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Internet And Blog Marketing Resources Get Your Site The Traffic it Deserves

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Internet Mosaic- Free Website& Blog Advertising


Create your free account with Internetmosaic and enjoy the many benefits this program offers for advertising your blog or website.

Convert your Mosaic traffic into website clicks, leads, contacts, recurring visits, memberships.

You simply upload an image from your computer and every time a visitor comes to the site, your image is randomly selected for display. There's really so much you can do here,including, adding your RSS feed, your blog or website url, create link lists, post blog messages etc.

Come see what internetmosaic is all about.

Blogupp- Boost Your Incoming Traffic


Blogupp is a very different and unique program for boosting Traffic to your blog or website.

Completely FREE and no sign up necessary.Simply add your blog URL, receive the code and add it to your blog pages. Blogupp will snapshot your blog and read your RSS on a regular basis.

*No sign up necessary
*Wordpress friendly
*Cheat proof and fair sharing
*No annoying ads or animation
* Complete privacy and no e-mail
*Welcome bonus for everyone

And here's what makes this program so unique:
For every 10 readers of your blog, it will also be shown to 9 other readers, with no effort on your part.

I really think you'll like what Blogupp has to offer in terms of getting much needed Traffic to your blog.

Blogs Rater- Rate And Review


Blogsrater is a fast growing community of bloggers, who will rate and review your blog.You also have the opportunity to rate and review other's blogs and the best part of this is, if your review contains at least 50 characters, your blog link will be listed in Blogsrater featured box for 24 impressions.

Benefits: *It's Free
*No Membership required
*Allows other visitors to rate your blog,which will send more traffic to your site.

Weblog Review-Free Blog Directory


Weblogreview is a Free blog directory where you can rate and review members blogs and have your own rated and reviewed as well. This site is not affiliated with any commercial site.It's main purpose is to allow members to show off their blog. No reciprocal link is required.All the administrator asks, is that the user post the Weblogreview banner on their blog homepage,just to get the word out about this program. All your personal information remains personal and is only used to present your blog for review.

Easy to sign up to, safe and secure.Weblogreview should be just one more directory to add to your list of quality blog directories.

Where i Stand-Opinion Sharing Program


We all have opinions on many various topics.Whereistand is a program that allows you to express your opinion on an array of topics, while also helping you drive traffic to your blog or website.

With this program, you will be able to add your point of view on many topics of interest, while also adding your blog or website to the member base,having your opinions read and commented on,making contacts, referring friends etc.

Completely Free to join and a really interesting and unique program. Visit Whereistand for all the details.

ZenZuu-Social Network And Revenue Sharing


ZenZuu is a FREESocial network platform that unlike most web2.0 programs , offers you the opportunity to earn revenue sharing for everything you're already doing online, uploading photo's,creating a profile , sharing comments, joining groups, inviting friends ,etc.Their leading edge technology allows you to do this.

As a new member myself, i'm very impressed with this program and how profitable it can be for performing some very simple and every day tasks online. It's worth your while to check it out HERE

The All I Need- Free Services Website


Theallineed is a resources website that offers an array of free services that cover many topics of interest, such as:

Ways to Generate Traffic
Internet Marketing Basics
Writing and Article Submission
How to create headlines that attract visitors to your site.Plus loads of free downloads, freeware, buttons, banners etc.

And perhaps, the best thing about this service is, you can submit your blog or website articles as well.(you will be re-directed to which handles all articles for Theallineed website.

I find this service to be,what the title of the website infers, a really good all in one resource site.

Izea Ranks-Real Rank Statistics


Want to know where your blog ranks in the blogosphere? Izearanks ranks blogs on actual site statistics using real data to calculate which blogs are getting the most traffic to their blogs.

You can find out the real rank of any blog by simply placing the url in the search box and clicking on it.

Better yet, sign up for your free account, place the code on your blog and get the real rank of your blog instantly.

Also, I would suggest you sign up for their weekly newsletter, where you will receive the top 100 blogs sent directly to your e-mail inbox.I think this is a great way to possibly connect with these bloggers and suggest a back link to your blog.

For all the details and to sign up to Izearanks
Click Here

Social Spark-Advertiser Social Network


Let me start by saying that in my opinion,advertisers as well as bloggers will be happy to learn about Socialspark and you should not hesitate in signing up for your free account.

Social Spark allows advertisers to interact and link with bloggers to build up a network of outlets for their niche

* Feedback-As a Blogger, you can leave feedback on the Advertiser and in turn Advertisers can leave feedback on the Blogger

*Searchable Data - Helping advertisers find suitable Bloggers to promote their service.

*Rank is based on unique visitors and page views and widgets are available to add on your blog.

Find all the details and sign up for your free account Here

Link Popularity-Website Popularity


Linkpopularity is a free service that shows the total number of websites that link to you. Having good link popularity can not only increase traffic to your site, it will also help in generating search engine traffic as well.

