Kevin left no stone unturned. Listen to it here:

Why Do 3 Out Of 4 Venture-Capital-Funded Startups Fail?


I don’t know. I’m not an expert on business failure. But I do know that the success rate would be a lot higher if more startups generated more revenue sooner, and more profits. The 3/4 failure rate, by the way,...

Qualities of Successful People


Many of my friends are aghast that I don't fritter my time away on social media (like they do). Hey — everyone has their addictions. I get it. Anyway, one not-quite-social media site I find fascinating is Quora. Lots of...

How Businesses Grow Fast... And Keep On Growing (And Growing, and Growing)


-View from the top, most recent Platinum Mastermind, San Francisco- Just about 100 years ago, a group of entrepreneurs got together regularly and would brainstorm ways to grow their businesses. Their companies–like General Electric, AT&T, Ford Motor Co.–fueled the growth...

For The Love Of Sushi


Yes, sushi is one of the world's greatest foods to eat. If you like it. Which I do. But what in the world does sushi have to do with copywriting... or, with anything on this blog? As far as I...

The Odds Are Good That You Want To Write A Book…


As a writer myself, one thing I've learned from thousands of conversations is that nearly everybody wants to write a book. Nearly everybody? Three short (true) scenarios: •Once my trainer at the gym finds out what I do for a...

Need Help?


For the longest time, my products and services have been thriving as a "word-of-mouth" business. But I have recently put up a couple of new one-page Web sites to explain products and services. If you're looking for coaching, mentoring, copy...

How to Get Your Business in High Gear


If you know your business could be doing a lot better and you're not sure what the next steps are, my buddy John Carlton has the answers for you in his new book The Entrepreneur's Guide to Getting Your Shit...

THIS is why you should go to marketing seminars and conferences


My old friend Chris Haddad (haven't seen him since I can't remember when)... my new friend Bond Halbert (haven't seen him since last May)... and me. I will admit I didn't have the presense of mind to put the mug...

Copywriters and Creating New Proudcts


Why do copywriters often have better ideas than the marketers and inventors who hire them? We will explore that on a Webinar called "Use Your Copy Skills To Create Profitable Info-Products -- The Easy Way" Wednedsday, January 9, 2012 8...

Rare Opportunity To Profit From The Words Of An Amazing Copywriter


On Wednesday October 10 at 8 pm Eastern, the most successful copywriter you've probably never heard of (unless you're on the inside of hard-core direct marketing) will join Brian McLeod and me on our Monthly Members Training for His...

When you speed up your copywriting, what jumps out at you?


When we put on the High-Speed Copywriting Event in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, we created this "other world" where writer's block virtually vanished for a couple days. Really. How was that possible? Our best guess has to do...

'Money Is Attracted To Speed' - Here's How To Get That Speed - And What Rick Duris Is Saying About This Copywriting Workshop


"Write A Complete Sales Letter In A Weekend" -- that's what we're promising at the High Speed Copywriting Workshop May 5 and 6 in San Francisco. Naturally, what we're doing has stirred up a lot of controversy. Here's what high-powered...

The Ultimate Smartphone Typing Solution...


... Happy April Fool's Day! :) David Garfinkel Co-Founder,

The Man Who Envisioned The Internet


So much of our lives are wrapped up in the Internet, one way or the other. In my lifetime, I can’t think of anything that has had a more transformative effect. Think about it. The Internet has changed how we...

A Book Every Small Business Has Been Waiting For


You can get a free copy of this book by clicking on this link. I'm crazy about "Work the System." I was given a review copy last summer. I truly meant what I said in the headline: this is the...

The Hardest Working Man In Advertising


The late Madison Avenue legend David Ogilvy was a great copywriter, but not a very happy one. In a letter to a man named Ray Calt in 1955, he described "my work habits as a copywriter" as "appalling" and confessed:...

Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules For Great Writing


He's the brains behind FX's hit show Justified. He wrote the novel that became the hit movie with Danny DeVito and John Travolta, Get Shorty. He has 8 million books in print. He's Elmore Leonard, the crime novelist that gets...

Madison Avenue's latest innovation: the f-bomb


It reminds me of a teenager bursting at the seams, who just can't wait to get rid of his virginity. And as a 16th birthday gift, Dad takes him to the Bunny Ranch, the famous Nevada brothel, for his very...

What Just Happened? (As Verizon Customers Correct A HUGE Marketing Mistake By The Telephone Behemoth)


A quick note before the year runs out on us: Customers are more in control than ever before. Point: Recently, Bank of America retreated on its plan for a $5/month debit card fee. Point: Today, Verizon retreats on its "we'll...