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Karate Talk

Discussion of personal experiences in the martial arts, started by a practitioner of Shotokan karate

Published: 2009-02-10T11:50:27-07:00


Karate Karma


Karate is one of the few things in this world that I feel are truly karmic. What comes around goes around, and you get back what you put in. What does that mean? If you work hard, you get rewarded....

New Beginnings


So much for my determination to continue blogging regularly after I became a mom... ! Funny thing, those short people take up ridiculous amounts of time. And I wouldn't trade one second of it either. Karate has continued to evolve...

Of Olympics, Controversy and Sportsmanship


I'm an Olympics junkie, I admit it. I watch it faithfully every year. I have my favorite events (gymnastics, figure skating) but also find myself watching many things I never watch at any other time (diving, swimming, speed skating, and...

Respect as a Parallel for Innocence


Respect is an issue that comes up quite a bit in martial arts (I sometimes feel it comes up far too little in other areas of life). It's a tricky question at times, and to some extent truly is cultural....

Success, Natural Talent and Work Ethic


There are few things more frustrating to an instructor than a student who won't work. It's even worse when that person has natural abilities, because you see what they could become with a little more effort. If that person talks...

Aging Gracefully


As in, I don't think I am. I'm pouting today. I have a pulled or torn bicep, it hurts and it sucks. I don't heal as quickly as I once did, I injure more readily, and it's taken way longer...

Karate is a Constant


All this time without a post, and I'm sure most people think I've disappeared somewhere. Quit karate, maybe, after becoming a mom, like so many people do. Well I haven't, but I do have newfound respect for all those people,...

Testing vs. Tournament


I'm in a ranting kind of mood. I could blame it on the chaos that surrounds my personal life (nothing too dire, just constant chaos), but where's the fun in that? So instead, I'm going to indulge myself in some...

Do You Fuchi More Than You Know?


Once upon a training, one of the higher rank black belts was waxing eloquent about some karate-related thing, when the sensei came up next to him. Sensei formed his hand into the shape of a duck bill and moved it...

A New Generation


Thanks to everyone for your recent comments and please excuse the delayed response. My husband is recovering quite well from his broken nose, thank you! And we've moved on from the incident itself except as a reminder of the inherent...