With this service you can inquire Google,Yahoo and MSN for reports on your link popularity and what sites are linking to your website or blog.

Free, easy to use and a very worthwhile tool for any blogger or website owner. Check out Linkpopularity Here

Link Referral- Free Network Marketing


By joining Linkreferral you'll have the opportunity of networking with 150,000 members, besides receiving 100's of quality targeted visitors every day, all free of charge.

As a member myself for many months, I highly recommend, Linkreferral for the many benefits you'll enjoy as a member such as:

*Receiving valuable reader feedback
*Get ranked at the top of your category
*Have your web page indexed quickly
*Improve your search engine ranking and SEO optimization
*Earn a steady stream of traffic to your blog or website.

Free Quality Back Links


Qualitybacklinks is a free website directory, where you will find link partners that want to exchange links with you.If you're tired of trying to find links , due to different systems used by different websites, Qualitybacklinks, solves that problem by allowing you to submit your blog or website and gaining quality link exchange partners and also lets you submit directly to other websites.

The service is absolutely free and i particularly like the good list of categories the service offers to submit your links to and the easy navigation of the site.

Bloglinker-Free Traffic Tool


Bloglinker is a FREE tool to help increase traffic to your blog.Offers you automatic reciprocal linking,by placing a simple code on your blog. allowing you to get indexed to search engines quicker and easier.Now, with almost 24,000 members and growing.

How it Works:1. Sign-up to blogLinker then copy the special line of code into your blog

2. Find sites similar to yours and link to them.

3. They will now appear on your site and you will appear on theirs!

More Free Web Directories


You really can't limit the amount of blog and website directories to list your site to,
the more, the better.Listed below are 4 free web directories, i found to be very worthwhile adding your site to, especially the first one on the list:

Mastermoz-Winner of the 2007 web award.FREE basic membership.(Professional, only 9.95 per year) Get listed immediately after registration Targeted categories, Top notch directory.

Webworldindex_ -Large list of category's
free listings, no registration required.

Websitespromotiondirectory-Registration and reciprocal link required,get listed instantly,2 year old directory.Good incoming links.Add multiple sites.

Niche-Listings-A human edited niche directory, featuring high quality sites, organized by subject.All links are direct ones.Free and paid listings.

Gimme Links-Free Link Building Resource


Gimme Links is a free link building resource for bloggers and webmasters their primary aim is to help boost your SE ranking with Google, Yahoo and MSN , plus other local and international search engines by letting you receive more quality back links to your website or blog, in 3 very easy steps:

1-Add their html code to your sites homepage
2.Submit your site
3-Get back links to your site

They soon will be adding Article Marketing and Link Directory as added resources in the very near future.Gimmelinks looks to be a very worthwhile and beneficial resource for any blogger or webmaster.

Bloggapedia-Great Blog Directory


Not just a blog directory, Bloggapedia provides bloggers with tools, resources,news and more. Both a paid and free blog listing directory,Bloggapedia has one of the largest human edited directories i've ever seen and serves over17 million blogs,
has a very impressive layout, great category list and serves both new and seasoned blogs as well.Whether you choose the free or paid option , this is a very worthwhile directory to list your blog or website to.

View Step-Free Webmaster Resources


Viewstep contains literally, hundreds and hundreds of free webmaster resources, i simply can’t list them all here. Some of them include, articles, seo tools, design tools, domain tools and other webmaster resources, with many more, to improve your blog or website.

Also you can:
*Add/Update your site.

*Write reviews and share your opinions with others.

*Set your own preference. and a whole lot more. I think you’ll like what Viewstep has to offer.

Qassia-Backlinks-Revenue Sharing and More


According to this new programs administrator, Qassia will "change your life" and although that remains to be seen,so far, I like what I see here, mainly the unlimited quality backlinks, where you do not have to pay and no reciprocal links or link backs to Qassia.) Blogs and websites are processed instantly and ranked by the amount of credits you have earned.

. Also,if your interested in ad revenue sharing, Qassia has by far the best ad revenue sharing system i've come across.


1. Backlinks You get one backlink for every piece of intel you add.(Intels are your entire blog or website articles or tid-bits of these articles) Every intel will carry a direct backlink to one of your sites. The more intel you add, the more backlinks you get.

2. Credit When you add intel, you also get credit, in the form of Qassia dollars. Your net worth in Qassia dollars determines how well your websites rank in their directory.

Earn Real Money:
3.Ad Revenue Sharing : When your intel is displayed, you get 100% of the advertising revenue generated by that page. That is not a typo, by the way: they give you ALL of the gross ad revenue. Which is unheard of with any ad revenue sharing program, i've ever come across.

Although, as the site administrator explains, there are still are a few bugs to work out,as with any new program, it certainly is worth signing up for.Visit Qassia here

Qassia Update: Qassia will be coming out of beta very soon.No specific date was given.For all Qassia updates and news,simply visit their website.

