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Published: 2013-09-14T12:58:46-07:00


Treasure Found in Phoenix by Scottsdale Student


For those who were participating in the College Times Treasure Hunt, it's over! The $1000 certificate was found yesterday, near Hunt's Pyramid at Papago Park in Phoenix, by a 20 year old Scottsdale Community College student. Clues for the Treasure...

The House of the Future?


Parade recently had an article listing ten technological advances to home appliances that could be in our houses by 2025. From biometric vitamin dispensing faucets to a food disposal that dispenses compost pellets, some of these futuristic appliances are pretty...

Sign on Front Door of San Tan Valley, AZ House


This San Tan Valley homeowner has a humorous way of saying, "No thank you" to solicitors! Written By: Scott Hubbard Certified Home Inspector, ASHI® Member Homewerx Home Inspections Office: (480) 503-2611 Toll Free: 1-888-THE-WERX Schedule a Home Inspection Online!

Phoenix, Arizona Has Great Weather... and Snow?!


It's snowing in the Valley! This picture was taken in Mesa, but several cities in the Phoenix-metro area got snow today. I hereby declare tomorrow a snow day :)

Call for Gun Control After Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting


I'm getting so sick and tired of all the political and media talking heads calling for more gun control because of one nutjob. The average American is much more responsible with their weapons than the government is. #FastAndFurious. Just like...

Is There Really a Market For This Business?


I was driving through Chandler today and this business caught my eye. Is the economy really so bad that people have to rent tires? I can't imagine a single situation that would make me want to rent a tire. Even...

Beware of Mortgage Modification & Foreclosure Assistance Scams


If you or someone you know is trying to do a mortgage modification or seeking help for a foreclosure situation, be sure to read this announcement from Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne: AG Horne Files Two Lawsuits Against Mortgage Modification...

Wells Fargo REO Off Limits to Bank of America Employees?


Just saw a listing in MLS that says the house is owned by Wells Fargo Bank, but in the remarks it says: "Bank of America, N.A. employees and employees' household members (including persons deriving their primary means of financial support...

Media Incorrectly Quotes Arizona Real Estate Stats


Yesterday, the Associated Press misquoted some Arizona real estate stats that were recently released by ARMLS. I know, big shocker that the media got it wrong! ARMLS just issued the following correction: "Yesterday, two writers from the Associated Press put...

Very Interesting Property... Earth Sheltered Home For Sale in Glendale


If you're looking for a unique property in the West Valley with a large lot, check out this Glendale, AZ house for sale! This house is listed by one of my favorite AZ Realtors, Danielle Dror of Phoenix View Realty....

Arizona monsoons are bad for swimming pools!


The other night, it got so windy that it blew a lawn chair in my pool. It also blew a million leaves and some of our landscaping lights in the pool. Where are my teenagers when I need them? Gotta...

Commercial Real Estate Question...


Here's a question for all the commercial real estate agents, brokers and developers out there. Why do commercial real estate developers always put these bumpy landscape tiles right by grocery store entrances and exits? There must be a good reason...