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...conversations in the Great Hall

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By: jmanning

Mon, 20 Nov 2006 23:37:05 +0000

In my opinion, Leithart is making a baseless, false assumption to describe a real phenomenon. There is plenty of symbolism left in Christianity without the "sacraments" to give us the needed symbols and metaphors to play with. It comes down more to the sharp distinction between sacred/profane and sanctified/secular that is taught almost subconsciously today. If you think it has always been this bad, go read some anti-slavery poems from the early 19th century and see who couldn't write or who could. "Secular" (there's that forbidden word I just used in a different sense mind you) poets and artists can be prolific about frivolity. Look at the Beatle's "Rubber Soul" album.... Christian contributors must take on grander themes due to grander subject matter...but with so little real world conviction played out from such grand metaphysics, our over dramatic songs and writings border on sappy. Put Christians near suffering and the soul will come back to their art, crush the flower to harvest the perfume...