SEONexus-Free Internet Marketing Tool


Want to know the complete analysis of your website or blog? SEOnexus will provide you with all the information you need to improve traffic and internet exposure.
See how many people are visiting your site, how they got there and what is essential toward developing the right mix to improve conversions.

Just take a look at what the SEOnexus report includes:

# External Link check
# Image and Object Link analysis
# Internal Link Check
# Keyword density within existing site
# Page indexes
# Website Crawling Test
# Content Continuity
# Content Meaning
# General Content Statistics
# HTML Breakdown and Tag Summary
# Keyword Popularity
# Analysis of your website links, keywords and more
# Website crawler testing
# Current indexed pages
# Comprehensive help system
# Search engine rankings
# Selected Keyword / Phrase Content Statistics.

In my opinion, this is a top notch service, very professional and complete, a really great tool.

Social Marker -All in one Submission Service


If you like social bookmarking,you already know what a powerful tool it can be for your blog or website.But, But going through all of those social bookmarking sites is very time-consuming and downloading all those toolbars is insane.But, here's a free service called Social Marker
it is designed to reduce the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a website.

In under 15 minutes, you can submit links to 32 of the best social bookmarking sites on the web.

Benefits: *Get lots of backlinks
*Increase your traffic
* Your link gets indexed by Google in a matter of minutes.
*The best part, it's free

* Runs smoothly on all major web browsers, but Firefox with the Google toolbar is recommended.

A great free service, I personally recommend. Here

The Free Site- Free Blog Services


(image) offers a roundup of free services that let you easily set up your own blog. Most of these services will also host your blog and many of them offer free enhancements to help you develop and promote your blog. Just visit the site, click on Blog Freebies, and there you'll find a number of free blog hosting services and traffic generation services as well.I've listed just a few of the services you'll find there, such as:
This is a free, easy-to-use blog hosting service that is powered by the advanced WordPress system. offers instant activation and multiple template designs.
Looking for more traffic for your blog? At this free traffic promotion site, you can add your image or logo to the site's million-pixel mosaic image with a link to your blog.
At this site, you can easily set up your own blog, for free.'s service is powered by the popular WordPress blog publishing system.

These are just a few of the many services thefreesite offers.You;ll find many more freebies and services by visiting the the site here

Blog Update


For all my readers and subscribers,due to losing my DSL connection for almost 2 weeks I naturally wasn't able to post to my blog. Even though this was of no fault of my own, I would like to apologize for the down time and let you know that I will be updating my blog regularly and hope that all my readers will continue to visit my blog and continue to benefit by the information and resources I try to provide for all of you on a regular basis.Once again, my apologies and thanks for your continued support. Marie.

Link2Me-Free Link Exchange Directory


We know that link popularity' has a major affect on where your website appears in search engine results?
The more sites that link to you, the higher your link popularity. helps you find website publishers like yourself who are willing to exchange reciprocal links.
And the best thing? it's FREE!

Site Statistics:
Sites in Directory 29342
Links Exchanged 488896
Negotiation in progress 79835

swap, trade, exchange reciprocal links for FREE Here

Adsense Revenue Sharing - List


Here is a small list of FREE Google adsense revenue sharing websites. I found to be very worthwhile signing up to and reportedly the top adsense sharing programs online . My thanks to Preston Williams administrator of Web Colleagues for providing this list through his program. (image)

PlugIM is a user-driven community. Submit content, share articles, comment on projects and promote your favorites to the front page. You will enter your Google AdSense publisher ID in the sign up process. All other information in sign up such as Web site, RSS feeds etc. DO NOT need to be filled out. You can add your comments to existing posts and have your Google AdSense displayed, or create new post topics and have your Google AdSense displayed to start earning money.


After you enroll as an Author, you will be able to enter your unique Google AdSense publisher ID code into the system. From that point on, when a visitor visits any of your articles or blog posts, the Google AdSense ads will display every other time, using your I.D. When any one person visits your article or blog post, your Google AdSense will be shown. The next time someone views one of your articles or blog posts, 5050Article's Google AdSense will be shown. Everything is split 50/50! You will enter your Google AdSense publisher ID in the sign-up process; you can also add a picture of you if you choose. choose from the many catergories offered to submit your articles to.

Xomba will split the ad revenue with you 50/50 on everything you post. The more you post, the more you make. You can add your comments to existing posts and have your Google AdSense displayed, or create new post topics and have your Google AdSense displayed to start earning money. You will add your Google AdSense publisher ID in your Xomba main account page by clicking on "EDIT" then select the sub-menu button "ADSENSE."

Go2web20- Web 2.0 Directory


Go2web20 is a complete directory of web 2.0 applications and services Just click on any of the 1,894 logos on every imaginable topic you can think of and your sure to find what your looking for.If your active in the web.20 community,this is the site for you.

* Born around mid 2006
* 1894 logos as of Thursday, December 27, 2007
* No need to register
* Thousands of visitors every day
*Converges both Flash and Ajax technologies

Find what you need and even what you don't, Here